Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Trikon is Tara Bai’s lover

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The episode starts with Tara Bai as Trikon’s captive. She opens her eyes and was frightened to see him. She holds a huge vase ready to hit him. She then signals to Trikon to free her. Trikon says her beautiful voice is what he wants to hear, even if it is to curse or threaten him. What she got by marrying Akbar, this punishment of being tongueless. If this was her fate? He requests Sona for some love only.

Maharani enjoyed the head massage Akbar gave her. She wonders what her Baba would have said. Akbar murmurs he does not care for her Baba, he only cares for Tara. Maharani was alert and questions what he just said. Akbar corrects that her Baba must have thought him of a Tara (like a shining star). He tries to move. Maharani forbids him touch her feet, what if someone sees this. She tells him to come to her room at night, then he can massage her feet as well. She was happy that they got some time together because of Tara. Akbar wish he had got time with Tara as well then at once explains that he could have learned Maharani’s chores from her. Maharani tells him to tie her hair now while Akbar felt doomed and romantic at once.

In the restaurant, Birbal discusses with Lal Langot that Trikon got lucky that Changez left. He was between the real and the fake wall for quite long. Had Changez been in the court, it could take them to Tara Bai by the smell of Lakhmani oil. He is appreciative of Trikon who made a lot of effort to kidnap Tara Bai. Lal Langot wonders why he is so impressed with Trikon. Birbal says a cunning enemy is better than a stupid friend. Lal Langot was offended that Birbal called him stupid, Birbal sarcastically corrects that he called Trikon as cunning.

Birbal spots a lady in a veil arrive at the restaurant to purchase milk and ghee. Birbal takes Lal Langot along to follow that lady. Birbal recognizes the lady as Trikon’s assistant. He tells Lal Langot that Trikon and his assistants love ghee, so he made sure all the shops of ghee are closed. It is only available in the restaurant. Lal Langot and Birbal now decide to capture the assistants. Birbal decides to take care of them. Birbal and Lal Langot go inside. The lady gets to hit Lal Langot by climbing over him. Birbal keeps on dodging the man’s attack. Lal Langot was badly stuck in the lady’s grip, her punches, and slaps. Birbal spills ghee on the floor. Both the assistants slip over the floor. Birbal comes to help Lal Langot.

Akbar comes to the court saddened. He allows everyone to sit. Akbar recognizes the two assistants. Trilokma asks Akbar to find out about Tara Bai from them. Sheikhu says when Tara Bai was kidnapped, they had left for China already. How did they return so soon now? The assistants tell them they do not know about Trikon, but he will leave Fatehpur from lake’s side soon. Akbar was furious and orders then to be kept in captive. Rafiq wishes they beat the lady just as she did to him. Akbar orders Rafiq’s wish must be fulfilled.

Tara Bai was tied to chairs, her mouth stuffed. He removes her mouth cover, concerned of the sweat beads on her face and offers her something to eat or drink. Tara Bai was upset and questions who he is. He introduces himself as her lover, son of a poor cobbler in Kanakpur, Dev Singh, who fall in love with the princess of Kanakpur when he was fourteen. He presented her a mud palace and spoke his love out, she accepted the palace but not out of love, but out of pity. Everyone made fun of him. He understood three things then. Firstly, Invisible is worthless, secondly powerful is the mighty and third, one cannot be born rich, but one must not die rich. He left Kanakpur to be a great magician and returned with a gold palace for her. But he was heartbroken when he discovered that she married Akbar and left for Fatehpur.

Akbar discusses with Birbal that his secret will be unveiled if they do not find Tara Bai. Birbal promises he would not let this happen. Akbar says he trusts Birbal. He then wonders if Trikon sent a letter to Birbal as well? What if he writes to Maharani as well. Birbal assures he did not send letter to anyone else. He does not want a letter to know the secret. He knows Akbar loves Tara and wants to marry her.

Trikon tells Tara Bai that Akbar does not treat her as a princess even. Tara Bai shouts at him to stop. Akbar is a good at heart man. She is thoughtful for Trikon, but she does not even remember him, rest aside loving hm. Trikon assures that his love is pure, his intentions are also not wrong. Tara Bai complains that he kidnapped her, and that depicts his intentions. A flower does not always wish to be gifted; it is happy when it stays in a temple near the Gods. She is happy as a Daasi in the palace. Trikon asserts that she will always be a princess for him. He will take her away from Fatehpur.

Akbar asks Birbal how he found out about the secret. Birbal says firstly Akbar said Trikon demanded money in return of Tara Bai. Trikon was lending expensive gifts to everyone already, why he would demand a ransom. Secondly, Akbar could have found Daasis’ in Fatehpur then why he would bring Tara Bai along with him from Kanakpur. Thirdly, one can never hide love and scent. Akbar requests Birbal to keep the secret to himself and gifts an expensive ring to Birbal. Akbar tells Birbal to bring his Tara to him before that Trikon leaves Fatehpur. Birbal returns the ring to Akbar and promises he will never unveil his secret, and will bring Tara Bai safely.

PRECAP: Birbal gathers with some people around tents. He creates smoke inside the tents.

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