AJNABHII – Episode 25

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Recap : Arshi & Ishra in Lucknow.. All 4 trying hard to find Arnav’s jelebi. Anjali & ishitha pregnant.. Kushi getting some more flashes on jelebi & nannav. Raman’s strange behaviour. Arnav ignoring his health

Arnav was sitting in a garden burying his head in his palms ( its adjacent to sheesh mahal) he was highly frustrated.. His di & jijaji were angry & he couldn’t find any clue about his jelebi & upon that weird behaviour of raman.. Everything was taking toll on him upon that came two workers from sheesh mahal to add to his misery evoking the worst in him

Worker : Chote hukum ( your highness)

Arnav lifted his head & saw them with his fire spitting eyes

Worker : Raaja Saab bula rahe hai aapko ( Arnav’s dad is calling him )

Arnav clutch his collar

Arnav : neither I’m your Chote hukum nor that person hold any importance in my life now get the hell out of my site ( he leave him.. Worker shiver seeing his anger )

Another worker call Arnav’s dad..

Worker 2 : Saab he’s refusing to come

Raj ( Arnav’s dad) : pass him the phone

Worker does that Arnav take the phone angrily..

Arnav : how dare you call me

Raj : is it a way to talk..

Arnav : you better don’t teach me manners

Raj : well we will talk about it later get inside the palace now..

Arnav : what makes you think I’ll step in there

Raj : what does that mean now.. You’re here for a signing the papers right.. I had talked to Anjali about it & there’s a ceremony too tomorrow..

Arnav : what the.. Di?

Raj : yes she convinced you right now come fast people are waiting here..

Arnav throw the phone & storm towards the palace..

Car ( Anjali shyam travelling to Lucknow)

Anjali : ( on call) where did he go

Ishu : I don’t know he just stormed out angrily..

Anjali : ask Raman to go & check once..

Shyam glare Anjali but she ignore him

Ishu : he too isn’t here anju.. And chote was feeling dizzy that’s why I’m tensed here…

Shyam : (to anj) I’ll ask my friend to search no need to trouble them

Anjali cut the call & again sit ignoring shyam..

Shyam : I told you let’s talk to him see what he’s doing now.. He will be angry now..

Anjali : he don’t have any right to get angry.. He was at fault so got punishment samjhe aap..

Shyam : don’t be stubborn now.. He has already spoilt his health enough..

Anjali : I know what to do with him ( she frown)

Shyam : kya karengi aap phirse maaroge une ( what you will do.. Will raise your hand again on him ) ( he ask in irritation)

Anjali : ( pounce back) haan.. Maarungi lekin aapki tarah ice cream toh laake nahi doongi.. ( yes I’ll hit him but at least I won’t get him ice cream like you)

Shyam : for god’s sake will you stop that ice cream topic

Sheesh Mahal

There were many people sitting with his Raj discussing about tomorrow’s ceremony that’s when arnav stormed in.. Ignoring the greets of everyone he directly came & stood infront of his father.. Raj getting up..

Raj : Finally you stepped in here.. Sit I’ll introduce you..

Arnav : Arnav Singh Raizada needs no introduction

His mom come there.. Servant start serving coffee & snacks..

Arnav’s maa ( Gayatri) : Chote.. You come with me I’ve prepared your special kheer

She hold his hand & he shrug it off & shout..

Arnav : I’m not your Chote don’t you dare touch me..

People sitting their get startled one poor soul even drops the coffee cup.. Raj take Arnav bit away but they’re still visible to guests..

Raj : kya badttameesi hai yeh..

Arnav : do not interfere in our life & don’t expect anything from us.. We’re no longer related to you.. Do the hell with you & your ceremony

Raj : wahi gussa, Na badho ka lihas na tameez yehi sikhaya apki nani, di aur jijaji ne bade guroor se legaye the aapko yaha se ( same old anger.. Neither respect nor manners.. Is this what your nani, anjali & shyam taught you.. They took you pointing at us )

Arnav : ( clutching Raj’s collar) you’ve no right to question them.. Just stay away ( he scream making every head turn towards them )

Raj : ( making him leave his collar ) apni hadh mein rahiye Arnav ( be in your limits Arnav )

Before Arnav could speak more..

Raj : ( to servant ) escort him to the car ( looking at Arnav) Get out


Raman in hotel with another guy

Raman : have you collected whole report..

Man : yes sir I got complete details of that girl & here is her photo.. ( he hand him a pic)

Raman : ( shocked) Kushi…

Man : this is recent photo of Raajkumari Rithika Singh Rathore sir.. We couldn’t trace her easily because she is addressed as Kushi.. She was in US but have recently a 3 months back they’ve shifted to Delhi with her buaji

Raman ; are you sure about this..

Man : yes sir I’ve double checked everything


Arnav entered ashram premises there he see a car so his di & jijaji are here.. He got in & saw kushi,anjali & ishu were packing the stuff

Arnav ; kushi what’s going on here..

Anjali ; tell him we are going to guest house

Arnav ; tell them I’m not coming anywhere.. they’ve given punishment na.. I’ll complete it

Anjali ; ishu tell him not to overreact now.. it was his mistake

Arnav ; kushi tell her then I’ll bear the punishment.. I’m not coming anywhere

Shyam : zid mat kijiye Chote ( don’t be stubborn now)

Anjali ; agar woh zid karenge toh zabardasti karna jaante hai hum… Bolo usse ( if he gets stubborn I know how to take him forcefully)

Arnav anjali glare each other

Shyam : ( taking out something from his pocket) Chote ignore her come here I’ve.. ( interrupt)

Anjali : haan ignore me & feed him ice cream..

Shyam : its a new phone.. Not ice cream

Anjali : you must have hidden it somewhere.. I’m seeing how you’re taking his side..

Shyam : I’m also seeing how you’re ignoring me to be with someone else.. ( he say hinting at Ishu)

Kushi : Will you three stop fighting.. ( she scream)



Man : Sir.. She had a a memory loss at age of 8.. She doesn’t remember anything before that.. Its said she slipped from stairs the same day on which her parents died in an accident

Raman lost in thoughts…


Ritu : bhaiyya stop running.. This is cheating..

Little ritu is running behind her brother & they climb up running finally she catch him on stairs

Ritu ; you’re caught..

Raajveer : Never.. ( he shrug her hand & she loose balance.. Before he could hold her she roll down the stairs lying on floor blood oozing out of her forehead..)

Raajveer : Ritu……

Flashback ends.. A tear roll down Raman’s eyes..

Man : sir she had a elder brother but I couldn’t get any info on him..

Raman : no need of it.. This is enough

That man handover the file & leave..


Kushi & Ishu are unpacking their stuff in guest house while Arnav is sitting angrily on couch.. Anjali & shyam went out making excuse of some urgent work..

Ishu : Chote this bag isn’t opening come here & help..

Arnav : ( coming to them) workers are here to unpack why don’t you sit in one place..

Ishu : I don’t like others touching my clothes

Kushi : me too..

When arnav unzip kushi’s bag he find a photo..

Arnav holding a photo..

Arnav : where you got this..

Kushi : its my photo.. I just have it..

Arnav : your photo..!!?

He recall her full name.. Kushi Singh Rathore

Ishu : ( seeing pic) Rithu..!!?

Arnav ; kushi if its some kind of joke then don’t you dare..

Kushi : why would.. ( interrupt)

Anjali Shyam storm in holding drunk raman..

Ishu : Raman..

Raman : Rithu.. ( looking at kushi)

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  1. Oh my god anaya , awesome.. superb yaar . Please upload soon yaar. I missed this so much and even update ur majboriyaan.. I can’t wait seriously. Very eager for the next episode. I am so sorry for not commenting these days. So sorry and please do post the next episode soon

    1. Anaya

      Thanks akshaya.. I’m posting yeh dosti at night & majboori tmrw.. and don’t be sorry I’ve been only very irregular in updating

  2. Superb dear update soon

    1. Anaya

      Thank u isuri

  3. superb

  4. Veronica

    Kamaal ki episode tha yaar….. Mein bohat busy hoon phir bhi yeh sab padkar comment kare bina nahi reh payi. Bohat acha epi hai aur last scene is making me restless to know what will happen next….. Tooo much eagerness

    1. Plz update your story soon

  5. Omg. Plzzz update soon. Like faster plz. This is getting good. Loved the episode today. Totally made my day. Update more often plz. U was really exited to see this after a long time

  6. interesting plz post regularly ur all stories really they r nice

  7. Kumud

    Awww so cute can’t wait for the next one

  8. nice episode can’t wait for next epi pls post soon

  9. Nice story…

    Oh Anjali and Shyam still argue badly and Anjali know how Shyam spoil and pamper Arnav.
    Feel bad for Raman losing his own world by getting to know about his sister Rithu who had memory loss and get to know that Rithu is Khushi.

  10. Good to see u after so mamy days
    Missed ur ff
    And nice one
    Really liked it

  11. Anaya

    TYSM winnie, vero, kristy, n, kumud somya , parichary & kajal

    hum aapke hai koun & majbooriyaan are updated check them too guys

  12. Plz update sooner coz we are all losing track of the stories
    It’s a request I hope u would consider it
    Thank you
    This was very good
    Loving ur update

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