Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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UpdateThe Episode starts with Shobha talking to her mum on videochat and asking her to find her degree as she has to do a job. She asks her to think can she bear anyone’s scolding, as she is Samarth’s wife and got habituated to that lifestyle. Shobha says she will try. Garima asks Shobha to take her FDs. Shobha says no, she asked for her certificates and she will do job. Her mum in law comes and asks will you do job. Shobha says they don’t have option. She says I will sell properties. Shobha says it will take two three months. She says we have a reputation. Garima supports Shobha and her mum leaves annoyed. Garima asks Shobha to chill and goes to get green tea for her. Shobha smiles.

Vikram gets his anger out on his new secretary and calls her fat. She cries and leaves. Rakesh gets tensed hearing Vikram shout. He asks everyone to get back to work. Nani comes and Rakesh says its good you came, its time to get no 22, as no 21 has run away. Nani says Lord will send someone today. He says even Sandeep Sir is not here to handle his anger. He says he gave an ad in newspaper. Shobha reads the ad and marks it. Nani asks Vikram to cool down and gives him water. . Vikram says sometimes I doubt this is mad office, and all mad people are here. Nani says I think I need this water more than him. He says I do my work with 100% efficiency and dedication and still I don’t have any efficient staff who is taking me granted.

Nani says my club work is postponed, she will become his secretary for two days. Vikram says no, thanks so much. She says don’t think much, else your hair will fall. He asks what about my book. Shobha has the book. Garima asks her to go for the interview. Shobha says she is not getting folder and uses the book to keep certificates. She asks Garima to take care of kids and inform mum. Garima says she will manage, go, mum went to meet Samarth.

Samarth’s mum meets him and they talk about Shobha deciding to do job. He says she is just a graduate and working women are different. Tarun comes and says he did not get bail, as she spoke to media about property and the enquiry will take months. Vikram says his meetings schedules to Nani and she is tired. Vikram asks is this rocket science. Nani says he is totally mad, how will I manage this for two days. Nani is in parking and Shobha comes there. Shobha helps her in parking reservation. She used a newspaper ad gum to paste the two cars and block the space. Nani likes her smartness.

Shobha says your place is reserved. Nani says she is intelligent, if Vikram gets a secretary like her, it will be great. The staff talks about Vikram and put family pics. Shobha looks on and thinks about Samarth. He was an ideal husband and she thinks of the good time between them. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh……………..plays……………. She stands in Vikram’s personal lift and the man says she can’t come in it. She goes in the common lift and stands between the men staff with confidence thinking how Samarth did not allow her to stand between men ever and said she is just his.

Samarth talks to Tarun. Tarun says Shobha knows everything now. Samarth says so what, I m worried about media. Tarun says when we were talking, she heard us and knows my involvement too. Samarth says let her cry. Tarun says she is in Nari Morcha mood and want to do job, she does not want to see my face. Samarth says I will handle her, not a big deal and tells about Shobha not being able to stay half an hour alone, when they went on holiday. He says job is not her cup of tea. Shobha does not get the job thinks she wants a job that solves everything, I want an angel.

Vikram is angry in the staff again and Nani talks to him. They argue. She says I was no 22, all gone, if anyone does work here, I will give my all property to her. He says its too much. She says no, no one can stay here for a min, if this happens, I won’t be after your marriage. He says he does not go against his words. She says if you lose, then stop using hair creams. He says fine, deal. Rakesh hears them. Nani says I m going home. Vikram asks Rakesh to get a secretary for him. Garima calls Shobha and Shobha says she did not get the job. Garima says its ok, don’t worry. Shobha says everything will be perfect in your engagement, don’t compromise on anything, as it happens once. Garima smiles.

Garima thanks her. Shobha’s slipper breaks and she sits down. Vikram passes by her. Garima says you are cindrella and it means you will get a prince charming. Shobha says what nonsense, I will get it stitched. Vikram leaves. Shibha turns and goes in Vikram’s office. Vikram sees the parking reservation by newspaper and cleans the car’s mirror. He says I will not leave that person who did this. Rakesh sees the coffee book. He asks her about it and kisses the book. He says you got the book and this job too, congrats, the job is yours. He asks what will she have as salary, and increases it to Rs 50000. She asks whats the job profile.

He says my boss needs a secretary, he wanted this book which no one got, you have to work with him and love coffee. She says no, I hate coffee. He thinks of Vikram’s words that he loves coffee. He says he will give one month salary advance. She asks for two months advance. He says fine, but sign a contract that you can’t leave job for three months. She says fine, but I ccan;t come day after tomorrow. Rakesh says fine fine. He shakes hands and says welcome. She says who is my boss. He says Mr Vikram, he is the best boss and praises him, when you meet him, you will think you met him years ago, he is an angel and FB shows Vikram scolding the secretary. Shobha is glad and goes to sign contract.

Rakesh is relieved and says only I know how is Vikram, dangerous. He gives her the contract and asks her to sign. Samarth tells Tarun that Shobha does not sign anything without asking me, even if she gets the job, she will leave in two days. She signs the contract. Rakesh welcomes her in office. Shobha smiles.

Samarth meets Shobha and asks her not to do the job as he has the problem. She sits tensed.

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