AJNABHII – Episode 17 and 18

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Recap : Arshi fight over marriage, Nk is already married to kavya

Akash , aman & Arnav : Kavya..!!

Aman : you really got guts man..

Akash: mom even hates her name & you married her God..

Payal : will anyone tell us what’s going on.?

La holding NK’s collar..

La : then why the hell you agreed for marriage.. I’ll kill you..

Aman drag her behind..

Aman : la please he has already landed himself in hell don’t add more to it..

Kushi : what do you mean..

Arnav : Mami & kavya are 2 poles.. Can never be together..

Akash ; why the hell you married her Nk that too hiding from everyone..

NK : I love her man.. And if I had told what would have happen you’re telling as if maa was ready with my baraat to go to kavya’s house..

Aman : but what now..

Nk : arnav will do something.. Right..

Arnav : No way.. Already everyone are enough angry on me. I’m not giving them another reason

NK : I can feel your pain bro.. How’s your cheek now..

Everyone look confused..

Kushi : what happened to his cheek .

NK : he got some slaps from di last week..

Kushi, payal,la : what.. !!!!???? ( their mouth was wide open hearing it..)

Arnav glare NK for blurting it out.. Aman change the topic..

Aman : leave his cheek & think about how to save your life..

Akash : what will we do now..

Arnav : ( smirking at kushi) NK can’t marry kushi that’s it

Kushi : you will marry me.. Do anything.. No one know about your marriage with kavya so no proof leave her..

Arnav : what the..

NK : our marriage is registered..

La : we will prove it fake

NK : She have our marriage pics..

Kushi : we will burn them

Payal : shut up you two.. Are you mad kushi.. He’s married..

La : nk you tell further any other reason

NK : I love her & I’m not leaving her for anyone now please spare me.

Akash : how will you convince maa.. Why did you come back without her here..

Aman : there will be a huge scene if she lands in India..

Nk gets her call..

Aman ; lo shaitaan ka naam liya aur woh haazir ( think of devil & devil is here)

NK : ( on call) yes sweetheart..

Kavya : I’ve a surprise for you

NK : Surprise.. What surprise..

Kavya : I’m in airport..

Nk ; ( scream) Airport. !!!

Everyone : is she back..!!?

Nk: oh you will board now.. You’re not in Delhi airport ah..

Kavya : yea..

Nk : baby don’t come today.. I’ve to still convince maa.. Now a days she’s not in good mood

Kavya : what’s new in it.. Do you know there is no flight to India till 26th if I don’t come today..

Nk : oh.. Then you come on 26th only then..ok bye.. love you

Aman : what she said..

Nk : somehow I convinced her not to come today.. We got some time she will come on 26th..

Everyone : what.? 26th.. !! Oh no..

Kushi : that’s our wedding date..

Nk : not our ok.. Your you tell.. I’m not marrying anyone.. I’ll convince maa & bring kavya back

Aman : will you enlighten us on how you’re going to convince mami..

Nk get tensed thinking of it.

La : there’s still time marry my kushi even your maa will be kush..( happy )

Aman : stop it la..

Arnav : stop forcing kushi on him.. I’m not letting anyone marry her..

Kushi : ( angrily) why so..? I’ll marry infront of your eyes..

Arnav : cut the crap & select wedding dresses now.. We don’t have whole day here..

They look at various designs..

Kushi choosing for her.. & Arnav go & stand beside her.. She takes a pink one..

Arnav : I’ve to admitted you’ve good sense in selecting..

She leave it & glare him..

Arnav : its nice why don’t you take it..

Kushi : ajnabhiiyo se raay lens ki zaroorat nahi hai mujhe ( I’ve no need of getting advice from strangers)

Kushi go on searching.. Everyone have selected but she is not yet done..

Arnav : when this marriage itself is not happening why are you scratching your head so much in choosing the lehenga..

She take one red one..

Arnav : this is one of my worst designs..

Kushi : Aman I love this lehenga.. I’m taking this

Arnav : ( to himself) I knew it..

Aman ; ( whisper) why are you so happy knowing NK is married..ah..? & this lehenga.. It’s your favourite color why lied to her ah..?

Arnav : now a days you’re thinking too much Aman

Aman ; come on ASR accept it you’re in live with kushi.. Open your eyes & see man.. That jelebi is your past & kushi is your present & future..

Arnav : one more discussion on this topic then I’m marrying lavanya

Aman zip his lip Arnav turn only to find kushi spitting fire at him.. Kushi drag him to the corner.. & pin him to wall

Arnav is smiling at her..

Kushi : why are you smiling now.. I’m angry..

Arnav : your nose is all red due to anger & you’re looking cute so..

He pinch her nose & all her anger vanishes

Kushi : why are you running away from me.. Why your eyes speak something else & your mouth something else..

Arnav : I’ve no idea what you’re talking about

Kushi stare him with teary eyes.. Arnav couldn’t stand her tears.. He wipe them & she engulf him into an hug..

The flashes..

Jelebi : what’s the solution to all these problems then..

Nannav : let’s get married..

Both come to senses remembering it & pull back.. & they hear NK scream..

Nk ; ( on call) No sweetu there is no marriage taking place here.. That news is fake.. No baby.. Why will I lie to you.. Hmm.. Dont spoil your health thinking all that ok.. Hmm.. Yea I’ll love both my babies ok bye..

Payal : babies..!? How many have you married..

NK : oh please stop accusing me.. Pehle se hi parishaan hoon aur upar se tum log..

Arnav : nothing to worry NK.. after la & Aman’s wedding let’s get any other couple married instead of you & kushi.. We will swap man..

All agree to it..

A week pass.. All the while everyone had observed how often NK used to call kavya & talk for hours.. Even used to call for silly silly things like did she have food, milk , sleep everything

Nk was about to call her aman snatch it..

Aman : stop it we can’t hear anymore now..

Akash : stop calling for such silly reasons..

Kushi : its good to pamper & love wife.. But don’t you think its too much to call every hour

La : & that too why.? to ask..did you drink water baby

Arnav : now you’re calling again after 15mins

Nk : she was feeling uneasy so..

Aman : what’s the big deal. By mistake she might gave eaten her handmade food ( he joke)

Kushi : is she such bad cook..

Arnav : she have a potential to kill people with it..

Everyone burst out laughing except NK..

NK : it’s not joke man.. I shouldn’t have left her alone there.. She need me..

He looked really worried & frustrated.. Everyone notice it..

Payal : she will be alright.. Take it lightly its just uneasiness..

Aman : why are you overreacting for that

Kushi : are you alright..

NK : no I’m not.. She’s 2 months pregnant & that’s why I came here to convince maa..

Everyone : what..!!!!??

Before they could ask anything further they heard one more scream from downstairs..

Nani : Chote… Chote..

HP barge in..

HP : Anjali didi fell unconscious

Everyone rush down..

An hour later..

Doctor does the check up & leave & Arnav barge into her room..

Arnav : di why don’t you take care of yourself.. How many times I’ve to tell you not to keep any fast & you’re so engrossed in marriage preparations that you don’t even eat properly.. There are workers to do work.. You don’t need to poke in everything.. Why don’t you listen to me..

While he was scolding Anjali was smiling at him..

Arnav : now why are you smiling..

He look at others all were in same state showing their teeth

Arnav : you both never take me seriously na.. You.. ( interrupt)

Nani : chote.. Relax.. Your di is fine..

Arnav : then.. ( interrupt )

Kushi : get ready to share all that pampering, attention & love you get from di & jijaji..

Arnav : why so..?

Kushi : di is pregnant..

Arnav couldn’t believe what he heard he look at his di who blush & then his jijaji confirme it with a nod.. He hug both of them.. He was the most happiest person hearing it.. Finally he had succeeded in his mission.. His di & jijaji took their relation to next level & now he will soon become mama.. All his efforts had paid off.. No matter however angry everyone may get on him after knowing the marriage truth it didn’t matter to him he knew it was worth it..

Precap :

THE DAMAKEDAAR WEDDING with groom swapping, run away bride groom & new couple entry ( guess them)

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  1. Veronica

    Wow the epi was soooo good And I have no guesses about the new couple.Is it Ishra or somebody from ipkknd??

  2. Amanigatta


  3. IshaJain3006

    superb and new couple if possible make them manik and nandini “manan” from kaisi yeh yaariaan show of mtv 🙂

    1. Anaya

      I’ve not watched kyy.. So I don’t know anything about their romance, chemistry & character.. So I can’t take them sorry

      1. IshaJain3006

        oooo its ok i love ur story so whichever characters u’ll introduce i’ll look forward to them 🙂

    2. Anaya

      Thank u 🙂

  4. Anaya

    Thank u so much vero, amanigatta, lucky & ishajain3006

  5. If possible …make the new couple ISHVEER – Ishani and Ranveer from MERI AASHIQUI TUMSE HI…

    1. Anaya

      I’ve thought of one couple already & they suit the best for the situation.. You will know once they’re introduced in the story..

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