Akal Bodhon, “The Awakening” Chapter 1


Soumojit entered in his cabin & threw Abhishek Sanyal’s mysterious death case file on his table. “Vasudha applied for transfer!” Now, she don’t even want to work with him. Soumojit looked at his team members through the glass window of his cabin. Sub Inspector Himanshu Roy, the junior most officer of his team & Constable Niladri Sarkar are working sitting on their respective desks but Vasudha’s desk is empty. He knew today Vasudha will not going to come in office as today is the first death anniversary of Nitin. Soumojit sighed, he was downed in the memory lane.

Soumojit Mukherjee born & bought up in a simple Bengali middle class family. His father was a professor in Burdwan University. So, He & His parents used to live in a rented house in Burdwan town but originally they belongs to a small village in Burdwan district. His mother was a housewife & Soumojit was the couple’s only child. Soumojit was an average student in school but his presence of mind, observation power & calm attitude differs him from others. But when Soumojit was in 8th standard, his father suddenly died in an accident. After that, Soumo’s mother took all responsibility & managed pretty well with her handworks, widow pension money & all savings. Soumojit passed both the Board exams with good results but when He was in his final year of Graduation, his mother diagnosed with Acute Kidney Failure. Soumojit was disoriented. He has no idea how he will manage everything. He knew that he will not going to get any help from his grandfather & uncles as they were not much fond of his mother because she was a non-brahmin girl plus after His father’s death, they totally disowned him & his mother. Soumojit needed a job badly. So, just like most of the Indian youths, he too joined the race of getting a Government job & within a year, He got the job of Sub Inspector in Kolkata Police but he lost his mother. Doctors said that his mother was on final stage & her body stopped responding to any treatments. Soumojit was devastated but life never stops for anyone. Soumojit joined his duty & soon his efficiency & hard work leads him to get promotion in Crime Branch as Inspector & team leader. Apart from Him, he had four members in his team, Himanshu, Niladri, Vasudha Nandi & Nitin Mallick. Nitin & Soumojit joined Police Force in the same year & they were also belonged to same batch, so, Nitin was always quite jealous with Soumojit & was displeased to work under him. He was the second in command in the team & always used to challenge Soumo’s decisions but Soumojit always tried his level best to handle situations with Nitin calmly & also with lots of patience & also there was Vasudha, a strong, determined & couragious girl, a black belt in martial arts with only one drawback, her short temper. From the first day, Soumojit liked her & soon he became more fond of her. She has a special attraction, beauty with brain but Soumojit was in dilemma whether to express his feelings or not as He always felt that Vasudha only consider him as her Boss & maintained a strict professional attitude. After thinking a lot, Soumojit finally decided to express his feelings in front of Vasudha.

One day, when Vasudha came in his cabin to give a file, Soumojit stopped her.
Soumojit- Vasudha, I have something to say to You.
Vasudha- Yes Sir?
Soumojit wets his dry lips with his tongue. Always confident Soumojit felt that his heart is beating faster & faster, he felt his palms gets sweaty.
Soumojit ( in a calm voice)- Vasudha, I don’t know how to express what I am feeling. My feelings are all new & you are the reason. You make me think about yourself all the time. Even my heartbeat says, I like You, I…..
Soumojit stopped looking towards Vasudha. Her face turned blank, devoid of any expressions & smile.
Soumojit’s heart skipped a beat. His throat became parched & He lost the youthful joy & excitement.
Soumojit ( with urgency in his voice & also with panic)- Vasudha, please don’t misunderstand me. I am very sorry if i make you feel uncomfortable. You can say No…..
Without listening his words any more, Vasudha gave him an angry glare. Her face turned red & she stormed out of his cabin. Soumojit cursed himself.
Next Day, when Soumojit entered in his office, he saw all four talking & looking so happy. Nitin noticed him first.
Nitin- Soumo, we are waiting for you only.
Vasudha totally ignored Soumojit & looked towards the other direction.
Nitin- Soumo, finally I decided to get married.
Soumojit- Wow! That’s wonderful news. Congrats. Who is the lucky girl?
Nitin- Standing in front of You. Vasudha Nandi.
Soumojit was shocked for a moment, he was unable to digest the information. He saw Vasudha stood beside Nitin holding his hand & looking confident. Soumojit felt like slapping himself for his own stupidity. What a fool He is! Why the hell he opened his mouth & said those words to Vasudha? How can He unable to see the relationship between Nitin & Vasudha. Soumojit smiled a little. He is feeling extremely awkward. He cleared his throat.
Soumojit- Congrats to both of you Nitin & Vasudha. I am just surprised to know about both of you.
Nitin- Actually Soumo, we are keeping our relationship secret. Only announced when we & our families are totally sure.
Soumojit lowered his head.
Soumojit- So, when is the big day?
Nitin- Well, not yet decided. This Sunday, both the family members will attend a ceremony in Vasudha’s house. My mom, dad & other elders will bless Vasudha & then their they will decide the date of marriage. So, we both want all of you to be with us & also to have lunch.
Soumojit- Yes sure. Congrats again.
Soumojit smiled & went inside his cabin. He sat in his chair & tightly closed his eyes. Indeed, he did a blunder. His chest felt heavy as though he is carrying a huge weight. He hold his head in his hand. Deep down inside Him, his inner voice question him, where you lack from Nitin? Why she chose Him over You Soumo!! He immediately shut that voice. “What the hell are you thinking? Stop being so low. She loves Nitin. Respect her feelings. You should say sorry to her & it’s a closed chapter. You have enough work Soumo, concentrate in the cases.”

Soumojit went to Vasudha’s house on Sunday. That was the first time Soumojit saw Vasudha in saree & She was looking heavenly. Soumojit shut his inner voice. He came near Vasudha. “Congrats Vasudha. I really wish that happiness always be on your way & I am sorry.
Vasudha gave him a polite smile. “It’s Okay Sir & Thank You”
Soumojit first time met with Vasudha’s parents & Her younger sister, Archana. They are all so lively & happy but he felt that Nitin’s family especially His mother is not much happy with the wedding. He dismissed the thought. The Panditjee fixed the marriage day after four months.

Vasudha & Nitin joined duty. Vasudha became more professional & ignorant towards Soumojit. The team became more busy when DCP Sir handled them a case of child trafficking. This time Nitin became more desperate to get a promotion. He himself started doing a parallel investigation & also started disclosing each & every information to media sources. After noticing Nitin’s behavior for few days, Soumojit finally decided to confront Nitin.
Soumojit- What are you doing Nitin?
Nitin- You say what am I doing? I want to listen from you. ( with a smirk)
Soumojit- As a team leader, I am not bound to say anything but you are answerable to me.
Nitin- I don’t feel like giving You answers.
Soumojit- Why So?
Nitin- You don’t know?? really?? ( Nitin looked at Vasudha & then towards Soumojit. Soumo lowered his head).Instead, I want to listen from you what you did.
Soumojit ( cleared his throat)- Nitin, you can’t leak any information to media without my permission.
Nitin- Ah haa! Through Professional! Good. Good.
Soumojit- Nitin please listen, I am worried the way You are meeting with various people, going unknown places without informing the team. What if anything turns out to be a trap? The racket is huge & dangerous.
Nitin- You are worried for me? What a joke Soumo!! Anyway, listen, You are free to complaint about me to higher authority. I least care & I know You thinks about yourself so high that you feels others are incapable. Only you are the Best.
Soumojit- No Nitin. It’s about your safety. We are one team & I already said sorry to Vasudha, now, I am saying sorry to You.
Nitin- f**k Off Soumo & also listen I am very close to crack the case & the disclosure will be shocking. Some Officials are also involved. Truth is always bitter.
Soumojit- What are you saying Nitin??
But Nitin already left the office. Vasudha was standing on side.
Soumojit- Vasudha please make Nitin’s understand. What He said is serious.
Vasudha- Sir, Nitin never shared anything related to the case. I know the same what everyone in the team knows. We never mixed our personal & professional life together.
Soumojit- I already said sorry Vasudha for that blunder of mine.
Vasudha- I don’t want to talk about that topic anymore. Please Sir, excuse me.

After that day, next night, Soumojit was sleeping in his quarter. Almost at midnight, his cellphone started ringing. He lazily woke up & rubbed his eyes to see Nitins’s call. Soumojit hurriedly attended the call. “Hello Nitin. Why are you calling at this time? Is everything fine?” From the other side, Soumojit only heard the faint voice of Nitin.”Soumo…..”
Soumojit- Nitin, what happened? Where are you?
Soumojit jumped out from his bed but the line got disconnected. Soumojit dialed Nitin’s nunber but this time the number was switched off. Soumojit raked his hair in frustration. He hurriedly dialed the Police Control Room number.”Siddarth, find out the last location of Nitins’s phone. His Number is switched off. I think the matter is serious.”
Within few minutes, Siddarth sent Soumojit the location, it was near Railway track beside an old, abandoned Jute Factory of British Era. Soumojit took his bike & rushed towards the place. He parked his bike on a side. The place was empty. He took out his torch & revolver & started looking at the place. ” Nitin… Nitin…
After sometime, he heard some faint sound in the quietness of night. He followed the sound & got shocked seeing Nitin lying on the ground covered with blood. He dropped the torch from his hand & rushed towards his friend. Soumojit put Nitin’s head on his lap.”Nitin, how this happened? Hold on. You will be fine. I am calling the ambulance.” Soumojit took out his phone.
Nitin- Soumo… Eagle…. Eagle….
& He took his last breath.
“Nitin… Nitin… You can’t go. What will happen to Vasudha? She really loves you Nitin.”

The Sudden sound of message tone broke Soumojit’s chain of thoughts. He sighed sitting on his chair.


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