Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mummy ji talking to Tarun and saying we will shift there very soon. Shobha comes there and greets her. Mummy ji asks how was her day. Shobha says it was a very bad day. Mummy ji says why, did you lose job for presentation. Shobha is shocked and says now I get it that what happened yesterday is because of you, I did not lose job, I don’t want to take money from Tarun, its fine if my kids grow up in budget living and make compromises. She says my kids will learn to live with pride and honesty, we won’t fail. Shobha and Garima come to the café and they have a talk. Garima says will you have coffee. Shobha says I have to, just for inspiration. She sees people having coffees and makes the presentation.

She hears Vikram there and hides her papers. Mahesh says Vikram Sir likes to make surprise visits. Shobha hides behind menu. Vikram asks what is the woman doing, she did not order anything, I will check her, is the mistake in our menu card or in her eyes. He walks to her and she gets tensed. He asks the waiter to ask her did she place the order. She signs him she did. He says she placed the order. Vikram leaves. Shobha is relieved. Garima brings the order and says this place is really crowded. Shobha murmurs and she shows him Vikram. Garima says Sadu, what is he doing there. Shobha says its his coffee shop. Shobha holds her head.

They come home and say they did not get any idea. Shobha spends time with her kids and hugs them. Mummy ji does not offer any help and Shobha says she will help them in homeworks. She sits to wrok at night and asks Jia to make a drawing on the café. She tells about the café’s first day and make a point of view. She asks Rehaan to write an essay on coffee. Its morning, Vikram wakes up by a sneeze and sees flowers. He says this can’t happen, sleep. He sneezes again and sees Jasmine on his bed.

He sees Shobha keeping flowers and wishing him good morning. She says you don’t like this, but I like Jasmine, I just love it, see this. She throws it on him. He says are you mad, I m allergic to it. He sees its his dream and thanks Lord. Nani comes and asks is he worried. He says no, I was acting. She says you now yourself, what if anyone calls you by any other name. He says who told you. She says you were murmuring in sleep, what ever the girl told you. Vikram says I wish I could send her to Mars by one way ticket. She asks him to do yoga like her. She says she is going for morning walk, so that no one calls her Sanki or Sadu. She asks him to apply morning hair cream.

He gets his hair fall and says oh God, my hair, I have to kick that woman out of my office. Mummy i tells Shobha that she has given leave to the maid, as she was ill, and she has to make breakfast and make kids ready now. She tells the kids that Shobha will drop them today. Shobha starts cooking. Mummu ji thinks she will see how Shobha does her job without her support. Shobha manages everything. She makes kids ready and sends them. She gets ready for office. Mummy ji comes and Shobha asks her to be careful with her back problem. She leaves for office. Vikram waits for Shobha. She comes and greets him good morning.

He asks her to give presentation, not a speech. She says sure Sir, I know you now and came prepared. She asks Sandeep to help in showing her ad design. . She keeps Jasmine flowers and Sandeep scolds her like Vikram. Vikram says this is it, and you…. Stop the drama, get out. She says boss can be bad, and coffee is nice. She says mystery coffee. Everyone clap for her. They all like it and praise Shobha. Vikram leaves. Shobha smiles. Sandeep comes to her and says congrats. She thanks him and says its imp for me, thanks for believing in me. He says lets go for tea, coffee, lassi. She says fine. He says I will see you.

Vikram comes home and is angry saying Shobha came to my office and now my building. They enter the same lift and look at each other. An old couple comes there and he stands beside her. The man says sweetheart don’t worry, I m with you. Shobha says how cute. Vikram says really? Its boring, I would have died by this cuteness. She says you know the meaning of marriage. He says it’s a way to torture us. She says you did not marry and have expert view on it. She says it teaches us to live for others. He taunts her on Samarth and says people like to control others, then they die. The old couple leave holding hands hearing their arguments. Shobha says why did you torturing them. Vikram says I have much work. They start arguing.

She says I wish I did not come in this lift. The lift gets shurt. She says she stuck in bad company. Vikram calls out the watchman. She says there is no one here. She hears the song Ajeeb Dastaan hai yeh and relaxes. Vikram looks at her and gets short of breath. He sits down and she removes the earplugs. She says if your shouting is over, can I tell anything. He says I m claustrophobic. She asks him to take deep breath. He asks her to do something about the lift. She says what can I do, you do, you stay here in building since years, call security man and asks him to check. He says yes and calls Mr Choudhry.

He asks him can he do anything, we are stuck in lift. He does not get signal. She says everything is bad, so sad. The power goes. He says you were making fun of me, you were hearing songs, you can dance as well if you want. The power comes back and lift starts working. She asks why did you come on my floor. He says I m thinking to have coffee with you. She says what. He says this lift is unpredictable like you and goes by stairs.

Shobha gets hurt by the tea and Sandeep holds her hand. She says she is fine. He says its my mistake, I m sorry. Sandeep tries getting close to Shobha by excuses.

Update Credit to: Amena

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