Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Akbar visits Birbal’s village

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The episode starts with Akbar agreeing to Birbal that they must not let his father wait for long. Birbal says he got a beautiful coffin ready for Pyaray Laal as well. Akbar orders that Pyaray Laal will go to heaven today. Pyaray Laal says he can’t go to heaven right now. He gets into Akbar’s feet and says he did not have any dream. Vijay draws his sword. Birbal tells Akbar that Bhasm Baba fled the palace, he lied just to make Pyaray Laal accept the truth. Akbar asks who forced him to do so. Birbal looks towards Kamran, and then Vijay; he says it is Hukm who planned all this. Pyaray Laal agrees. Kamran recognizes and tells Akbar to proclaim Hukm as a state enemy. Kamran tells Akbar to send Pyaray Laal to jail. Birbal requests Akbar to spare Pyaray Laal, he was only being used by a mastermind. Pyaray Laal was exiled by Akbar.

Akbar now asks Birbal how this was all planned against him and he visited the heaven as well. Birbal says he never went to the heaven. He reminds Akbar that he had decided the place and time of burial and even designed the coffin himself. When Lal Langot covered the coffin with the shawl, he got time to leave through a door in the side of coffin. He rolled into a tree, while the coffin was buried empty. There, his practice of Shamasan (yoga) helped. Vijay asks how he got away from the place, as guards were there. Birbal says his friend Rafiq helped him, as he had visited the guards with a bag of greed (gold coin). Akbar compliments Birbal, as there is none like him. There were slogans in favor of Birbal.

Birbal and Akbar walked side by side. Akbar wore a fake beard. He tells Birbal he liked the ambiance of village. He had to come after a week but arrived earlier. An enemy took aim of Akbar, as Birbal goes to prepare something for Akbar to eat. The enemy stops there when Birbal brings fruits for Akbar. Birbal says his teacher always said, ‘This city remained strange even after years; what one couldn’t forget is the village which no longer exists’. The enemy wonders what Mahesh Das is doing with Akbar.

In a flashback, the enemy remembers a time when a Guru ji blessed Mahesh Das with a special coin. He had complained that he was better than Mahesh Das in any way.

A fellow of the enemy come there and tells him that a lot has changed in five years. Now everyone calls Mahesh Das as Raja Birbal. He tells him to take aim of Akbar correctly, they won’t get a better chance. The man (Bhulan) withdraws his arrow. He tells his fellow to tell the boss Bhulan will bring two heads. His fellow asks why not now. He says he does not have to kill them only; he has to wipe them off.

Akbar and Birbal watch a stage performance of Ramayan. Akbar asks Birbal how about inviting these performers to their palace on Dasehra. Birbal goes to speak to them. The performers request Birbal to get them some job. Birbal says they are farmers, and its time to sow the seeds. People there say they pay huge amount in taxes to the king Akbar, and nothing is left for them to feed their families. Birbal says Akbar announced relaxation on taxes and a number of incentives for farmers this years and points towards a royal order. The people say they can’t read or write, they believe what the elders of their village say. They were told that taxes have been increased by Akbar.

Akbar now moves forward and says farming is the backbone of their state and farmers play the most important part. The men do not recognize Akbar, they offer him a role of Ravan in their Raam Leela. Birbal announces that this is man King of Hindustan, Jalal ud Din Mohammad Akbar. Birbal signals Akbar to pull off his fake beard. The people there get to their knees. Akbar now introduces Birbal as Raja Birbal. The young men were apologetic. Akbar says he needs to apologize them. He sends Birbal to go and tell these villagers about the new rules. He says he will go and take care of the other village. On his way to the other village, Akbar fell off the horse and rolls down the cliff.

The next morning, Kamran was angry at Birbal for leaving Akbar alone. He sends Birbal to take care of the matter. Akbar comes home. Maharani was concerned as Akbar had a bruise on forehead on which he had applied turmeric. Akbar tells Maharani he lost control of his horse and was about to feel off a cliff. A man helped him there. It was Bhulan. Akbar says he is a well read man. Bhulan says he learned a lot from the legal papers of Kamran. He tells Maharani the herbal medicine he applied on Akbar’s forehead. Kamran was impressed, Bhulan says he has done two courses of Ayurvedic treatment. Birbal comes from behind and was thankful Akbar is safe. Akbar introduces him to Bhulan. Birbal greets Bhulan, but the colors on his face change.

PRECAP: Bhulan traps Birbal in a murder case. Birbal requests Akbar for three days to prove his innocence. Kamran announces death penalty.

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