Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts Shobha talking to Samarth. He acts sweet and in heart doubts on her and Vikram’s affair. Sarika thinks is he her brother or someone else, as he is not affected by my words. Sanjay acts rude to Garima and she is tensed. Sharda is glad that Samarth is changing and Sarika feels its good If she can send Shobha to Samarth. Shobha leaves for her job. Vinita puts oil on the floor and plans to put the blame on Sanjay. Garima comes there and falls. The maid holds her and asks is she fine. Vinita smiles and shows fake concern. She says Sanjay has made the oil fall, he is so careless. Garima worries.

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Sarika taunts Samarth and asks about his acting. He says I will slap you. She says you can’t control your wife. He says she is my wife, I love her, I m giving her space. She argues with him. He asks whats your problem. She speaks in bad language and he gets angry. He says I m your brother, not your husband Abhay, a fool to believe your words. He says I was in jail, and I understand no one falls from balcony easily, I know you and how much dirt you have, don’t think to use me, take my advice. She smiles and says I knew this, that he did not change, but why is he acting to be ideal husband, there is something that he is hiding from the world, I have to find out.

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Shobha comes to Vikram and asks is anyone missing you. He says no one. He sees her and asks for marketing reports. She keeps it and asks him to have water. He says it goes by fear. She says people think and care for you. He asks did she think about him ever. She asks what. He says you get resignation letter so often, did you think what will I do if you leave. She says you said its about kids, not us. He says its ok, the kids will be happy seeing their parents together. She says yes, he is changing a lot. He asks how is he with you. She says he is trying a lot. He planned dinner and I used to do all efforts before, not he is making efforts, I don’t know, he changed.

She says when he came suddenly, I was afraid and was not able to think how will I stay with him, trust him again or not. She says when I came to you, and you showed me the way, I can see my kids happy today, its like family again, thanks. He thinks his happiness is in her happiness, but why is he restless seeing her with Samarth. He says it looks strange a person changes so soon, I have a doubt, be careful. She says I have to trust him. He says I don’t know he changed or not, you changed.

Tiwari meets Samarth and asks him to help in coming elections. Samarth agrees and is glad that he will get nominated again. Samarth tells about his plans to act good. Tiwari says I have used all my influenced and its your turn, your wife should talk in your favor. Samarth says yes, she will say what I ask her. He smiles and tells about mangalsutra, it’s a way to emotionally blackmail a wife, her respect and loyalty belongs to you then. Tiwari laughs. He says fine, lets get to work. Samarth thanks him. He leaves. Sarika comes and says well done, it’s a good game you are playing, you should have told me, I will support you, we can both get together and manipulate Shobha. He says shut up. She says you made me glad, I ave a deal for you. He agrees to help her and shakes hands.

Shobha comes home from office. Samarth brings tea for her. Sarika looks on and smiles seeing him fool her. He says he does not have any work now, and became house husband, don’t know when will I go for work, but I have a hope now. He says party people want a press conference to tell people I have changed and I m not cheater like before he asks for her help. He says how will I tell them I made mistakes and I regret it. She looks at him. he says don’t say no, please be with me in the press conference. Sarika thinks great, I wish to clap seeing this. He gets a call and leaves. Sarika comes to Shobha and says Samarth has changed, I hope the world also sees this. Shobha asks do you also feel he changed. Sarika says yes. Shobha thinks.

Samarth acts sweet to Vikram and threatens him about car accident. Vikram says get lost.

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