Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kamran’s plan to trap Birbal

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Sala Khan grabs Birbal’s collar and questions if he wants to kill him, if copper wire gets the electric current it might kill him. Birbal says Sala Khan’s game is over, because as soon as the copper wire gets electric current it will burn the gun powder in spear machine, then one of the spears will strike into Sala Khan’s chest. Sultan was shocked to hear this mode of attack. Birbal asks if this is what Sala Khan had done to Sultan. Birbal says Rafiq has not yet connected the copper wire. Sultan remembers that Sala Khan forced them to gift this spear machine to Akbar. He was the one who forced them to come to Farehpur in this weather. Sultan understands his enmity. Sala Khan attacks Sultan agreeing that he wants to kill him. The guards hold him back. Sultana slaps her brother for his false intentions. Sala Khan questions what else he could do. Their father handed the throne to Sultan. Gambling and drinking are what princes’ are fond of; this does not disqualify him from being the heir of throne. On the day of their wedding when the horse hit him, he faked being mentally disabled. He wanted to snatch the crown of Sultan and decided to kill Sultan. Sultan screams that they will dig him. Sala Khan says when he came to know that Birbal has found out about the gun powder trick, he hid all his documents in Fazl Khan’s room and later killed him through poison.

Kamran orders the guards to take him into a dark cell. Birbal joins his hands to a screaming Sala Khan. Akbar calls Birbal up on the stage with him and appreciates him for being their savior. Otherwise they would have cleaned the spider webs. Sultana apologizes Maharani for her attitude and misunderstandings. Birbal announces that only Akbar deserves the crown. Kamran only deserves to do the crowning of Akbar. Kamran tells him not to be happy, because page 363 of Mughlai law states the same. He would have done this even without Birbal’s announcement.

In the corridor, Vijay and Kamran stop Birbal. Both congratulate him for his victory once again. Vijay and Kamran boast that they had found this out already, it was only Birbal’s luck. Birbal replies that it does not matter who solved the mystery, they all wanted to do it for Akbar. Kamran disagrees with Birbal’s views when Fazl Khan had deterred them for war, and Birbal offered to solve the matter patiently. Birbal says he only believes in granting ease to people, it will return to you.

In the court, Pyaray Laal the barber was present. Akbar announces that they all know Pyaray Laal’s dreams come true. Pyaray Laal narrated a dream which he wants everyone to hear. Pyaray Laal says he dreamt of Akbar’s father, he is in heaven and blessed his subjects on Eid and Diwali. Kamran asks if he is happy in heaven? Pyaray Laal says he is happy, but only one thing is missing. He says they need a clever, responsible, and sensible man in heaven. He dreams of this every day and the dream breaks at this very moment. Vijay suggests that they need to send a person to heaven. Birbal asks how this is possible, no one returns from heaven. Kamran says this is possible, there is a spiritually gifted Bhasm Baba who can do this. He knows the way to send someone to heaven and bring him back. Birbal argues how this is possible. Kamran counters that there are multiple things above their beliefs and abilities to understand. Akbar was ready to do anything for his father. Akbar orders Vijay to find Bhasm Baba and bring him to the court.

Kamran stood in front of a statue of Birbal with a sword. He strikes multiple times to break the statue. He was jealous of Birbal and his sensibility. Pyaray Laal and Vijay come to Kamran. Kamran tells Vijay he was only trying to heal some of his pains in isolation. Vijay says he shares the same pains as Birbal has gained a special place in court. Kamran tells Vijay it was his plan whatever Pyaray Laal said in court. Pyaray Laal was afraid as he did have any such dream. Vijay asks Pyaray Laal how much fortune is enough for a man. Pyaray Laal says one’s greed is never fulfilled. Kamran signals Vijay to hand him money. Kamran deters him to keep his mouth shut, because a liar’s tongue is cut according to Mughlai law.

In the court, Bhasm Baba rushes inside with sand emitting around him. Sheikhu comes to greet him. Bhasm Baba says he will suffer even when he is dead. Vijay says he can speak to ghosts and spirits around. Bhasm Baba tells Vijay he will not go to heaven, but hell. Bhasm Baba says he can send anyone to heaven or hell. Birbal jokes that he must visit heaven daily. They inquire him about the way. Bhasm Baba explains that he will lay a bed of wood, read some mantra and then ignite the bed. The person sitting over it will reach heaven. Akbar asks whom he should send. Bhasm Baba say it must be someone loyal, honest and responsible in his eyes. Akbar was ready to go himself. Birbal says this is not in favor of their country and subjects. Kamran agrees to Akbar. Kamran says the most loyal person is Vijay but Akbar says its Birbal. Birbal will go to heaven.

PRECAP: Pyaray Laal overhears Birbal’s plan that they will make out some smoke and get a chance to leave. Bhasm Baba changes his method and decides to send him through coffin. Akbar buries the coffin with a heavy heart.

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