Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shobha having a tough time in office. Sandeep comes to her and says you are in big trouble. She says I know. He says I did not know Vikram will take it on his ego, don’t know what happened to him. He says I will get you out of this. She says if boss knows, the game can backfire for the team. He says then there is one way, you apologize to boss. She says I won’t apologize, he challenged me and I will try my best to give this presentation tomorrow. Sandeep says best of luck. Nani gossips with her friends. Vikram comes home and Nani ends the call. She asks Vikram how is it going on with his secretary, I told your fate, the thing from whom you run, comes to you, you wanted to kick her out of office and she came near your house.

He says she can leave the office tomorrow. She reminds him the bet. He says yes, I remember, I won’t fire her, my marketing team will fire her, she opened up a big challenge and she has to make a new ad for coffee drinkers, which is impossible, I m sure she will leave. He says I will win anyhow this time. Nani says this is not right. Vikram says small cheating is fine. Garima talks to Shobha and says its professional ad, why are you calm, I m getting hyper. Shobha says what happened earlier is bigger than this. Shobha says she has experience of reality, she will make a good presentation. Garima smiles.

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Shobha says she has to make it well, and can’t make mistake, else boss will fire her. Mummy ji hears this. Shobha asks Garima to manage kids, as she wants to do the presentation with full focus. Garima assures her. Mummy ji thinks she won’t let this happen, the job won’t be for many days. Shobha works at night. Jia comes to her coughing and she takes care of her. Jia says she had ice candy, as Dadi told me to eat. Shobha asks Mummy ji why did she allow Jia to have ice candy. Mummy ji says iI did not know about this. Shobha gives steam therapy to Jia and takes care of her. Jia sleeps and Rehaan comes to him, saying Dadi is busy. Shobha takes care of him and make shim sleep. He asks her to be with him and she sleeps. She wakes up at 8am and makes them wake up as they have to go to school.

Shobha asks Mummy why did she show scary movie to Rehaan. Mummy ji says can’t I see any film in my room. She makes the kids ready for school. The kids leave. Mummy ji says she is having headache. Shoba gives her medicine and water. She gets ready to leave for office. Mummy ji smiles and thinks a married woman should have support at home to do a job, she can’t do it without any support, its impossible, she will choose family over job.

Vikram waits for Shobha in office and takes tablets. He asks Mahesh whats the time. Mahesh says 10.03. Vikram says she is 3 mins late, finally the Madam is here. Shobha says sorry Sir, good morning. The papers fall from her file. Vikram asks her to start the presentation and asks the marketing team to approve it if they like it, if they don’t like it, they can fire Shobha, I don’t have any problem. Shobha gets tensed. Vikram sits to see the presentation and asks her to go for it. Mahesh signs all the best.

Shobha starts her presentation about an ordinary woman, who is a multi tasker, who lives many lives in one, and yawns. Vikram says she is disrespecting everyone here. We can fire her now. Sandeep says fire her? Vikram says good Sandeep. Shobha says but Sir. Vikram says maybe you have to yawn again. Sandeep says lets hear her presentation once. Vikram says why to waste time.

The lady says you said we will decide. Vikram stops and the lady says I think we should give a chance to Shobha. Sandeep says I agree with her and give her one day. Vikram asks does everyone want this. They all agree. Vikram says fine, and tells Shobha that she is getting extra chance because of them, she can;’t be 1 sec late tomorrow, this work is not your cup of tea. Shobha thanks the lady for supporting her. Sandeep says don’t feel bad, Vikram is not a bad person, I know you are talented and will do good job. Shobha thinks two different men in same office, one who supports me and one who breaks me.

Garima gets Sanjay’s call and says she does not want to talk. Sanjay says I want you to meet me, we can solve the problems. She says there is nothing to discuss. He says I love you. She says its not movie, but real life. He says I know you love me. Ajay comes to meet her and flirts with her. Garima gets angry. She scolds him. He says when your mummy abd my brother finalize our relation, then we will see, lets take selfie to show we are on, you look hot in anger, lets go for a movie, be ready, I will come to take. Garima says does mum want me to marry him.

Sandeep talks to Vikram. Vikram is angry as Shobha bursted on him before, she was backbiting, she said Vikram Sir is Sadu. He says why are you asking me, I should ask you,m why did you give her second chance. Sandeep says if Shobha’s presentation if no good, we don’t have any option. Vikram asks who gives you salary, me or Shobha. Sandeep says you.Vikram asks do you think I m Sanki. Sandeep says who else thinks so. Vikram says no one. Shobha works.

Sandeep scolds Shobha and Vikram asks Shobha to get out and stop her drama. Shobha gets tensed.

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