Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vikram bonding with Jia and Reyaan very well. Shobha looks on and smiles. Gaarima’s baby shower function starts and everyone is happy. Vikram asks Sanjay is he sure its his child. Sanjay says yes, ofcourse. Vikram teases him and says you look very upset. Sanjay says yes. Jia and Reyaan ask questions to Garima. Sanjay talks to them. Shibha brings the cake and asks Garima and Sanjay to cut the cake. She says love meaning gets clear when you have kids. Sanjay looks really annoyed. Nani sees Vikram smiling and wishes happiness to come in his life.

Sarika calls Sharda and says she is coming to Delhi. Reyaan plays music, and Vikram does not get her sound. He says he can’t here her. Sarika says see you tomorrow, you enjoy the baby shower. Vikram gives the message to Sharda. Sharda says its double happiness. Garima asks Sanjay not to leave as it will be issue, everyone will ask questions. The kids dance. Jia gets hurt by Reyaan, and Vikram goes to her. The guest says Shobha that your husband loves your daughter a lot, their bond is so good. Nani says Vikram is not Shobha’s husband, but her friend. The lady says sorry. Ajeeb Dastaan hai ye………..plays……………….

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Shobha talks to Nani. Nani asks her not to worry, and reminds the song Kuch to log kahenge. Shobha says she felt odd. Nani says it has one solution, marriage. Shobha says what are you saying, we are friends. Nani says I m not talking about you both, I would have been glad if it was possible, but we have to find some proposal for him, you have to take a step for him, he is believing relations again. Shobha says yes, all gossip will end. Nani asks her about Avn. Shobha says yes, she is good, I will see her for Vikram. Nani laughs.

Sarika packs her bag as she has her ticket confirmed. She sees the credit card bills and thinks she needs to trap someone rich soon, I will get someone in Delhi. She sees her and Abhay’s pic and says I m sorry I m going to Delhi, your soul will wander in Mumbai. She crushes the pic and leaves. Shobha talks to Avni and says I know you are divorcee, but Vikram is very broad minded, your past will not affect him. She says where did Vikram come in between us. Shobha says I want you both to… you are alone, he is alone, you saw he is so amazing. Avni says I don’t know why you want us to be together desperately. Shobha says no, we are good friends, I m his well wisher, I want him to get a companion, everyone deserves a second chance.

Avni says I think I should meet Vikram, but before this, you talk to Vikram, clarity would be good. Shobha says I will talk to him, and unite you with him. Avni smiles. Shobha gets happy. She comes to Nani and gives this good news to her along with the cake. She says Avni wants to go on date with Vikram, to know her. Nani says date? Shobha says she wants to meet him to know if they can get together. Nani says how to send Vikram, shall we hypnotize. Shobha laughs and says I will call Avni there. They can like each other. Vikram comes yawning and asks Shobha to sit and gossip.

He asks what were they telling about him. Shobha says we were talking about Jia. He says when women lie, their eyes lie too, like yours. He says he heard everything, and leaves. Its morning, Shobha makes kids ready. Jia says we called Vikram, but he is sleeping. She gets a call from Avni. She sends the kids. She says sorry Avni, I was busy with kids, what did you think. Avni says I was thinking if Vikram is so good with your kids, he gives importance to family, so its no harm to explore him. Shobha says that’s great, I will fix a meeting with him. Sharda comes and asks whats going on. Shobha says I m thinking to settle Vikram. Sharda wishes he gets a good girl like her. Shobha says I made a plan with Avni, Nani liked her. She leaves for office.

Sarika’s taxi breaks down. She sees a car coming, and smiles. She is shocked seeing Vikram. She asks the guard that she wants to meet him, I m his…. The guard says take appointment, many people know him, but Vikram Sir does not know anyone. Sarika looks on. She sees his car number and says I have to meet Vikram, very soon. Vikram asks his staff whats this, I did not come office for one day and so many reports, why do I give salary to you all. He asks Shobha to see marketing report with so many loopholes. Shobha says figures are not wrong, its last year’s report. He says where is new one. She says here, I kept it for you to compare. He checks the new one. She sends everyone.

He says this is not fair, you can’t insult me infront of everyone. She says you are overreacting. He says I was banyan tree before and now I became money plant, and I like to depend on you. She laughs and says you also became my habit, I do everything discussing you, and my kids are your fans. She takes his sign. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh…………………..plays………………….

Reyaan shows Sarika the pics of Garima’s baby shower. Sarika looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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