Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Garima calling Sanjay and crying, as she is unable to bear what Vinita did. She asks Sanjay to come home soon. Samarth comes to Shobha and asks her to open the room door. Shea asks him to leave and is annoyed. He thinks he is making much efforts for her. He asks her to forgive him and she refuses. He says what to do, don’t know when Shobha joins Vikram. He says Vikram will do something, and worries.

Vinita brings tea for Garima. Garima asks did she add poison in it and asks her not to come in her room, and not influence her child. Sanjay hears this and scolds Garima, asking her to apologize. Vinita says its fine, Garima is having mood swings. Garima speaks against Vinita and he raises hand to slap her. Saurabh comes and asks whats happening. Garima tells everything that Vinita was doing her miscarriage, she trusted her and gave her Shobha’s place, she tried to kill my baby. She tells everything and says all instances planned by Vinita. She says she tampered the switch board to make me get the shock. Vinita acts sweet and asks why will I do this.

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Garima says you are jealous as you can’t become mother. Vinita cries and says don’t call me like this, I m very hurt by this. Garima argues and calls her selfish. Vinita lies and says Garima was saying she will get separated from us after baby comes, and she will go with Sanjay, she said we interfere in her life. Garima says its lie, I did not do this, trust me. Vinita says I heard you saying this. Saurabh says I was excited for your baby Garima, if you feel we are interfering in your life, you can get separated, its your decision.

He says Sanjay is my only brother, don’t bring bitterness between us, you are pregnant and its not good to take stress. Samarth waits to talk to Shobha. Tiwari calls him and asks him to keep Shobha till press conference, she can forgive you. Samarth says I will handle it. Sarika comes to Samarth and asks him to think something soon about Vikram. Rohini calls Vikram and tells her plan to get down Samarth. Jia comes to Shobha and talks to her about lady driver in school, and principal said men are bad, is it really so. Shobha says its difficult question. Jia asks why did miss ask me to be away from bad men. Shobha thinks how to say her dad is also one of the bad men.

Vikram tells Ketan that he wants to case on Samarth about domestic violence on Shobha, will he help him. Ketan says friendship and work should be separated, try to understand, last year I was his laywer, and you want me to file case on him, which client will give me case then. Vikram asks can’t he think about what Shobha is bearing. Ketan says you are being selfish to sacrifice my career as you love Shobha. Vikram says she is a woman and its about her respect, a woman can given you birth, you are not my friend. Ketan asks him to leave.

Sarika asks Samarth whats his plan. Samarth says he has a big plan that will put Vikram’s life at stake, and Shobha and Vikram will be away. He tells her the plan. Sarika calls him genius.

Samarth argues with Shobha, and says Sharda called Vikram, lets see who wins then.

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  1. The garima sequence was so stupid. If they know how vini and garima are, then how can they believe?

  2. Garima is not smart enough to understand that without proof it is difficult to put allegation on Vinita. instead She should have pretended and continued to with Vinita as she is not aware of Vinita’s bad plan and at other hand become conscious not to fall under the trap of Vinita and wait for another trick played by Vinita to catch her red handed. Now since Vinita exposed she will play trick to poisoned the ear of sanjay and sanjay’s brother. Let us watch what the director bring the further twist.

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