Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Birbal in search of Trikon

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The episode starts with proceedings of the court. Akbar was furious over Trikon’s disappearance. Vijay blames Birbal for annoying Trikon and compelling him to leave. Akbar says Vijay is often angry with Birbal, but he never took Tara Bai. Vijay pleads to Maharani who sides his brother and tells Akbar to focus on the task of finding Tara Bai. Akbar orders Birbal to bring Trikon and Tara Bai at any cost.

Sheikhu speaks to Trilokma. Trilokma wonders how this is possible… he had come to take is Sona.

Akbar speaks to Changez in his room. He regrets not listening to Changez’s signals. Maharani comes there. She complains to Akbar that she did not even make up in absence of Tara Bai. Tara Bai selects the right dress for her according to situation and mood. She gives the responsibility of solving her problems to Akbar till then.

Birbal passes by the room where Trilokma was crying. He promises to find her friend. Trilokma runs to hug him. Their necklace beads were stuck. Sheikhu comes to the room and says even they are together. Sheikhu was doomed that he saw Akbar with Tara Bai, then Trikon with Tara Bai and now them together. Birbal confirms if he had seen Tara Bai and Akbar. Sheikhu says Akbar was putting flowers in her room. Trilokma says that Tara does not like flowers. Sheikhu thinks then maybe she was putting flowers in Akbar’s hair. They were quizzical. Birbal asks Sheikhu about the name Sona. Trilokma says its her childhood name, everyone in Tanakpur called her Sona. Sheikhu missed her mischievous dancing language in her talk. Birbal guesses that Trikon and Tara Bai know each other since childhood. Sheikhu says this shows Trikon had come to kidnap Tara Bai. Trikon did not even come to show magic, because it was only subject to Akbar’s permission. Birbal says they must find out how he prepared for the kidnap within the palace. Sheikhu says he was a nice man, he spent his own money except for Palace’s ghee.

Birbal goes to a shopkeeper. The shopkeeper says he bought wood, rope, nails, glue etc. The other shopkeeper confirms Lal Langot he bought curtain and glittery sheets. Birbal inquires his mode of payment. The shopkeeper says its Tanakpur’s Mudrai. Birbal discusses with Lal Langot that Akbar defeated the prince of Tanakpur and brought Tara Bai along. This shows three things, Sona, Tanakpur and Trikon. Lal Langot argues why Birbal thinks like Trikon. Birbal says to catch a thief, one must think like a thief. Lal Langot was happy Akbar did not think like a thief, otherwise Birbal must be in his jail. Birbal teases that Lal Langot would have accompanied him, being his spy. Lal Langot was terrified. He tells Birbal what if Tara Bai was sent as a spy by Tanakpur’s prince. Birbal says Tara Bai must have silently vanished then. She would not have kidnapped.

Tara Bai lay on a couch, unconscious. Trikon speaks to her that he sacrificed a lot for her. He will soon bring her a lot of happiness. Tara Bai moves a bit. He places a handkerchief on her face to make her unconscious.

In the room, Akbar prepared Maharani’s dress. Trilokma comes there, sensing Akbar was given the responsibility of Tara Bai. Akbar makes up that Maharani thinks he will not forget the task of finding Tara Bai this way. Trilokma tells Akbar Tara Bai is his wife, if he does not find her then she must send the news of Tara Bai’s kidnap to her father in Tanakpur, Rana Arjun Singh. Akbar senses someone was outside, and silence Trilokma. He goes towards the main door with his sword and finds a triangular paper on her feet. He tells Trilokma to read. Trilokma reads, ‘I know three things must be worrying Akbar: Tara Bai’s absence, her memories and her duties. He knows that Akbar and Tara Bai are married. Its his request to remove the security from the exit points of Fatehpur. If Maharani knows about this then he must bear the consequences. Maharani calls for her yellow dupatta as well. Akbar was alert to hide the letter. He chews the letter. Trilokma tells him to hurry up, otherwise she wonders what Tara’s father will do. Akbar says he is Tara’s husband, he could not give her the worth of his wife; Trikon kidnapped her and where he has taken her, he does not know. If Maharani finds out about their marriage, what she will do to him, he does not know. He just chewed a letter and he does not know what will happen to it. Trilokma understands the situation and takes a leave.

Akbar comes to Birbal and Lal Langot. Vijay also comes there. Akbar blames Vijay for bringing Trikon to palace. Birbal says he is sure Trikon is still in Fatehpur. Akbar was sure he is in Fatehpur, otherwise he must not have sent the letter. Birbal and Vijay ask which letter. Akbar says he ate the letter… then asks Vijay if he is an animal? He has torn the letter in anger. Vijay suggests that Tara Bai must be a spy of Tanakpur who had flown with Trilok. Lal Langot discusses with Birbal that Trikon did not use green and pink color at all, even when he had bough the colors. Birbal now spots green and yellow color wall. He removes the back of the box by sliding it. Birbal kicks the green and yellow wall. A door slides open right behind the box. Birbal notices that it was built on a fake wall. Birbal finds Tara Bai’s dupatta and hands it to Akbar.

PRECAP: Birbal finds Trikon’s assistants and brings them to the palace. Akbar was worried that his secret will be revealed if they can not find Trikon and Tara Bai.

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