Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nani asking Vikram is he missing Shobha. Vikram asks do you think I m mad. She says he has old memories with Mumbai. He says you are asking me about Mumbai, knowing about my bitter past, you ask me to move ahead and moving me to past, you feel I love Ketan and now missing Shobha, spare me please. He gets angry and leaves. She cries and curses the girl who did this with Vikram, by giving him a deep wound which is not healing. Sarika puts kerosene at the floor. She says Abhay will be coming home now, I got enough evidences against him, all cameras are ready, this will be last shot. All people will be giving me tissues to wipe my tears and I will cry as a helpless woman, and frame Abhay.

She checks the lighter and says dear husband get ready to checkout from my life, you married me and did not keep me happy. She starts the cameras. She smiles as the door bell rings. She is shocked seeing Riddhima. She asks how is Tarun and why did she not call before coming, I did not cook anything. Riddhima says relax, my mum is not well, and Shobha and I came Mumbai, Shobha went to buy a gift for you. Sarika gets tensed. Riddhima charges her phone. Sarika thinks Riddhima has flopped my plan. Riddhima asks about the kerosene on floor. Sarika lies and says she was taking it to kitchen and it fell, we will order food. Riddhima says fine and goes to washroom. Sharda meets Vikram and apologizes. She says Shobha told a lot to you yesterday, she stays stressed. He says its fine, I should have not interfered.

She says Shobha went to her mum’s place as she is unwell, now Garima is marriage and Shobha is left alone, you are her only friend, help her in moving on. He says I can just try. She thanks him and leaves. He thinks he spoke to Nani badly and should apologize to her. He goes home and hugs Nani, apologizing to her. He gives her a shock saying he loves Ketan a lot and laughs. He says when I talk to you badly, you can slap me, when anyone talks to me about my past, I get angry, you know me since childhood, if you get annoyed, where will I go. She says it’s a emotional scene. She cries. He wipes her tears. She says leave that girl, she does not deserve your love. She asks did he call Shobha.

He says no, I will work at home and call Mahesh here. She asks the Lord to do something that Vikram calls Shobha. Abhay comes home and greets Riddhima. She says mum is unwell, and Shobha and I cxame home, and thought to meet you. Abhay says you can ask for any help. Sarika thinks they can know about my fake story. Riddhima says Shobha will come. Abhay asks Sarika to make tea. Vikram asks Mahesh to call Shobha. Mahesh gets a call and gets shocked. He says I m coming. He tells Vikram that his mum is unwell and he has to go. Vikram permits him and Mahesh thankfully leaves. Vikram calls Shobha. Sarika takes the call on Shobha’s phone.

He says I m Shobha’s boss, can I talk to her. Sarika asks him to give the message. Vikram is stunned by her voice and asks who is she. Sarika says I m her sister in law. He says I will call later. He ends the call and says I felt her voice is like her. Sarika says she felt like its his voice, anyways. She asks Riddhima will she have tea or coffee. She asks Riddhima to check phone. Riddhima says Shobha was worried about you and Abhay, but when I met him, I felt he is very normal. Sarika says he is normal with everyone, once he drinks, only I know how he behaves.

Nani arranges Vikram’s room and says when will that girl come who does his work and makes him work. She gets the crushed pic and sees Sarika. She curses her. She asks Vikram what is this pic doing with him. She asks till when will he torture himself and tears the pic. He takes the pieces and says you have torn this, tell me how should I ruin my memories. He says this memories will ruin me. Sarika opens the nut bolt of the balcony and says Abhay, this screw is not loose, its your last moments of your life, I m sorry. She laughs. She thinks Abhay has lived a lot, and he is a loser who don’t deserve life. She comes to Abhay and asks him to switch off the lights as she is feeling sleepy. He says my work is ending.

She provokes him to fight and insults him. He asks her to leave him. She thinks she is leaving him, freeing him forever. She slaps him and leaves. Riddhima makes her mum have medicines. They have a talk about Shobha and her future. She says we have to think practical, you and Garima will be busy in your lives, and if I die tomorrow, how will Shobha manage alone. She says I know Tarun is also like Samarth, but you are keeping your marriage. Riddhima says Samarth has asked for divorce, not Shobha, she tried to keep the marriage, I have seen it, whatever is happening is right. Her mum says why did their marriage turn bitter.

Vikram talks to Nani. She says love’s opposite is not hatred, its carelessness, that you don’t care about anyone. She asks him to come out of his past. He asks how did she get this lines. She says she saw serial on laptop. He hugs her. She says she is hot and it did not reach his mum and him. She says its good only one person should be hot, else fight starts. He rests in her lap and says he wants to be happy like her. She says we will be happy, sleep now. Vikram sleeps. Nani prays to Lord to do something that his dark life gets some light and he stays happy.

Sarika cries and holds Abhay. She asks him to wake up, and acts infront of everyone.

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