Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Trikon impresses everyone in the court

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The Bahraini magician comes to the court and greets Akbar. He says only three things are worthwhile, God, His People, and His Blessings. Akbar appreciates his thinking. Vijay says Magician Trikon came from Bahrain and was headed to China yet he accepted his invitation to come to the court. Trikon creates a gift in his hand and presents it to Akbar. Akbar requests Birbal to read the script. Birbal says it got his name. Everyone was happy. Akbar says he will be happy only if Trikon can please his Maharani with a gift. Trikon now brings a rose in his hand and goes to present it to Tara bai. Sheikhu corrects that she is not the Maharani. Trikon apologizes and goes to the real Maharani with rose. He now requests Akbar to let him show amazing magical tricks in the court, but his staff demands one day time for preparations. Maharani pleasantly gives the permission. Trikon says he likes three types of people, those who value people like Maharani, those who value people like Maharani and those who value people like Maharani.

In the market, Birbal was with Lal Langot. Lal Langot inquires a jeweller about the value of the bracelet Trikon gifted to Akbar. He was impressed and tells Birbal not to doubt. Birbal says they could not know of Hukm till now, what if Trikon is another player of Hukm. He does not believe in magic. Trikon must have ordered this bracelet at least seven to eight days ago. He recalls what Vijay said this Trikon was headed to China but only stopped at Aagra at his request. How can this Trikon now agree to even stay at the palace. He tells Lal Langot they must inspect each corner of this triangular Trikon.

In the palace, Ridhima and Tara Bai come to Trikon. Trikon says he has to impress a pretty lady like Tara Bai. Three things can never be easily gained, incredible beauty, limitless splendor, and a precious diamond. Ridhima says may be there is a reason he mistaken her as Maharani in the court. He believes she must be the Maharani. Ridhima signals him to keep praying, this will happen soon. Tara Bai takes Ridhima. Birbal comes from behind. Trikon asks Birbal if he has inspected this bracelet well; what is left now. He minds Birbal that he went to a lot of kingdoms, but only three things trouble him: the environment, weather, or opponents like Birbal. Trikon is an untouchable sun. Birbal says when sun reaches its peak, and shadow increases in size then it is time that the sun sets. Vijay comes to Birbal calling him as Raja Birbal. Birbal tells Vijay he just came for his well wishes for Trikon and leaves. Vijay apologizes from Birbal’s side and leaves. Trikon murmurs that he will decide whose sun sets in which corner today.
The next day in court, Trikon comes to the court. He brings about a bouquet of flower form an empty vase. In the next trick, he shows everyone an empty box then brings out a ball. Next, he lets Birbal check an empty cloth bag, then produces a flower string. Next, he hands a bracelet to Maharani, he goes to his table and presents the bracelet from within a jewelry box. Everyone was impressed. Maharani boasts that Akbar could never bring a minor gift for her.

Trikon says three things people believe with difficulty, a kindhearted God, a ferocious devil and a cunning magician. He tells Birbal this magic is not cleanliness of hand but a practice of years. He tells Birbal he can check. Trikon says he will present another trick, but he needs Tara Bai’s help for that. Maharani was ready to do it herself. Trikon signals his team who brings two huge boxes. Trikon opens the door for one of the boxes and tells Maharani to enter. He reads a few verses and Maharani faints. They lock the doors. Trikon’s men stood with swords and daggers. Birbal tells Akbar to stop them. Vijay says Trikon is an expert magician, and Akbar is already there for Maharani. Trikon and his men ignites their swords and knives ad attacks the box in which Maharani was caught. Everyone was tensed. Birbal stops them. Trikon moves his hand over the box and all the holes and marks were removed. He tells Birbal to open the other box. They find Maharani in the other box. He reads the lines and Maharani wakes up. Everyone was relieved. Maharani asks Akbar if she was asleep. Akbar appreciates Trikon. Maharani notices a new and precious necklace in her neck. Trikon says this is a minor gift from Trikon. Trikon takes Akbar’s consent about his tricks. Changez leaves his seat and attacks Trikon. Trikon was terrified and backs up. Akbar orders Changez to back off. Birbal says everyone feels three things, heat, cold and fear. Everyone laughs. Akbar wonders what happened to his child Changez, he is a calm and peaceful one. Trikon says one can never trust an animal. Maharani says she is sure Changez can never betray them. Akbar was happy and confirms Tara Bai and Maharani if they liked it.

Trikon says he wants to show the trick once more so that Maharani can also see this. He says he will show the trick tomorrow.

PRECAP: Trikon locks Tara Bai in one of the boxes. He locks himself in the other one. Everyone was worried. When they open the doors of boxes, neither Trikon nor Tara Bai were there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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