Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vikram saying I won’t leave this girl. Nani stops the car and asks him to make her beads right. He says come on Nani. She says I changed your diapers, can’t you do this. She takes his phone and deletes the car number pic. She says you are after her to send her to jail, your all funda are wrong, nothing can happen of you. He says same with you, I m so angry, she hit my car, did you see it. Se says you went on your Nana. He says start the car. She says I regret to name you Vikram Ahuja, I should have named it Sadu Ahuja. They see Shobha there as some men argue with her after she hit the taxi.

Vikram says you deleted her pic but fate wants me to meet her. Nani asks him to meet only if he helps her. Vikram says she is making accidents, let me stop. Nani speaks her soft heart out and asks him to help her, don’t know whats is her problem. He says you opened a help for helpless woman. She says leave it, come with me. He leaves with Nani. The man asks Shobha to come to olice station as they got loss. She says I will pay for the loss and goes to ATM. She fails to withdraw cash and tells him that card is not working. The man don’t believe him. She says she will call bank and talks to Rakesh, asking her to help with her debit card. He says no card will work, as your accounts are freezed.

Rakesh says we can’t help you, as its police case. She tells the man that she has just Rs 600. The man asks her is she joking, we need Rs 3000. She sees the bracelet which Samarth gifted her and gives them the gold bracelet. Vikram does his meeting well. The man says pleasure meeting you Sir and forwards his hand. Vikram thinks oh god, his hand may have many germs, don’t he know I don’t shake hands. His friend smiles. Vikram shakes hands. His friend laughs. Vikram says believe me, one day I will get all laugh off you. His new Secretary comes Shanti. He says are you any state queen. She says so cute, everyone;s name is such in my family. He says I will call you Tina. She says but my name is…… He says shut up.

Vikram says he has a meeting, and thinks its with whom who has his book and who did not accept his call. Shobha comes home wiping her tears and Sanjay’s brother and Bhabhi are there. The lady taunts her asking did she go to meet Samarth in jail. She says we will postpone the engagement of Garima and Sanjay. Samarth’s mum defends him saying someone is trying to sabotage his career. Shobha looks on. She says he will sue the tv channels first when he comes out. Shobha asks where are love birds. She says upstairs.

Sanjay and Garima have romance and fight. Shobha comes and Sanjay asks her to save him. Shobha says my princess and asks them will they want to do engagement. Sanjay says yes, please. Shobha says don’t worry, it will be done. Shobha comes and says Saurabh, that she met the kids and they want the engagement done down, life gets ups and downs, it does not mean we postpone things. SSaurabh agrees. Vikram gets some Chinese clients and welcomes them. Shobha’s kids play cricket and the ball comes inside the coffee shop. Vikram apologizes to the client. Jia comes and apologizes to him. Vikram tries damaging it and she cleverly takes it. She gets inside the door and Vikram scares her.

The client is disturbed with Vikrram’s behavior. He says why did Lord made women. She acts like helpless women and asks him to open the door, else she will cry and make the shop get swayed away by her tear flood. He says OMG, she is more than tv soap heroine. She leaves. His friend says she lives here, lets go and complain. He says leave it, don’t know how is her mum. The client rejects his deal saying he can’t deal as he tortures kids. Vikram runs saying I love kids. He says I m losing hair and business, I hate kids.

Jia complains about the coffee shop uncle. Tarun comes home and tells about Samarth’s state. He asks Shobha not to take tension as he will manage everything. Shobha confronts him about Samarth’s affairs. He says how will you manage it, our bank accounts are freezed, Garima’s engagement was getting postponed, what will you manage, my pain, my problems, tell me I want to know. She says I m an idiot, I could not identify my husband, you are my sister’s husband, you married my sister to get close to Samarth, you helped him in his sins. Samarth’s mum asks whats this nonsense. Shobha says she heard everything, his affairs and cheating is true, you don’t know your son, ask him if you don’t believe me. She leaves.

Tarun says Samarth is innocent, it’s a trap, come with me, I will explain. Shobha comes in her room and cries. Samarth’s mum gets few things and the bill is Rs 12500. Shobha hears this and says I don’t have money, you know about accounts. She says Shobha please….. and pays the bill, as she became party president and got supporters. Shobha and Garima asks why is she doing this. Only Tarun was with us and Samarth. Shobha says you are taking his side. She says he is my son and can’t be wrong. Shobha says I heard him saying it. She says what will we do, will we work like middle class people, Samarth will be back and manage everything, we can’t live a poor life.

Vikram asks Mahesh can’t she get a secretary, go and get her, out now. Shobha thinks whats wrong in getting a job, why is mum not understanding me being a woman, I know he is his son, I have to do job to support family. The screen freezes on Vikram and Shobha’s face.

Samarth’s mum meets him in jail. She tells about Shobha’s decision to do job. He says she is just a graduate, who will give her job, working women are different. Shobha goes to find a job and stands confidently amidst men in the lift.

Update Credit to: Amena

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