Ajnabee ( Intro and Part 1)

Ajnabee by Shazi Introduction:

Laksh: Son of Annapurna and DP! A very obedient and nice boy who never cross questions his parents… He has a married sister called Uttara! He is currently living in hostels of his university in Delhi and in the last year of his studies!

Ragini: Currently a student also lives in the hostels of her university in Delhi because it is far away from her house. She is very open minded and stubborn!

Swara: Girlfriend of Sanskar. She loves him a lot and her world revolves around him. She wants to get married to him as soon as possible.

Sanskar: he is the son of Sujata and his father passed away due to an accident. He is very ambitious and wants his mother to have everything that she deserves. They are very close to Swara’s family and he is dating her secretly.

Payal: Ragini’s best friend who goes to the same university as her…

Mohsin: Laksh’s best and only friend who keeps his secrets…

Additional characters will be added to the story later on! On popular request, I am going to write in English. This story has various twists and turns… To find out more keep on reading 😀

Part 1:

It was a sunny day and everything seem to be just perfect. Nothing could spoil her mood after all she was in the embrace of the love of her life… Sanskar was looking at the sky in the park they were sitting and thinking about his life… How his dad passed away, how his mum had to struggle to raise him.
Swara: Sankar?
Sanskar: hmm?
Swara: I am so happy that we are together. U know I love u a lot and I really want u to speak to my parents!
Sanskar: I will speak to them give me some time I need to stand on my own feet to take any step
Swara: what if it’s too late?
Sanskar: it won’t be stop being negative. I have faced a lot in life and I don’t want you to go through the same
Swara: the only thing that matter to me is your love
Sanskar: I know but u should know that I am very ambitious
Swara: hmm

Scene shifts to Delhi:

Laksh’s pov:
I was walking down the street and since I am too studious, I do not have many friends who like to accompany me in my long and boring walks… Mohsin is busy with his brother’s wedding so I have to be on my own. I must say I feel very lonely! Whenever he was there I never used to come out of the hostel but today, just to get some fresh air I stepped out but I had never imagined that my life would change forever. I was going through the markets of Delhi when I heard this voice

Ragini: Payal!!! You have to come with me to Armaan Malik’s concert! You know I never miss any of his songs and he is playing in our university! We have to go at any cost!

I turned around and saw her for the first time. Her big eyes were sparkling with excitement, her face expressed the innocence in her heart and her smile was making my heartbeat fast. She was wearing a simple kurta with jeans and very minimal makeup. I wouldn’t have imagined that someone like me would ever fall in love… Was it even love? I am unsure about everything!

Payal: Ragini I can’t go I have to write my dissertation and it is due in very soon

Ragini, her name was as melodious as her voice! I was numb and was unable to move. It was like a million butterflies were roaming around my stomach.

Ragini: we have to go look at this poster he looks amazing! Bhaiyya how much are these jhumkas and poster for?
Shopkeeper: It is 1000 rs.
Ragini: haw! So expensive
Payal: yah we don’t need them keep it

That instantly brought a smile on my face and I don’t know what happened to me but I bought those so when I meet her, I can give it to her. I tried to follow them but it was too late. They had already left the place! Ragini… Her name was constantly hitting on my mind and I was unable to think about anything else! I rushed to the hostel and spoke to some people I had never approached.

Laksh: hi guys!
Adarsh: OMG look who is here! The person who never speaks to us…
Laksh: sorry guys I need help!
Adarsh: tell us
Laksh: I need to borrow your clothes

Everyone gave me a suspicious gaze and I knew what they all were thinking about. I don’t know why but I blushed a little and they all burst into an unstoppable laughter.

Adarsh: oh boy! It is ok to fall in love come let’s give u a makeover!
Laksh: love? Me? Nah!
Adarsh: who are u lying to?
Laksh: ok fine

The next day, I went to the same market and waited for her. I didn’t know much about destiny but maybe had a strong feeling that she would come! I stood there with Adarsh’s glares and she came with her friend… My heart started to pump so fast that it felt like it would come out of my chest! It was an unusual feeling. She just went past me not even looking at me. I felt strange so I decided to follow them and ended up in a shop with ladies’ clothes… That was quite an embarrassing situation! I started to cough and she saw me…

Ragini: look at that guy omg so cheap being in a girls’ clothing shop
Payal: I know those people
Ragini: Wannabe Armaan Malik!
Payal: you and your Armaan!
Ragini: let’s go

She left and thankfully did not see my face otherwise it would have been the end of me! I don’t know how I ended up in this store so as soon as she went out, I rushed outside too. Again, I wasn’t able to see her. She was talking about her university! Oh my! Maybe she is in the same university as me but in the girl’s branch! I need to find out about this and tell her about my sudden feelings for her!

End of Laksh’s pov.

Laksh headed back to his hostel when the receptionist told him that someone called him. He gets a call again and he gets shocked:

Laksh: hello papa!
DP: beta your mom is in critical condition. She is diabetic and u know she had issues so if possible come as soon as you can.
Tears start rolling down his eyes and he replies: I will be there soon dad tell mum not to worry.
DP: love u son come soon

The same day, Laksh leaves for his city; Mumbai and reaches the hospital.

Laksh: mom! Are u ok? what happened to u?
AP: yah I am fine now but I don’t know how long I have got to live!
Laksh: don’t say that mom
AP: I want to see u married and happy before my son
Laksh: I will get married but after I finish exams mom
AP: seriously? You have made me the happiest person ever!
Laksh thinks: I need to find Ragini
AP: you have exams soon you should go back and may god give u a lot of success
Laksh: mom I will stay for a week and then I will leave I still have time

During this time, Laksh took good care of AP as Uttara was now married and had her own child to look after! They couldn’t ask her to be with AP 24/7 so Laksh and DP were helping her feeling better.
Laksh got a call on his phone and it was Mohsin, his best friend.

Mohsin: Laksh how are u and where the hell are u? I got back and found out that u weren’t here!
Laksh: sorry mom got unwell and then I had to come here to take care of her
Mohsin: oh! What happened to aunty? Is she feeling better now?
Laksh: yah much better I am coming tomorrow and I have a lot to tell u
Mohsin: oh come soon I can’t wait to see u

The next day, Laksh heads to his university and sees Mohsin.

Mohsin: how are you and what is there so urgent that you wanted to tell me?
Laksh: well I think I am in love and I need to find her
Mohsin: wait! What? My bro is in love? That is a grand news! Who is she?
Laksh: I don’t know but we need to find out! She is my Ajnabee (Stranger)
Mohsin: do u know anything about her?
Laksh: her name is Ragini and she is probably a student from girl’s branch of our university
Mohsin: ok let’s go we can find Bhabhi (sister in law)

They head to the girls’ branch and they see they there aren’t many students there. They head to the reception to enquire.

Receptionist: yes, can I help?
Laksh: we actually… we…
Mohsin thinks: he is going to take an eternity to speak up I have to ask myself.
Mohsin: hi do u know where Ragini is actually I am her cousin and wanted to meet her
Laksh: umm yah
Receptionist: can I have the surname
Laksh: her friend’s name is Payal
Receptionist: oh those two! They have left their exams were over
Laksh: ok thanks
Mohsin: no wait are they coming back?
Receptionist: no it was their last year very naughty girls both of them!
Mohsin: can we have Ragini’s address because I have come from foreign and I only remember her university please?
Receptionist: I am sorry sir this is confidential I cannot give you any details

Laksh gets disappointed and they leave from there! After 3 weeks, Laksh’s exams are over and he goes back to his hometown in Mumbai. Mohsin also goes with him but they start looking for Ragini. Laksh misses her a lot and realises that he is in love with her!

Precap: His feelings and haunting him and he doesn’t know what to do! Will he be able to find his love?

So here u go guys the first part!!! Let me know how u found this and whether I should continue or not? Don’t ask me to change the story because I have already decided on everything 🙂 If you liked it then give it a thumbs up and leave your feedback! Thanks a lot in advance… <3 I cannot update daily so apologies in advance :p

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