Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nani telling Vikram that she will give her property to the secretary who serves Vikram well. Tarun tells Samarth that Shobha is looking for job. Samarth says she can’t so anything without asking me. Shobha signs contract papers and gets the job in Vikram’s office. She comes home and hugs Garima saying the good news. She says its three month contract and two month salary advance. They jump happily. She asks Garima why is she wearing old necklace. Garima says the locker is sealed. Shobha says we will buy new one. Garima says no, this will be saved. Shobha says you are our princess. Garima says I know you are missing Bhaiya. Shobha avoids the talk. Garima says I know what you are going through, I did not know love can be so dangerous, you are very strong, if this happened with me, I would have not handled this.

She asks Shobha to cry and get her pain out. She asks her to share her problems with her. Shobha says get ready first, I will be waiting. They get ready to go for shopping. Jia talks to her and says she will also come. Samarth’s mum asks where are they going. Shobha says they are going to buy jewelry. She asks from where did money come. Garima says Shobha got the job and she got two months advance. Shobha asks how is Samarth. She says you sent him to jail, you spoke to media and his bail got cancelled, don’t talk to me. She leaves annoyed.

Vikram talks to his friend. He is annoyed with his wife. Vikram smiles and asks him to take stress pills. He says he is not getting a secretary. Rakesh comes and says he got the secretary and he made her sign the contract. Vikram asks her name. Rakesh says Shobha. Shobha comes to meet Samarth on jail. She asks she has to ask something, and asks about the sign on the neck, is it a love bite. Samarth is shocked. He says I did not know I will ask such things to you. She says we were married for nine years, we have two kids, was all that a lie, what was less in me, where did I go wrong that you went somewhere else, I feel like I don’t know you.

She says what should I tell my kids, where is their papa, their hero, what to tell Garima, why to marry, as marriage does not have happy ending, why did you do this. Samarth says hello??? She comes out of her imagination and he dominates her. He thinks he knows what she will ask him, but he won’t let her ask. He asks what does she want to ask. She sees the mark on his neck and stays quiet. He gets angry on her and asks why is she doing job. She says she wants to support family. He says you can’t work at this time, we have money, what will people say about me, this affects my image.

She says she could not get money from anywhere, I really need this job. He shouts fine, do what you want, you do a favor, you won’t work in our known circle. She gets tensed and he holds her hand. He asks her not to take tension, as he will be back soon. She says we will meet tomorrow. He asks what did you want to ask me. She says everything has a time, our meeting time is over. She leaves. Ajeeb Dastaan hai yeh……………..plays……………

She comes in the café and meets Garima and Jia She asks how was their day. Jia says she did good shopping. Garima says see the jewelry and shows Shobha. Shobha likes it and sees the bill. She says whats this, this is not fair, just 33400, I told you our budget is 60000, why did you buy of less amount, purposely right? Jia says give me remaining money. Vikram comes there and does not see Shobha as she bends to take her purse. Garima says I know you are trying to keep you composed. Jia goes to buy icecream and Vikram sees her. He asks what are you doing here. Jia says mumma and he asks where is she. She shows there. He could not see her.

Jia does some emotional liners saying she is very poor. Vikram gives her some money and asks her not to touch him. The man says the girl took the strawberry pastry. Vikram says its my Nani’s. Jia says its for my tummy. They argue. He says its from my money, give me. Garima comes and asks how can he talk like this to kids. Jia complains about Vikram. Vikram calls her family bad manners. Garima says your upbringing is bad. He leaves. Shobha is on call and Vikram passes by her. Garima tells Shobha about a man stealing her pastry. Jia says Bhoothnath of coffee shop.

Nani plays game with Vikram’s friends. Vikram comes and is angry on the kids, why did people give birth to monsters. Nani says even I told this to your parents and they laugh. They play cards. Vikram talks about today’s girls and how they make men pitiful. Saurabh says he can’t focus, he has big problem, his brother wants to marry Samarth’s sister, he says he loves her, how to explain him we are simple middle class people. Ketan says leave Sanjay with Vikram, and he will change his mind. Saurabh asks Vikram to talk to Sanjay. Vikram says yes, I will talk to him.

Sanjay comes to meet Garima by her window. He hugs her surprising her. She says you scared me, whats this way to come by window, we are going to get married. She says all this will end now, as we will be staying together after marriage, and seeing faces all day. He says sit. She asks will the same thing happen what happened with Shobha, she is really strong, but I m not strong. Sanjay says he is against his family for her, she means a lot to him. He says he got a surprise as their engagement is tomorrow. She says why tomorrow. He says as its our dating anniversary and it will be a small scene. Shobha talks on phone and says how can it be tomorrow, my job, nothing, ofcourse, I will manage everything, don’t worry.

Vikram is at office. Rakesh says why did he come back after meeting friends, is he man or Hitler. He says new secretary will come in morning, can I go home early. Vikram says get out. Rakeesh thanks him and leaves. Vikram calls out Mahesh and sees everyone is gone. Shobha calls on card number. Vikram talks to her and says Vikram Ahuja here. She says I m Shobha, new secretary, Sir I want holiday tomorrow. He says you are fired, take lifelong holiday. She says I need it, its emergency. Nani calls him and he keeps Shobha on hold.

Nani says its good your new secretary will come tomorrow, if she leaves job, then it will be festival for me, I will win, and your tablets will end and I will get a new bahu. Nani says don’t be so optimistic and I will meet you at home. He asks Shobha to take leave. She thanks him. She says see you day after tomorrow. He throws the phone and says relax Vikram, calm down. Shobha stands in her window and Vikram too comes in his window. They are opposite to each other. Air blows and she thinks it looks like a storm is coming. He says I hate storms, I hope it does not come in my office and life. I don’t need to face what I don’t like. Shobha smiles. The screen freezes on their faces.

Vikram and Shobha could not see each other in the engagement party. A flower vase falls by her saree and Vikram keeps it right. She says I m sorry and thank you. Music plays…………….

Update Credit to: Amena

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