Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shobha seeing Vikram smiling. He feels victorious seeing the engagement called off. Garima and Sanjay have an argument. Sanjay says I need time, this is not the right time for our engagement. Shobha says listen to me. Tarun says what will Shobha explain him now. Shbha talks to Sanjay and asks him not to bring families in between. Sanjay says marriage is a happy thing which unites families, but its breaking them. I need time, I can’t get engaged. He leaves. Shobha and Garima cry. Garima leaves crying. Vikram laughs enjoying this. Shobha gets angry. Saurabh comes to Vikram. Vikram says I need time means I need time to go away from you, now Sanjay won’t marry her. Shobha hears them. Saurabh thanks Vikram. Vikram says its included on social service, as its good deed to save someone from marriage torture.

Tarun asks Ajay to go to Garima and console her. Ajay asks Garima to be strong. Shobha comes and Tarun asks Shobha to come with him. She says thanks, I will go in other car. She sees Vikram leaving and stops him. She says how could you do this, you ruined Garima’s life, did you think this, you broke his engagement, I heard you by my ears. He jokes. She says wow, this is disgusting. He says its good what happened and taunts her. She says what do you know about me. He says he has taken a fight with a big corrupt politician wife. He says he has an advice for her, marriage unites two families, did you find it are they emotionally and mentally ready, we force them to marry and when marriage breaks, we blame them.

She says you did not love anyone except others. He says yes and jokes. He taunts her on her and Samarth’s marriage and love. He asks where did the love go from your life. She leaves being unanswerable. Nani enjoys in the kitty party. They dance on the song Baby doll sone di…………….Vikram comes home and sees the ladies dancing. He shuts his ears and Nani waves hi. She asks how did he come home. He says its age to turn to Lord. She asks about engagement. He says the engagement did not happen, I met an irritating girl, who scolded me like my Maths teacher. Nani says great, I like it. He says please Nani………..

He says you know her, she is Samarth’s wife, if I meet her again, I will not leave her. Nani says wow, thinking to meet her again, Lage Raho. He puts ear plugs in his ears while Nani goes back to dance. Shobha comes to Garima and pacifies her. She says everyone has problems, you taught me to face world and problems, you are so kind, get up and don’t cry for the guy who made you cry. She says you are crying as you did not expect this from Sanjay, he loved you so much, sometimes we feel every problem can be overcome by love, but no, love should be valued, we can’t make people do what we want and we can make ourselves strong.

She says you are pretty, smart and a good person, let Sanjay go anywhere, be strong for your family. I have perfect solution for this, icecream, no way watching, yummy icecream. Garima smiles. Shobha hugs her. The ladies have the icecream and forget the pain. Garima thanks Shobha. She says sometimes we feel a man so much that we forget we have many other people who care for us, I m happy as I m blessed. Shobha smiles. Its morning, Jia wakes up Shobha and asks her to see tv show. Shobha hugs Jia and kisses her.

Garima gives her hot water as she has lots of icecream and got calories. She reminds her about office. Shobha says my head is aching and don’t wish to go. Garima says for what happened yesterday, don’t lose job to make me feel guilt. Shobha says fine, boss is understanding, I can’t afford to lose this. Vikram and Shobha are at the signal. She thinks about Samarth and her past moments. She gets thinking. Vikram is after her and asks her to drive. He sees the car number and thinks she is the one. Shobha starts driving and Vikram can’t see her.

Vikram and Shobha reach the office. She prepares to meet the boss. Vikram asks Mahesh about new secretary and asks him to send her to cabin, as he will teach her to make the coffee, just the way he loves it. Mahesh thinks Shobha hates coffee. He says this one has to stay as all others left, send her to my cabin. Mahesh asks Shobha to meet the boss. She says fine and goes to Vikram’s cabin. Vikram sees his hair and smells something. He sneezes and says how did Jasmine’s smell come here. He sees the flowers and throws them out of the window. He says doctor said my hair should get be in air. Shobha comes there and greets him. He asks her to come and help him in shutting the window. She comes to him. They are shocked seeing each other. He says you are fired, get out from here, out. She looks at him.

Samarth’s mum shows a notice to Shobha that Samarth is being punished for cheating the country. Shobha reads it and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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