Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shobha talking to Shikha. She cries thinking about Samarth. Ajeeb Dastaan hai yeh…………..plays………… Vikram talking to Mahesh. He says who supported the heroine. Mahesh says you. He says who caught the villain. Mahesh says you. Vikram says then why am I not the hero o f this story. He says woman’s mind does not think anything, don’t know what khichdi they make. Mahesh says he is proud of him today, though he is working since many years. Vikram says I m glad knowing it, I thought you were proud when I got coffee deal with foreign clients. He says I m thinking why did Shobha gets angry. Mahesh says I can ask my wife about women’s reaction. Vikram says leave it. Mahesh gifts him a electronic hair massager gift. He says it will guarantee dark dense hair. Vikram says thanks, my friends will need it. Mahesh says it was for you, you are not that Khadoos like you look, you are good hearted. He leaves.

Vikram says why was Shobha angry on me. Shobha comes back to office and feels happy to be with her pride. The staff apologize to her for misunderstanding her. Shobha smiles and thanks Lord. Neha praises Vikram to be good hearted, even if he is rude. Shobha thinks she felt that Vikram has heart at right place for the first time, Neha is right. I would have left job and reputation, I don’t know what I said being emotional, but I should say sorry and thanks to Vikram. Vikram checks his hair and Shobha walks in his cabin. He hides everything.

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She asks about his hair streaks and what happened to his hair. He asks what happened. He sees the mirror and sees hair. He does it proper. She sees the chemical cream and says its not good. She says she did not come to spoil his mood but to say thanks. She praises his hair for good quality and asks him not t use chemicals as he is losing hair because of this. He says she can go. She gives the perfect recipe for hairloss. He says she can leave if her Dadi’s remedy is gone. She says trust me Sir, I have experience and shows her hair. She leaves. He quickly noted down. He throws the cream. She sees him from outside and smiles.

She says she is one hour late to meet Samarth and leaves. Mummy meets Samarth and brings a cake. She says she has good news, Shobha left the job. Samarth laughs jokingly. She says Shobha will come here after resigning. Samarth says I knew this, it will be a two day job. He says he will talk to Shobha, all her pride is gone. Shobha is on the way thinking how Sandeep framed her and she was losing respect. She sees a couple in love going together and thinks about Samarth. She comes to meet him and hugs him wishing happy birthday. She says she all wish that you come out soon. He asks why you look light.

She says she is feeling light after some decision. He says you are seeing me like I m your hero today. She says I m not here to fight, its not easy to stop the relation. He says I think you lost the job so you came back to me, why did you leave job, share with me. She says I did not leave the job and tells him everything what happened and how Vikram saved her respect by exposing Sandeep. He gets angry and asks why is she going to office, men will do this if she goes there in jeans, everyone knows this, Vikram will like seeing you so he gave the job back. She says its Sandeep’s mistake. He says even your boss will think same, I m here, so that Sandeep did this, let me come out, I will kill, he touched my thing. She says thing? I m not a thing, I m shocked, you are blaming me, not Sandeep.

She says my clothes are not wrong, his eyes were wrong, how can you point on me. He says your dressing style and lifestyle changed, you started working, everything has changed. She says as you have forced me to change, my commitment to my marriage did not change, I can’t say the same to you. He says don’t taunt me, you feel you dealt with Sandeep so problems are over, every man is same like Sandeep, everyone is like him, they feel you are available being alone, you have to bear this. She says not every man is same, if everyone was same, I would have not go my job back. You are sick. She leaves. Samarth gets angry and says Sandeep………..

Sanjay meets Garima and have a talk. She asks why did he come. He says he came to make her run. She says is he mad. He says we have to run. Mummy ji hears them. She knocks the door. Garima asks Sanjay to hide. Mummy ji asks Garima to whom is she talking. Garima opens the door and acts like talking on phone to Ajay about marriage discussions. She says she will talk later and ends call. Mummy ji says no, I m going, continue. She says I felt there is someone there. Sanjay says listen to me, we have to run. Garima says no, I used to say this, but not now, I can’t leave kids and Shobha.

She says promise me you won’t leave me and won’t do what you did on engagement day. He says promise and hugs her. Shobha walks on the road at night. The car beeps and she turns angrily. She sees Vikram and cools down. She says sorry Sir. He says you got habitual to talk like me, being with me. He asks he r to get in the car, he will drop her. She asks is he asking or saying. He says does it matter, sit. She sits in the car. He says he wants something from her. She asks what. He says what a man wants from a woman. She is shocked. She says stop the car. I have to get down. He says relax, let my work end, then I will drop you home. She scolds him and asks what work.

He asks the Dadi’s remedy for hair treatment. He says you told it so fast that I could not write. She says what and laughs. She says sorry, I will message you the ingredients. She thanks him. He asks for what. She says I came in bad mood, you made me happy and light. He asks will the hair treatment work, if not, then my mood will spoil. She messages him and talks to him on the way. Vikram smiles.

Shobha and Vikram have different opinions about Diwali festival and counter argue again.

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