Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Birbal attempts to trap Naagin in a net

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The episode starts with Naagin appear during the pooja. She exhibits her power to Akbar and boasts that even a devil is afraid of her. She points towards a pot of water which fells over the fire of Havan. Akbar was terrified and was about to get down the stair cart. Sheikhu does not let him down. Maharani requests Naagin to spare Akbar’s life. Naagin says justice must prevail, whether Akbar returns her Naag or he marries her. Maharani wonders how can a Naagin marry a mere human. Naagin says she will turn Akbar to a Naag as well. Maharani and Tara Bai screams a big NO together. Maharani turns to Tara Bai who looks away at once. Naagin tells Akbar to bring shagun to the forest. Sheikhu requests her some time to prepare for Shagun. Naagin says it does not take much time to collect 101 kg milk as Shagun. Sheikhu inquires if the millk must be from a buffalo, a cow or a goat. If there is cream over the milk she must return it to them. Naagin was upset and tells Akbar to stop this Sheikhu. Naagin leaves.

At night, Maharani threatens that if Akbar marries this Naagin she will kill herself. Birbal says there is no such Naagin, its just some ouster. Vijay says it was Birbal who compelled Akbar to kill that Naag. Akbar tells Vijay not to call him JIJJA JEE… he must only call him a JA! Vijay says Naagin only wants to marry Akbar because she is in search of a life partner. Akbar says someone else can also be her life partner. He tells Vijay to marry him. Vijay suggests Birbal to marry him instead but Trilokma objects. Akbar looks towards Sheikhu who was not ready. Maharani announces that Birbal will take the Shagun to that Naagin and marry her. Akbar signals Birbal.

In the room, Birbal writes a few conditions to marry Naagin. Trilokma comes to him and asks why he agreed to marry someone else, he only had to marry her. Birbal wonders when this happened. Birbal agrees to marry Trilokma only on a condition, if she answers his question. He asks which Jal is not wet? Trilokma tries hard. After the countdown, Birbal says it is Kajal.

Akbar comes to the garden where she plucked white roses. Akbar asks why she called him outside. Tara was upset and says she is really upset. She tells Akbar she did pooja and brought milk for him. Akbar spots Vijay and takes a leave. Vijay asks Tara Bai what she is doing in the garden with this milk. He senses some movement around and wonders what if Tara Bai is linked to that Naagin.
Birbal and Lal Langot spread net between two trees. Birbal tells Lal Langot that as soon as he waves his hand, Lal Langot must pull the net. Lal Langot was afraid of Naagin. Birbal tells him not to. Akbar arrives with his men. He says he can not close his eyes from Birbal’s responsibility. They hear the snake rhythm. Naagin appears. Everyone was in a hiding except Birbal. Naagin boasts about her power. She asks about Akbar. Birbal says he came to marry her. Naagin questions how dare he thought that she will marry a thief turned minister. She will only marry Akbar. Akbar requests her to accept Shagun. She spots the pots filled with milk and nods. She goes to pick a pot. Birbal waves his hand but nothing moves. Naagin gulps it down. She tells Birbal to wave when she has married Akbar. She picks the net from the grass and says she envies his brain. If he thought he would trap her in the net. This betrayal will cost him a lot. He and Akbar will both regret this. Vijay brings Rafiq who was dizzy. He says a coconut tree fall over his head. Birbal tells Akbar there is surely a secret behind this Naagin. Vijay warns that she is a dangerous Naag. Birbal catches her line, from a minor thief to a minister…. He must fulfil her wish.

PRECAP: Akbar plays with a snake. It bites Maharani on the neck.

Update Credit to: Sona

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