AJNABHII – Episode 16

Recap : Arshi breakup.. NK’S entry.. Kushi to marry NK.. Marriage in 15 days

Arnav’s room

Payash, kushi, lavanya ; What…!!!??

Aman : we were almost caught.. So..

La : so what aman.. He agreed to marry in 15 days.. Ah..?

Arnav : you had any better idea..

Kushi : I would’ve managed..

Arshi look at each other & ignore

Payal : what now..

Kushi : He messed up everything ask him only

Arnav : Aman will swap place with me that’s it

Akash : we can’t replace grooms now.. 3 weddings are taking place..

Arnav : 3..?

Lavanya : Kushi’s wedding fixed with NK on same date

Arnav & Aman : what.. !!!!??

NK’s room

NK : God.. What now.. Who can help me.. Think NK think NK.. You can’t marry Kushiji.. Shall I tell arnav bhai.. Naa.. He’s not in good mood.. Akash..? He’s of no use.. Then.. Aman..!! Ah.. He can only save me..

Arnav’s room

Everyone go out as HP called for lunch.. Arnav was still trying to digest the fact & Kushi was the last one to move out but arnav hold her hand & pull back.. She land on his chest.. They’ve a eyelock


Jelebi : nannav how many times I’ve told you not to pull me like that it hurts

Nannav : ( leaving her) oh sorry but why don’t you listen to me..

Flashback ends..

Kushi : chodiye.. Mujhe dard ho raha hai chodiye ( leave.. I’m getting hurt leave me)

She struggle but he doesn’t leave..

Arnav : how can you say yes for a marriage

Kushi : aapko kya faraq padta hai.. ( how does it matter to you )

Arnav : mujhe faraq padta hai dammit.. ( it does matter to me dammit)

Kushi : ( push him) kyun..? ( why..?)

Arnav : kyunki mein… ( because I.. )

He stop..

Kushi : kyun ki kya.. Koyi jawaab hai aapke paas ( because why.. Do you have any answer)

Arnav : if you remember we are engaged..

Kushi : it was fake..

Arnav clench his jaw..

Kushi : you only said it.. Kwaabo ke duniya mein jii rahi thi.. Aapi ne haqeeqat dikhayi.. Yaad hai issi kamre mein kya kaha tha aapne ( I was living in dreams.. You only showed reality in this room.. Remember..)

Arnav fist his hands & turn away recalling his words…

Arnav’s thoughts.. Kushi saying – aapko kya faraq padta hai.. ( how does it matter to you )

Jelebi – You will my groom.. I’ll be waiting for you.. Mein sirf tumse shaadi karoongi nannav ( I’ll only marry you nannav )

He come out of his thoughts..

Kushi : Arnav..

Arnav : Get out..

Kushi : kya..? ( what..?)

Arnav : Get out… ( he scream)

Kushi : I hate you..

Kushi move out wiping her tears.. Arnav bang his hand on table.. NK watches this & wonder what’s going on..

NK : what’s going on here man..? These people are so confusing

A week later

La : what do he think of himself only a week left for wedding.. What will we do now

Payal : where has he gone Aman

Aman : lucknow.. He’ll come back today

Everyone : Lucknow..? Why..?

Aman : huh..

Kushi : in search of some jelebi right..

Aman : how do you know

Kushi : ( murmur) Udine sab barbaad kiya hai yaha ( she only spoilt everything here..

Aman explain they’re childhood friends & he love her & want to marry her only..

NK whose hearing conversation get shocked

Nk : ( to himself) then what about lavanya

La : is he mad or what.? How will he find after so many years

Akash : I remember her.. They shared very close bond.. All the time they used to be together

Kushi : let him do whatever he want.. I’m marrying NK.. baad mein jaaye woh aur unki jelebi ( let him & his jelebi go to hell)

NK : if I marry my barbie doll will send me to hell too..

Payal : Kushi calm down we can sort this.. I think he love you. I’ve seen it in his eyes

NK : Arnav love kushi..?!???

Aman : Even I thought so.. But it was just because he thought Kushi is jelebi..

Everyone : what..!!?

Nk : God whose this jelebi?

Kushi : even if I’m jelebi I won’t marry him.. He’s a monster..

La : you’re right.. & Aman whatever may happen you swap your position with him & we shall marry

Nk : ( louder) What..!!!???

Everyone look at him with horrified faces

Aman : NK..!!

Nk : all of you’re so confusing.. What’s going on here..

Aman : look dont panivk we will explain..

They pull him in & explain everything..

Akash : At morning 10 we will get married.. No drama me & payal as planned..

La : at 1 its mine & arnav’s wedding but aman will swap the place

Aman : no one will get to know because of sehra..

Kushi : at 5 its our wedding.. We both will get married simple..

NK : no.. Its not simple..

Everyone : why. ?

Nk : I can’t marry you kushiji..!

Arnav who just arrived hears it & stand at door

Payash & aman : what..!! ( with smile)

Kushi & la : what..!! ( with shock)

La : ( holding his collar ) what do you mean you can’t. All you raizada brothers are behind my Kushi breaking her heart

Everyone make her leave him..

Kushi : did that laad governor brain wash you..

La : yea.. You’re right its his plan only..

Arnav : what the..

Nk : no..

Akash ; then what..

Kushi : nannheji you’ve to marry me.. I’ve to show that laad governor.. I can live without him..

Nk : no kushiji I can’t..

Everyone : but why..?

Payal : do you love someone else..?

Nk : no..

Everyone : then..?

Nk : I’m married..

Everyone : what..!!!??????!!!!???

This brings immense pleasure to arnav.. A big smile sneaks into his face.. Kushi see him & frown..

Kushi : you. !!? You did it right..?

Arnav : for the first time you’ve done something right in your life NK

Kushi : what do you mean Mr

Akash : Maa will kill you NK..?

Aman : who is that girl. ?

Nk : Kavya…

Akash , aman & Arnav : Kavya..!!

Aman : you really got guts man..

Akash: mom even hates her name & you married her God..

Payal : will anyone tell us what’s going on.?

Precap :

Arnav : this is one of my worst designs..

Kushi : Aman I love this lehenga.. I’m taking this

Nk ; ( on call) No sweetu there is no marriage taking place here.. That news is fake

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