Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with an intro scene in Delhi. Shobha narrates her and Samarth’s story. It was a cold chilly night and her life turned upside down. Her car stopped and she saw the engine blowing hot. Samarth comes there and stops his car asking her to take his lift. She asks did I ask lift. He says you are beautiful woman, its good if I give you loft. She says I called my husband. He says if I was your husband, I would have not left my wife, I should you should come with me. She says I m married. He says yes, I know. He says I m also married and I can still give you lift, come on. She says yes, you are right, its night, I should not wait here alone. She sits in the car and says your wife will be waiting for you. He says no, she used to wait in initial years of marriage, not now, its 9 years now. He flirts with her. She asks are you flirting with me. He says if its so, yes.

He gives her a rose and plays the song Ajeeb Dastaan hai yeh. She says nice song, do you like it Lata Mangeshkar. He says I don’t like anyone other than my wife. They have a long talk. He drops her home. She thanks him. He holds her hand and she asks what are you doing. He says your family will come out, before that….. She says anyone will see, stop it. He gets closer to her. The kids come running calling them mummy and daddy. They smile and wish happy anniversary to each other. They come inside and greet his mum. She asks how was the dinner. She says fabulous. His mum says Shobha you are very lucky. Shobha says I know it, he chose me. She has an argument with her mum in law.

Samarth comes and Shobha complains to him about his mum. They have a love talk and hug. Samarth’s sister greets them happy anniversary and gives flowers. They look a happy family. Shobha thanks Lord for giving her a perfect family. She comes to her room and tells Samarth that his mum is spoiling kids. He sleeps hearing her complaints. She talks non stop and asks him is she looking fat. She beats him with pillows and he wakes up. She says whom should I talk to, kids are spoiling. He says try to avoid mum’s talk, I get confused did you marry me to complain about her, can I sleep now please.

She says I can’t talk to anyone else. This is the time I get with you. He says fine, carry on. I worked for 16 hours and now this talk. She says Jia went on you, dramatic. She sees the mark on his neck and asks whats this. He says it happened while shaving. He says if you don’t let me sleep, I will really cut my neck. She says I sometimes praise mum too, as you came because of her. He sleeps. She smiles and kisses him. She says happy anniversary, I promise I will not react to mum. Its morning, Shobha and Mummy ji again start arguing and taunting.

Samarth comes and Mummy ji asks Shobha not to tell him about surprise party. He asks why are they fighting today. Shobha says nothing, we were talking about just Coffee shop. He says he likes it and sees the newspaper ad. He says he is getting late and leaves. Shobha gifts him and says happy anniversary. He sees a book names History of Coffee beans. He says wow, I like coffee but not to read a book. She says the book got exchanged, sorry, I did not get this, I got political book. Samarth asks his mum that she said girl is educated, and now after having two kids, he comes to know she does not know abcd. She says yes, my politician husband. She asks him to come on time and asks when is the surprise party. Shobha says mom….. come early and help me. He says its tough and leaves. She smiles and says I have to add new surprise in this party.

Shobha comes to the Just Coffee shop and talks to the staff member. She goes to write a message on the board, about her 9th anniversary and the coffee shop’s birthday. She says she did arranged marriage, but she loves Samarthth. Samarthth’s sister says your life completely changed and who knows anyone can come again who can change your life. Shobha says stop it Garima, I m your Bhabhi. Vikram walks in there. The party at Shobha’s house starts.

Samarth comes and joins Shobha. Music plays…………… Their family friend say congrats to nine years of blissful marriage and Shobha did not teach anything to her sister, who is my wife. He introduces Garima and Sanjay who are marrying soon. Shobha gets Sarika’s call and goes out to talk. Sarika says sorry, I couldnot come, remind Samarth about the contract, Abhay needs it. Shobha says ofcourse, I will tell him, Samarth never said no to his sisters.

Sarika tells Abhay I always ask for favors from my brothers and you don’t even bother. Shobha tells Samarth that there is one more surprise. He smiles. Their 9 years of togetherness journey is shown in AV. She says their likes and dislikes are different and she fell in love with him in their arranged marriage. She realized commitment is important, he did so much for her. She praises Samarth to be the best husband and best father. She says you became an influential politician, you gave me everything, my kids and my Nanand Garima and an amzing mum in law. She says you always gave me hope of a better tomorrow. We will get old, but our love will be same.

She says she knows her last years of life will be with him, whatever changes, we will not change. Samarth and Shobha smile. They are shocked hearing the police siren there. The inspector says we have arrest warrant for Samarth. They are shocked. Samarth says what charges. The inspector asks him to check news. Samarth plays the TV. Samarth Sachdev is exposed, and shows him dating and being in bed with a girl. He is exposed by the sting operation. Shobha is shocked. Samarth says all this is wrong.

He gets arrested. Shobha is in a state of shock, this day changed her life and ended it. She ran after Samarth. She bumps into Vikram and does not see him, running towards Samarth. Vikram leaves and comes to the shop. The girls laugh seeing him wearing monkey cap. He asks who called the media, you know I don’t like publicity, you know our coffee house is best and it means no one makes perfect coffee than us. The man says they did not come for us, it came because of minister who lives infront of our shop. He says I hate this notice board.

He reads Shobha’s message and says it might be written by a foolish woman, 9 years of successful marriage, bullshit. Samarth tells Shobha that he did not do anything. She sees the mark on his neck. He says he will be back. She cries seeing him. Vikram sees the same news about Samarth. The media comes in the shop and Vikram asks them why did they come, order coffee else get out. The reporter says minister is caught, he was selling country’s secrets too. Vikram asks them to leave.

Shobha thinks about Samarth and her relation, and everything changed in 24 hours. She says life changed in 24 hours, all that I believed is mine, changed. Vikram says great day, why did I open my shop today, its good police took them, circus is over, I hope I don’t meet these people again. He throws her message paper and it flies to Shobha. His shop is exactly opposite to her home and they stand not seeing each other.

Samarth asks Shobha not to meet him again and scolds her. Shobha is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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