Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Akbar kills Naag

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The episode starts with two men come to Shiv temple. The Pandit tells them to present milk for Shivlin, else they must bear the brunt of Naagin. The man pleads he has no money. He does not even believe in such Naagin. Two snakes appear from behind who turn into a young lady and a young man. The lady tells the Pandit to announce in the village to present 101 kg milk on Shivlin, else she is extremely powerful and poisonous.

In the court, Akbar hears the plea of the two villagers. Maharani says this is a good omen that they are present in their village. The villager say they demand 101 kg milk for Shivlin every day, which they can not afford. Birbal says he does not believe on Itchadaari Naagin, these are just stories. Maharani and Vijay say their Baba told them a number of stories about such Naagin. Akbar agrees to Birbal that he does not trust any such snakes. Maharani suggests them to go to the temple.

In the temple, everyone stood in front of Shivlin. Akbar announces that no milk will be presented to the Shivlin today. Maharani was offended but Birbal explains that Maharaj only wants to confirm if Naagin are really there. Sheikhu was in awe of the beauty of snakes. Soon, the snakes turn into the dancing young lad and lady. The villagers take a flee. The lady opens her mouth to show off her poisonous snake tongue. She brings about an expensive stone in her hand; and wilts a fresh rose to show her power and poison. Sheikhu intervenes that Akbar can lend them any amount of blood. Akbar exclaims that these snakes are fake. No belief demands blood. He orders his security to arrest them but invain. The snakes vanish. Akbar strikes the snake with his arrow. Vijay was tensed that Akbar must not have killed a snake.

At night, Akbar hears the snake tone. He goes to check in his balcony. A familiar smoke appears in front of him. The lady held a dead snake in her hand and threatens that Akbar will have to pay heavily for killing her snake. Akbar orders his soldiers to arrest her. Maharani and others reach their balconies. Vijay goes downstairs with the soldiers but none of the soldiers dreaded to catch the Naagin. A vase slips form Akbar’s hand and falls over Vijay. The Naagin vanishes.

Inside, Vijay cried while being bandaged on his head. Akbar scolded him for being useless. Trilokma asks what they will do. Birbal says they have increased the security of the palace. Maharani was terrified that Naagin never leave so easily.

The next morning, Maharani asked a Pandit about the remedy. Pandit tells her the religious remedies. Pandit ji asks where Maharaj is? Sheikhu comes there walking with the help of a cart. Maharani asks were Akbar is. Sheikhu signals upwards. Maharani begins to cry, the others also mourn. Sheikhu takes their attentions upstairs where Akbar was seated. Sheikhu says this is for Akbar’s protection from the Naagin. Akbar says he is safe here, although a few lizards and insects clung on him but at least he is free from Naagin’s attack.

Birbal inspects the soil around the place Naagin stood last night. He discusses with Lal Langot that the soil here is damp, though it did not rain last night. Lal Langot notices mark of foot but Birbal says its his own feet. Lal Langot was fearful what if she takes attire of Lal Langot someday.

Upstairs in balcony, Maharani and family did Pooja. Naagin appears there. Everyone was terrified.

PRECAP: Naagin demands Akbar to marry her if he wants to protect his life. Maharani decides that Birbal will marry the Naagin. Birbal plans a trap against Naagin.

Update Credit to: Sona

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