Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vikram defending himself. Sarika says he was on releationshop for three years and now he is after my Bhabhi. Vikram asks Shobha to believe him. She bows down. Sharda kicks him out and Nani from her house. Samarth gets glad and shakes hands with Sarika. Vikram comes home and recalls Samarth’s accusing him and Shobha. Vikram says he is sad that Shobha did not believe him, why don’t she understand Sarika and Samarth trapped him, how to get out of this. Nani pacifies Vikram and says she knows Vikram can’t do this, they made fun of your love and used it. He says its my bad fate.

She says Shobha is your fate, free her from Samarth, she needs true love. Vikram says I m worried for Shobha, she will lose her name, I don’t know how to male things fine. She says there has to be some way, don’t worry. Sharda comes to Shobha and says she trusts her. Shobha cries and says I did not know about Vikram Sir. Sharda says don’t blame yourself, we also did not know, we can’t trust anyone. Shobha says yes we can’t trust, and thinks did Vikram really break my trust, hhe has sent those messages and wrote those letters, when I needed him the most, he has made me away, I felt he is different, but maybe all men are same.

Sarika and Samarth have a talk. Sarika says how she has pasted Shobha’s pic and got those letters written by hand writing experts, Shobha is so dumb, she did not check anything. Samarthh says she might have emotional breakdown now. Sarika thanks him for separating Shobha and Vikram. They smile. Rohini calls Vikram and says she has prepared for press conference, did he talk to Shobha. Vikram says we have to cancel it. Rohini says how does Samarth change her mind. Vikram tells her everything what happened. He says cancel it, else Shobha’s abuse blame will come on me and Samarth will be free, Shobha will lose her name, my hope is ending.

Nani hears this and says Samarth has beaten Shobha, but because of media fear, he is putting blame on Vikram, he is a creep. Shobha gets tensed as Sarika knocks the door. Sarika says its me, and Shobha opens the door. Sarika asks Shobha to let everything end, as even Samarth is sad. Shobha says she does not want to talk. Sarika says he is worried because of Vikram, he is frustrated, what he did was wrong, but anyone can be angry. Shobha says I don’t want to talk, I thought Vikram was my good friend, and he was asking me to run away with him, how can he think this.

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Sarika says you are innocent and did not know his intentions. Samarth comes to meet Vikram and taunts him. He says my drama has made Shobha hate you. Vikram says truth always wins. Samarth says she is married and she hated you, will you kidnap her. Vikram says I know what you will do after elections. Samarth says its our personal matter. Vikram says if you hurt Shobha, you will be hurt by me. They both argue. Vikram promises Shobha will hate Samarth. Samarth asks him to dream, he will ruin his life and he knows Shobha is his weakness, maybe she will get affected by his anger, so think again.

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Nani comes to meet Shobha. Sarika scolds her. Nani also scolds her. Nani says you have stolen the diary when I went to get ginger, and curses her. She asks her to stop her if she can. She asks Shobha to open the door. Shobha thinks maybe she came to defend Vikram, maybe he has sent her. Nani asks her to think of her for her age’s sake.

Shobha opens the door and talks to her. She says she is bearing insult because of Vikram, don’t defend him. Nani says listen to me. Shobha says he did not think I have two kids. Nani says he has sent you to Samarth, think why will he do this, he loves you a lot, but he respects you a lot, he can’t bear this. Shobha is shocked and asks love? Nani says friendship also has love. Shobha says he has ruined the innocence of our friendship, we has pure selfless relation, he has made it bad by his selfishness. Sharda asks Nani to leave Shobha alone, Vikram as hurt her, let her cry.

Nani says Vikram can’t do this, he can’t let Shobha get insulted. Vikram threatens Samarth. Samarth openly challenges him to get Shobha, once he gets in power, he will end his story. Vikram says your story will be over. Samarth says lets see who dies and who celebrates.

Samarth tells Shobha that he is his past, present and future. He rests in her lap and says you have to learn to love me again, and respect me, it will be good if you learn this early. He hurts her and she cries.

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