Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sarika seeing Abhay’s pic with garlands. She smiles and is very glad. Vikram brings Sharda and rings the bell. Sarika goes to open the door. She opens the door and is shocked seeing the guard. The guard says the watch, its Abhay’s. She thanks him for giving the watch. The guard says police came to ask, he did not tell anything. She says I m going through so much and they are asking me such questions. He says yes, you are right and leaves. She says my good time starts now. Sharda and Vikran meet Shobha. Sharda hugs Shobha and cries. Shobha says I could not tell Garima. Sharda says even I called her, but could not say, take me to Sarika. Shobha says she will break seeing you like this. She says she came home now, she was with Sarika. She hugs Sharda and pacifies her.

Vikram talks to Shobha. She says thanks for bring mum here. He says anyone would have done this. She says I m sorry for that day. He says I should be sorry, I don’t like coming to this city. She asks why. He looks at her. She understands by his silence. Sharda comes and they leave for meeting Sarika. Sarika meets insurance agent. She asks him to get the claim passed early. She opens the door and sees Abhay’s cousin. He asks how did this happen. She sends the agent, and cries infront of his cousin. She says insurance agents are so insensitive, Abhay died yesterday and they came today itself to do paper work. He says don’t cry, Abhay’s death is a big shock for all of us.

Vikram, Shobha and Sharda arrive there. Vikram asks them to go, but Sharda asks him to come along. Nani asks the servant to clean Vikram’s room. Reyaan asks why is she cleaning his room. Nani says about a witch. Reyaan says it means Vikram knew a witch. Nani says yes, I want her to leave from his life. Reyaan says if she comes back in his life. She says don’t even think this. Sarika says don’t know how much time will they take to clear money. Abhay’s cousin opens the door and asks them to come inside. Sharda asks where is Sarika. He says she is crying since morning, she is in bedroom. He knocks the door and says her family came. She sees the screw driver by which she opened the nuts of balcony railing. She hides it.

He says you all sit, I will get tea and water, she will come. Shobha thanks him. Sarika coughs. Vikram walks to her room and thinks he heard this voice before. Shobha knocks the door and goes inside. Sarika hides in the bathroom and thinks where to hide the screw driver. She puts it in flush tank. She says I m in washroom and coughs. Shobha says I got mum here, we are waiting, come fast. Vikram stands outside the room. The pic frame falls by his hand and breaks. He picks it up and his hand bleeds. Shobha keeps the picks. Shobha takes him to put haldi on his wound. Sarika comes out crying and hugs Sharda.

Shobha looks for haldi in kitchen. He says there are many people who have put salt on my wound. She cleans his wound and puts haldi. Vikram smiles seeing her. She asks is it fine. He says its haldi, not magic stick to cure it instantly. Sarika says a fake story. Her phone rings and she goes back to the room. Vikram says he is getting imp call and can I leave. Shobha says yes, I m here. Vikram leaves. Sarika asks who is he. Shobha says Vikram Sir, my boss. Sarika says Vikram? Sharda asks Sarika to come with them to Delhi. Sarika says I can’t come. Shobha says come with us. Shobha also gets a call. Sarika feels she knew Vikram, is he her ex BF. She thinks no, he can’t be her boss, he was a loser and might be doing a peon job.

Shobha talks to Nani and says Vikram just left. Nani says she is tensed. Shobha asks why. Nani says I has sent him to Mumbai, but his past, that girl is in Mumbai, whenever he goes there, he gets sad. Shobha says I will take care, don’t worry. Shobha thinks Vikram did not think about himself and came here to share our pain, I told him so much that day. She calls him and thanks him, and says you know my mum’s state and even Sarika had tragedy, I can’t call you for dinner, but we can have coffee. He says fine, I will see how are Mumbai coffee chains. She says thanks.

Sharda tells Shobha’s mum about Shobha. She says she came to meet her, where is she. Her mum says she went to meet Vikram. They talk about Sarika and Shobha having such horrible lives. She asks why did you not stop Samarth. Sharda says this is best for Shobha, I m with her, she is not alone, I don’t regard Samarth my son. Shobha tells Vikram that he has big heart, as he came in this city where that girl lives. He asks do you know her. She says no, Nani called me and told this, you came in this city, it means you are ready to move on, when you go Delhi, leave this past baggage here, and start a new life. Sharda tells Shobha’s mum that she will support Shobha if she falls in love with someone else, she has right to start her new life.

Sarika talks to Abhay’s pic and gives a kiss to his past and warm welcome to his future. Shobha asks Vikram to break his past links, don’t turn back to see it, promise me, you will give another chance to love. She forwards her hand and he holds her hand. Ajeeb dastaan hai ye…………..plays…………. He says you promise me you won’t bring me here again, the coffee was not good. They smile.

Shobha tells Mahesh that she will take care of Vikram’s work today. She sits on the chair of Marketing head.

Update Credit to: Amena

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