Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sarika crying loudly. Abhay asks her whats her problem, she cries and shouts on him, come inside, don’t create a scene. She asks him not to hurt her as she is his wife. The camera records everything. She pushes Abhay in their fight and he falls down the balcony wall as the nail gets off. She shouts Abhay and cries. Abhay gets severely injured. She shouts for help. She comes inside and smiles. She says you told me to leave you, see I have left you, may you rest in peace my dear husband. She cries and goes downstairs. She says I will never get this accidental death blame on me, I m victim and I will get everyone’s sympathy. She goes to Abhay and asks him to talk to him.

She says I told him not to stand on railing. The neighbor says we have to call police, I called ambulance. Vikram is on the way thinking about him and Sarika’s love and how she has ditched him for money. An old man sells kufli and asks Vikram how is he, he is alone today, and reminds him he used to come with Mathura Madam, you used to look good together. Vikram thinks about Sarika in FB, who said she can’t marry a poor man. He says you know every business needs time, please give me some time. She says I asked for a small ring, did you get it. He begs that he will get her everything. She humiliates him and says she won’t stay with him, as she can’t sacrifice her dreams with him, he is a struggler, we don’t know each other’s families, I don’t know your background, I got a good proposal and going to settle in Mumbai, don’t follow me, stay away. Vikram cries and gets drenched in rains. He cries.

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Vikram comes in present and smiles, blessings Sarika that wherever she is, she should be happy always. Sarika comes home and washes her face. She cries and calls Sharda. She tells her about Abhay’s death. Sharda is shocked. Sarika says he felt from balcony and he died yesterday night, you please come here, he was my husband and I m alone now. Vikram wakes up and comes to Nani. Nani asks about his dark circles, did he not sleep. Vikram says I slept well. She says where did you go at night, watchman told me you came home in morning, till when will you run after your old memories. Vikram denies it. Nani says she has one way left now, and says she will burn this diary. Vikram asks her to leave it.

Reyaan cries and comes to them. He says Dadi fainted. Garima and Sanjay have a romantic moment. Vinita calls Sanjay. Garima opens the door and greets her. Vinita says it looks like morning did not happen for you both. She says its Garima’s Mu Dikhaai today. She asks him to get up and get ready. Garima asks what shall I wear in mu dikhai. Vinita says anything, you are beautiful and you will look good. She says she has much work. Garima says let me do any work, I will make lunch. Vinita says its just second day. Garima says its my home too and smiles.

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Nani wakes up Sharda and asks what happened. Sharda cries and says my daughter’s husband died, he fell off balcony, she stays in Mumbai. Vikram asks her name. Sharda says Sarika. Vikram is shocked. Sharda cries and Nani pacifies her. Vinita tells Saurabh that Sanjay is going for bank, I took tea for him, and he said he will do some work, as you manage everything. Saurabh says finally our Sanju is growing up, he is getting mature. Vinita thinks she will make Garima work and mature too. Sharda calls Garima. Garima tells about her mu dikhai ritual and everyone loves me here, Vinita reminds me about Shobha.

She says she can’t come today, I have work, and they won’t let me come. Sharda cries and says she was missing her. Garima says I m in this city, I will come and we all will chill. Sharda ends call and says she is very happy, I can’t tell her. Nani asks Sharda to take Vikram along. Vikram says fine. Sarika thinks Abhay tortured her a lot, and he is troubling her after his death. The police comes to take her statement. He asks her to file case against the builder as the balcony railing broke and he died. The neighbor says Sarika told us before that railing is damaged. Sarika requests him not to do post mortem and cries. Vikram brings Sharda to Mumbai. Sharda thanks him for helping her. He says I m your neighbor and Shobha’s friend, I can do this. They leave for Sarika’s home. He recalls Sarika’s words and is upset. He feels he is scared to bump into Sarika and hopes this never happens.

Sarika drinks juice seeing Abhay’s pic with garlands. Vikram rings the bell and brings Sharda to her home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Sarika is not deserve to vikram

  4. Omg! What a b*t*h is Sarika!! >.<

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