Aisi deewangi kahi nahi dekhi part -6

hello friends…after a break iam going to update this…what to do na…please bear me …back to update..

pragya tries hard to work with her dhori..but its not working well..without knewing abhi step close towards pragya and help her in doing it..this time abhis touch on her bare back soothes her was not like before..yes ofcourse it must be so na..when we come to knew the person loves us madly,when we feel that love it will turn our mind.only love can create love.
pragya close her eyes in reflection of that feeling which makes a smile in his lips.

pragya..its got just come and have your food ? this brigs her back to reality…uff this idiot be na..i think he havent wacth any hindi serials or cinemas..thats why he act so..usually such scenes are too romantic na…

whats cooking up in your mind pragya..just have your food…

whats the need of cooking something..even if i do so too there is no need na,because i got an idiot as a husband..

do you tell anything?

nothing….and started to have food..

what happened to her..she is not all fighting with me,not showing any attitude and there is somewhat friendly feeling when she talk with me?
whatever it be its good na..thats what you want right..

abhi..are you going to stand like this or having your food? have your food..i will manage it later…

no are going to share this with me?

what sharing with me ?

dont you hear it? any hearing problem…

pragya..are you in sense..look you invited me to share your food with me ..look after sometime dont end up in fighting by telling this..

no yaar..i wont..

omg what a miracle..with a simple fever you changed this much good..

pragya feeds is it?

it will be good na..its me who prepare this..pragya observes abhi carefullly..why are you looking like this..

actually i was checking you..i cant guarantee you na,if you made a revenge on this..then what i do??? pragya started to chuckle..

you …you are testing on me right…

ofcourse,what you think …i will care of you sorry mr.abhishek ..and show her toungue down to tease him…

abhi started to chase pragya..both started to run around the room..pragya climbs upon the bed and abhi tried to catch her..finally both ends up in falling over bed..

abhi look into pragyas eyes..both lost in each other eyes..abhi comes into reality and gets up from bed..but something stops him..he turn his face..yes his hands have been held by pragya.. much time would you hide all this..why are you shutting your doors of love? what make you to move away from me ?

abhi was just amused by her questions..

yes abhi..i knew everything..i knew how much you love me ,care for me,longing for me..if i wont knew all this may be i have leave you by this time..whatever blackmailing you do..i will just go away..even if i cant doso, i will just end up my life..abhi place his hands over her mouth..

not a word more pragya..

yes abhi thats true..i cant led a life with you..but now i will led my life with you till end , because no one loves me as you, no one care me as you did,no one will go crazy as you did,no one hurt themselves as you did,no one hide their sorrow as you did, no one struggles themseleves as you did..
yes abhi no one can love me as you did..iam the most luckiest person to have you in my life as my life partner, my future and my love…

tears are running continously through both of their cheeks..abhi hugs pragya ..its not a hug its more than that, it was like he just assuring himslef that its reality, he get his love..abhi kissed her all over her face..

  the best love is the kind that awakens the soul;that makes us reach for more,that plants the fire in our heart and bring peace in your mind.thats what i hope to give you forever pragya..but,circumstance made me to end up like this.i dont want someone like you,i want you…
iam really sorry pragya, the way i end up was bad,but i loves you..will you be mine forever…

abhi kneels down and forward his hand..pragya place her hand above it.
abhi, you are type of guy i wanna make breakfast for…and chuckles..both hugs each other..

omg, i think my entry was at a wrong time right said purab..abhigya get shy..

so pragya, my plan work na…

what your plan purab?

actually abhi, purab is the reason why iam here with you..its he who stops me from going and who make an agreement with me that,if i havent feel your love after this attempt, he will help me to go away from you..

abhi glares at if that wont happen you will help her right

actually abhi, i knew na that wont happen thats why i say so..purab started to get nervous..

anyway thanks puru and hugs him which was a shock to purab..they break the hug, is this my abhi..

do you have a doubt puru???

little bit abhi..

then your doubts was going to become more…


pragya..just getready ..we are going to your house..i want to ask appology from your mom and bulbul..

this scenes are watched by 2 eyes…

no this cant happen..i wont let it go like this… to threw a vase..the one whom i build up with too much hardwork melt with a can it be possible? how can i let abhi to goaway like this…

episode ends…

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