Ajooni 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Ajooni sees men abusing women in Rajveer’s house

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Scene 1
Dolly cries and says Ajooni pushed me. Harvinder is about to slap her but Rajveer stops him and says she is my wife so don’t you dare. Harvinder says she hurt our sister and you are taking her side? Bebe says enough, let’s find out whose mistake is it. She asks Aman what happened? Aman says Ajooni didn’t push her. Harvinder asks her to clean the floor. Aman starts cleaning it like a servant. Dolly tells Bebe that Ajooni changed the foot ring you gifted her. Bebe asks Ajooni to show her feet. Ajooni shows it and the rings have been changed. Bebe says how dare you? Rajveer says it’s not her fault, he shows the real foot ring and says it broke so I brought another set for her. Bebe says you did the right thing. Dolly says she blamed me for putting spice in the food. Aman says Ajooni didn’t blame her. Dolly asks her to shut up. Ajooni says don’t talk to her like that, apologize to her. Bebe asks her to shut up. Ravindra comes there and asks where is Harman? Dolly says she went to the mandir. Ravindra asks his sons to control their wives. Harvinder grabs Aman and says I will teach you a lesson now. Rajveer tries to stop him but Harvinder drags Aman to the room and starts beating her with a belt. Aman cries in pain. Ajooni rushes there and asks him to open the door. Rajveer says don’t interfere in their matter, it happens a lot so let’s leave. Ajooni says how can I? He is beating her, are you an animal to not care? You think you can win my love like this? It won’t happen. Rajveer sadly looks on. Ajooni leaves from there. Harvinder opens the door and leaves. Rajveer sees Aman crying and looks on.

Dolly comes to Ajooni and says Rajveer will put you in place like Harvinder did with Aman today.

Scene 2
Ajooni is in the mandir when Aman comes there. Ajooni sees her wounds and applies balm to them wounds. Aman cries silently. Ajooni says why are you bearing all this? Bebe comes there and says she can’t bear a child so she deserves all this, Bebe leaves. Aman cries and tells Ajooni that his fate is evil. Ajooni says we can find a solution, can you show me your reports? Aman says I never went to a doctor, this family doesn’t believe in all that. Just leave me on my own.

Ravindra tells Rajveer to start working to become something in life. He says I want to give you an election ticket. Harman calls him but he says she left the house without telling me so she will be punished.

All family members sit to have dinner. Harman arrives home, Ravindra welcomes her and asks where were you? Harman is scared and says I had some work. Ravindra brings her to the family and asks if she wants water? Aman offers her water. He asks where did you go? Harman says I went to pray to a mandir, I couldn’t tell you because it was a secret prayer. I am sorry. Ravindra says I am your God-like, you didn’t inform me so you will be punished now. You left without telling me so you will stay out of home for tonight. He drags her out of the house. all look on. Ajooni looks at Rajveer but he remains silent.

Harman is outside the house. Ajooni comes there and says let’s go inside. Harman says you must be happy to see me here but I will be back soon. Ajooni says it was not your fault, I am here to take you inside. Harman says you want me to fight with my husband? Just get lost. Ajooni leaves from there. Ravindra sees her coming back in the house and asks what is she thinking? Ajooni says you were cruel to Harman.

PRECAP – Ravindra blames Harman for using Ajooni against him, he says your punishment to stay at your parents’ house for 7 days. Harman glares at Ajooni and says you threw me out of my house, you will pay for this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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