Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Birbal wins his title back

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The episode starts with Akbar in the court. Everyone was seated. Birbal stood in his old man’s attire.He spots a stranger spread a powder near the wall pole and goes to strike him in his head. Later, Birbal had tied the man on the chair and inquires who asked him to spread the gun powder. The man was silent. Birbal threatens to burn the man by throwing gunpowder over him. The man hands a letter to Birbal. It reads, he just caught one man right now. The promise remains as such, Birbal will be hanged.

During the Ram Leela, Akbar was tensed and leaves the show. Birbal comes to the hall. He notices Akbar wasn’t there. He goes to speak to Akbar. Birbal meets Akbar in the backyard. He asks if Birbal found a proof. Birbal says no. He says he needs to tell something to Akbar. Akbar was afraid that Maharani or Kamran might come here. He tells Birbal to come to the room through hidden passage.

In the room, Akbar tells Birbal he has been hopeless. He shows the sword to Birbal which belonged to him. Birbal tells Akbar that Budhidhan is behind all the game and narrates every incident to Akbar. Akbar wonders how someone can create an exact mask of another person. Birbal says exactly like Akbar sees, and removes his mask. He was Budhidhan.

There, Budhidhan was a participant of Ram Leela seated next to Kamran.

Budhidhan draws his sword and attacks Akbar. The knife of sword leaves the stick. Akbar laughs if he was shocked and couldn’t understand. Budhidhan thinks he had said this to Akbar. Akbar comes from behind and says he is Akbar. There sits his Bal, Birbal. Birbal now removes Akbar’s mask from over his face. Akbar says he had recognized him right when he had called him as JahaPanah.
Akbar says Bulan brought him a message in the corridor. He said Birbal will never directly converse him by calling him Jahan Panah. Akbar was confused. Bulan warned him against Budhidhan. Akbar says as soon as Budhidhan called him Jahan Panah he understood something was wrong. Budhidhan wonders how Akbar doubted, when a fake Budhidhan was always around Akbar.

Akbar recalls when he came inside, Birbal in an old man’s attire greeted him as Shehanshah Akbar. He understood the message and wondered it was Budhidhan whom he sent into the room. Birbal then told Akbar this was another man in Budhidhan’s mask. He pointed that one of this man’s teeth was of gold. Akbar wanted to kidnap the fake person. Birbal stopped Akbar and says they need to teach Budhidhan a good lesson. Akbar asked if Birbal has a plan. Birbal boasted that he and Budhidhan are disciples of same master, just their faces are different.

Budhidhan asks Birbal how he knows this art of creating masks. Birbal says he is also the disciple of same Master. He warned that he was about to uproot the royal palace. He understood he will attack Akbar. He only wanted to distract them all through gun powder. Birbal says Budhidhan lost his own inner self and forgot that Ravan can never win in a Raam Leela.

Kamran comes there along with his security men to take Akbar back. He was shocked to see Budhidhan and Birbal. Akbar tells Kamran that this Budhidhan wanted to kill him and Birbal saved him once again. His title has been restored and is Raja Birbal. He orders the security to arrest the fake Budhidhan and interrogate this real one, who his master is. Budhidhan was ready to tell everything. He was in a state of disbelief that Birbal has won again. Their master was right, Birbal is still better than him. He clutched the dagger in his hand and attacks Birbal. Before that Akbar attacked and killed Budhidhan from behind. Birbal joins his hands to Akbar. Akbar says it is his responsibility to protect his protector. No one can every be victorious over them till Akbar’s Bal – Birbal is there with him. Ram Leela had ended with death of Ravan. Akbar hugs Birbal.

It was morning. A royal protected cart was passing by deep forest. The captain orders his men to be careful, as this is the dark valley now. They face a heavy storm. After the storm was over, one of the guards went missing.

In the court, Kamran tells Akbar that it was stupidity to carry royal cart from Death Valley. Everyone knows the place is resided by Raka Daaku (robber) ghost and they could harm the royal group. Birbal says he gave instructed them to take route of dark valley. The other passage was long and from the middle of forest, and this Raka Daaku ghost story seems to be fake. They must believe in the ability of their guards who were protecting the Royal fortune. Akbar says Maharani’s family jewelry was also a in the cart.
One of the security men come to tell Akbar that Royal fortune cart has arrived. Near the dark valley, there was a minor storm and one of their guards is missing. Kamran goes to inspect the fortune. Birbal unlocks the cart. It was empty. Kamran shouts where the fortune has gone. The captain says he himself loaded the fortune and locked it. Birbal had the keys of the fortune. Birbal thinks the lock of the cart was not opened, nor is the cart damaged from inside; where is the fortune then.

PRECAP: Birbal announces he brought the fortune but it was still not there in the cart. Akbar announces a legal proceeding against Birbal.

Update Credit to: Sona

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