Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Birbal helps kidnap Trikon

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Lal Langot suggests Birbal to go to lake’s side from were Trikon will run. Birbal says it is just a dodge from his assistants, because Trikon will never run from lake’s side. His assistant comes here, asks for ghee and leads them to the house; they later tell them that Trikon will leave from lake’s side. If it was the case, Trikon must have never written to Akbar to remove the security. Lal Langot understands and asks about their future plan. Birbal says they must reach the roots of Trikon. Lal Langot says the fruit shop is the roots. They spot Akbar ahead, with his team and restlessly walking on the street in front of fruit shop. Birbal comes to him. Akbar was tensed and says they had to be at the lake, and here he called everyone to this empty fruit shop. Birbal says this is the first shop where Vijay had met the magician. Birbal tells the fruit seller they will even solve their problem as well he won’t be selling fruits anymore. His shop will remain no more. The fruit seller runs towards the opposite direction. The security guards caught him there.

Birbal inspects the shop. He goes to find jars of ghee near the shop. Akbar asks why Birbal is telling him the qualities of ghee. Trikon already is a fan of ghee. Birbal pours ghee inside the tent of shop and says another quality of ghee is that it catches fire very quickly. He tells Akbar to see the magic now. He throws a burnt wooden stick inside the tent. There was smoke and fire all around. Trikon pulls the bed with an unconscious Tara. The guards kidnap Trikon. Akbar was concerned for Tara and sends Vijay to bring something and bring her to consciousness. Trikon tells Birbal that Tara could have burnt in the fire as well, though Birbal is a sensible and clever man, yet he committed a blunder. Birbal asks which fire is he talking about? He calls Lal Langot who brings a pot filled with Loban emitting smoke. Birbal says he had not put on the fire and did not pour the ghee on the tent. He tells Trikon he wanted to give him three lessons, a lot of self-confidence is sometimes fatal, power is only needed for evil because world works on love, and thirdly he could have safely run away from lake’s side because their attentions were not there. Because Trikon could speak another word, Akbar orders to shut his mouth. Birbal tapes Trikon’s mouth and tells the men to take him. He suggests that Akbar must present him in the court before whole of Fatehpur. Akbar was elated when Tara Bai wakes up. Birbal signals him to control his emotions.

In the court, Trikon was presented in the court. Akbar and Maharani walk outside together. Akbar happily greets Tara Bai and congratulates Maharani. As they take their seats, Akbar thanks Birbal for his cleverness. Trilokma asks Birbal how he found out where Trikon was hiding. Birbal says when he came to know Trikon came from Tanakpur, he brought a list of all the men who belonged to Tanakpur. The fruit seller was on the list where Trikon met Vijay. He later discovered the fruit seller was the uncle of Trikon. The day they found Tara Bai’s dupatta behind the fake wall this fruit seller was talking to Vijay. He did not even sell the fruits to palace for the past week as well. They came to know that the fruit seller took an empty van from the palace as well. When he was not selling fruits when he left the van in the palace?

Maharani says Trikon must apologize Tara Bai. She orders to un tape his mouth. Akbar asks Birbal what if he speaks out something. Birbal calls for Changez. Changez was terrifying for Trikon and he apologizes. Maharani suggests to keep the Trikon a captive. Akbar was not ready to keep Trikon, again worried if he speaks something. Sheikhu intervenes that Akbar must be worried what if Trikon uses his magical tricks in the palace. Akbar tells Trikon to run away from his Sultanate, else Changez will conduct the next court for him. Trikon leaves. Akbar wished to make another announcement. He speaks to everyone in the court and the queen…. That he married Tara Bai. Tara Bai repeats “Maharaj”. Trilokma saves Tara Bai by repeating the words in the same tone. Akbar was distracted. He now speaks to Vijay that he has found Birbal as more worthy of being Prime Minister. He orders Vijay to leave the place for Birbal.

PRECAP: Snakes come to palace. The naagin announces they must present 101 kg of milk on Shivlin else everyone must die. Birbal and Akbar counter the naagin.

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