AJNABHII – Episode 19

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Recap : Kavya is pregnant & to come back to Delhi on wedding day.. Anjali is pregnant too

Since 2 days everyone were trying to tell something very important to arnav but every time something came up or they lost the courage to tell him. Anjali was on call..

Anjali : yep.. I’ll send the car.. Hmm.. He’s fine

Arnav : ( scream) Diii…

No one pay attention to his scream it was everyday’s drama since a week.. But the other person on phone was startled

Arnav : ( snatching flower plate) why are you lifting it.. & how many times I’ve said not to descend steps talking on phone.. You never listen to me..

Anjali pat on her forehead & sit on sofa.. Arnav call a worker & scream on him for taking di’s help & he call a another worker & scold him for not informing him when his di did work

Anjali : it was a small garland.. It’s your wedding if I don’t do at least these small works then who will

Arnav : no need to even move from a place everything will be managed..

Shyam : ( giving juice to Anjali) if this continues you will become fat & lazy..

Anjali hit him..

Arnav : it’s ok di you will be beautiful even if you become fat & you & lazy is a myth

Arnav walk away as he get the call anjali now look at her phone which is still on..

Anjali : hello Maa..

Mom : he cares a lot for you.. Still the same nothing has changed in him neither love towards you nor anger towards us

Anjali : He’ll be the happiest knowing you & papa are together again..

Mom : don’t keep hopes anju.. Its just we are thinking.. Well I’ll talk later.. Bye..

Gupta mansion

Payal : I’m hell scared here..

La : di.. I’m swapping the grrom not you so chill

Kushi : what will papa do after knowing this

La : I don’t know.. But I can’t leave aman he’s my life..

Payal : may be we had a another way did we rush..

Kushi : we should have at least tried to convince them once..

Payal : you created one more mess by agreeing to marry..

La : Arnav had arranged a fake bride & groom to take kushi NK’s place don’t worry

Kushi : hope everything goes the way we planned


A bride & groom are walking aimlessly..

Groom : where are we going

No response..

Groom : aap sun rahi ho ( are you listening)

No response..

He turn to see her unconscious.. Immediately rush to her..

Raizada mansion

Arnav’s room

Anj shyam come there.. Arnav is lost in thoughts

Shyam : someone is dreaming ah..? ( he tease)

Arnav : its late already why aren’t you asleep

Anj : its 10 still.. Anyway we just needed to talk..

All 3 settle on the bed..

Shyam : is something bothering you chote.. You look worried since a week

Arnav : No.. Noth.. Nothing like that.. ( he rest on Anjali’s lap )

Anjali : if anything is bothering you we are here.. I feel you’re hiding something

Arnav : it’s nothing di please don’t dig more

Shyam : ok.. Then what plans after marriage

Arnav is silent

Anj : don’t be shy.. Tell us.. Honeymoon kaha..?

Arnav : di..

Shyam : we are serious chote I want to make arrangements so tell me now..

Arnav : huh.. Ask Lavanya..


Groom : are you fine now..

Bride nod weakly..

Groom : let’s stay here only tonight we shall leave tomorrow

Dhabha owner : to where are you two going

Groom is clueless..

Bride : Lucknow..

Dhabha owner wife : ok.. You leave in morning now change & sleep..

Raizada mansion

Arnav : if I do some big mistake what will you do

Shyam : we will make you realise your mistake & correct it..

Arnav : what if I knew it was wrong even though I did it..

Anjali : kya baat hai ( what’s the matter)

Arnav : I know you two will forgive me eventually.. But..

Shyam : but what chote.. What’s going on in your mind..

Arnav : nothing.. Di I’m sleepy let me sleep

Shyam : just remember one thing chote no matter what we two are always here for you..

Arnav : I know..

Anjali : ok sleep now..

She pull the quilt kissing on his forehead & switch off the light & both move out

Arnav : hope you two don’t get too angry on me to handle..

Anjali shyam room

Nani : what you two didn’t tell him.. They’ll be here tomorrow & you know he will hate to see them anywhere around God knows why they’re coming now..

Shyam : dadi its their son’s wedding..

Nani : they don’t have all those emotions.. I’m sure they’re up to something

Anj ; Nani please I.. ( she stop seeing arnav at door her heart skip a beat )

Anj : Chote..!

All 3 look at him horrified but he hasn’t heard anything..

Arnav ; jijaji you forgot your phone in my room

They relax..

Next day.. Its 11:30 am

Akash & payal’s wedding is being successfully completed. They are taking blessings of elders

Meanwhile in room

Kushi & Lavanya are walking too & fro biting their nails.. They see NK doing the same

Lavanya : stop imitating us..

Nk : leave me in peace ok..

Kushi : what’s wrong with you.. ?

NK : Kavya’s flight will land in 1 hour.. I’m so nervous.. What will all tell.. Tum logo ka shaadi ka sach Jaan ke pehlese sabka gussa saathve aasmaan par hoga agar kavya ke bare mein bhi bol di tho.. ( after knowing the marriage truth of you people all will be already hell angry & upon that if I tell mine then.. )

Kushi : they will forget everything once they know kavya is pregnant..

Nk : really..

Groom’s room

Arnav & aman are ready in similar suit..

Arnav : smile a bit you’re getting married not going on war..

Aman : is it less than a war.. Shashi uncle look so fit physically hope he doesn’t get physical with me..

Arnav : many things gonna happen.. Not to forget buaji will also not be pleased..

Nk ; ( barge in) kushi said everyone gonna forgive once they know kavya is pregnant.. What do you think guys..

Aman : nk stop dreaming.. They’ll forgive but not before creating a scene.. There will be a huge drama..

Akash : it depends on whom they will concentrate more..

Shyam : we will concentrate on all of you equally

All 3 with horrified faces : Jijaji..

Shyam : what happened.. Koyi bhoot dekh liya kya. ( did you see any ghost or what..)

He heard nothing..

Shyam : there is a change.. Nk & Kushi’s marriage will take place soon after arnav’s.. So NK be ready.. Arnav hurry up.. Come down

Shyam leave..

Nk : I’m dead..

All girls barge in…

Kushi & Lavanya : you heard.. Marriage preponed..

Arnav : I’ll call & see where those fake groom & bride are wait..

He call & cut the call in disappointment

Arnav : Damn they still need 2hours to reach here..

HP come in : arnav bhaiyya di is calling you & Lavanya bhabhi

Kushi : you two go..

Aman wear sehra & both go down..

Wedding rituals start.. Arnav’s parents were also present.. Anjali was nervous what if Arnav sees them so she couldn’t concentrate much on wedding.. Aman & Lavanya complete 7 pheras.. Now they sit for further rituals..


Kushi : do something..

Arnav : I’m trying wait..

Nk : I’ll run away.. I’m telling.. I’ll die before marrying Kushi

Kushi ; shut up NK even I’m not dying to marry you..

NK : I meant I can’t cheat kavya..

Arnav : damn there’s no one ready here.. & you people are eating my head.

Kushi : I’ve a idea..

Arnav & NK : What..!?

Kushi : let us get married..

Arnav & NK : What..!?

Kushi : Don’t act innocent.. I know you’ve feelings for me & even I too.. ( she stop) so let’s get married..

Nk : great idea.. Nannav congratulations

Arnav : ( scream) never..

Kushi : sshh.. Don’t shout someone might hear.

Arnav clutching her shoulders & pinning her to wall..

Arnav : get one thing clear kushi.. I don’t have any feelings for you.. & I’ll marry only my jelebi

Nk : who is jelebi now.. Man how many love stories here..

Arshi : shut up

Nk : I was just saying that jelebi is not good for your health arnav you’re diabetic.. Marry Kushi

Kushi : See even he’s telling

Arnav : shut up.. Don’t provoke me..

Kushi : what do.. ( interrupted by knock)

Arnav hide behind wardrobe & nk open the door

Mami : come down.. Its time already.. You can talk as much you want after wedding..

Nk : maa but..

She drag them both .. Arnav fume.. But why even he doesn’t know..

Wedding hall.

Aman & la are performing some rituals now arnav’s parents are in direct view to them.. Anjali see no response from him.. When she observe keenly she is shocked..

Pandit : sindhur bhariye.. ( fill the vermilion)

Aman does that..

Anjali : Shyam.. Its not chote..

Shyam : I know he’s not reacting seeing bua (arnav’s maa) but that doesn’t mean..

Anjali : I’m saying its not chote.. Its.. Hmm God.. AMAN..

Shyam : what..!!?

Aman tie the mangalsutra & the wedding is complete.. Now NK & Kushi start the rituals.. Anjali about to go to aman but Kavya come there..

Kavya : di..

Anjali : kavya.. NK invited you..?

She hug her..

Kavya : congrats di..

Anjali smile & make her sit..

Meanwhile.. Nk Kavya taking pheras

Nk : god kavya is here.. Kushi let’s stop

Kushi : how.. What will people say.. God we are trapped.. & family.. Buaji will chuck me to hell

Nk : Kushi whatever we do we will be trapped.. But if we take 3 more pheras we will be married then surely I’ll be in jail..

Kushi : let’s stop then..

Both stop taking pheras & everyone look confused.. Now Kavya look at them.. & she is shocked..

Kavya ; ( horrified tone) NANDO..

Anjali : why he stopped now..

Kavya : di.. It’s Nando.. Not Arnav bhai

Anjali : haan nk is marrying kushi not.. ( she ignored taking arnav’s name)

Kavya : what..!?

Mami : nandu why you stopped its not good omen

Buaji : Kushi do you need water..

Nk took his sehra & kushi opened the ghatbandhan

Shyam understood all these are up to something & he looked at Akash as if asking if there wedding happened or even it was someone else behind sehra..

Buaji : Kushi what’s this..

An hour later..

Mami & buaji were fuming.. Shashi was highly disappointed by his daughters.. Lavanya was standing holding Aman’s hand. Kushi was behind payal & akash. NK & kushi were almost shivering seeing anger in mami & buaji’s eyes.. Kavya & arnav’s parents stood in a corner watching the scene..

Nani : tell us the whole truth now.. Speak up.. ( she ordered )

No one was ready to open their mouth.. Arnav & mamaji enter after managing guests.. That’s when his eyes fell on 2 unwanted guests in the room.. Anger took over him.. He fisted his hand

Arnav : ( muttered) what the hell were they doing here..

He was about shout it loud enough but then he noticed his di & jijaji.. He decided to be quite for their sake.. Enough drama for this day.. But he decided they won’t be allowed to step into the shantivan..

Buaji : mooh kolo kushi kya tha yeh sab ( speak up Kushi what was all this)

Mami : Nandu tum.. I need answer right now..

Shashi : I’m not expecting anything from her ( la) at least you speak up payal..

Shyam looked at arnav he knew he is the person with all answers & Arnav finally spoke

No precap.. I’ll post next part tomorrow..

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      Thank u fanficoholic.. it’s ok.. nice to have you back.

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