Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Suman’s Plan to Enter Dharam’s House

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 30th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sarla confronts Dharam and asks why did he betray her and did not inform about another woman Suman in his life. Dharam says he did injustice to Suman instead. Sarla feels shattered even more hearing this and says from here on she will just stay with him, but their ways are different. Dharam feels sad. Tejaswini hears their conversation and thinks of reuniting them.

In Rajvir’s house, Mandira gives water to Suman and says she is happy to see her mentally sound. She taunts her that Sarla will always be considered Dharam’s wife and Prem as son, Rajvir as illegitimate son. Rajvir angrily tries to confront her, but Suman stops him and says they should not find among themselves, she is fine with being Dharam’s widow and wants to kill his whole family. She says she wants to enter Dharam’s house somehow to kill whole family.

Tejaswini walks to her room and sees Prem angrily trying to break thing. She stops him. He asks if she is still angry him and has not yet forgotten. She collapses. Whole family rushes around her and rub her soles and palms. Doc checks her and says she is very weak and need to taken care well during her pregnancy. She asks them to take care of her. Prem says he will and is eagerly waiting to play with his junior Tejaswini.

Anand gets repeated calls from reporters and he rejects them. Family feels embarrassed on Dharam accepting Rajvir as his son. Sunaina says they are embarrassed in whole Rajpipla. Tejaswini walks in. They ask her why did she come here instead of resting. She says she is worried for Dharam and Sarla’s relationship and says if Anand would have let Suman meet Dharam that day, this situation would not have arisen. Anand says he is guilty for that, but wanted to keep Dharam away from any problems. Tejaswini says that is why Dharam did not tell him anything. Anand asks what they should do. She says they should be on Dharam’s side now as he needs their support. They go and console Dharam. Sarla cries looking at family photo. Tejaswini walks in and consoles her and says Dharam is not wrong and cares for her, so she should support Dharam during this tough time, he was just worried about her life. Sarla walks to Dharam and cries that he did all this to save her, she will be with him whole life. Dharam also hugs her and says he will also be with her whole life. Family rejoices. Prem gets happy that Tejaswini reunited his parents. Tejaswini thinks she needs to meet Rajvir and find out what he is up to now.

Precap: Rajvir over phone informs Preeti that her family is searching cooks and Mandira/Suman will enter as cooks. Mandira and Suman enter as cooks and Priyal hires them. They show their faces to Preeti and smirk. Tejaswini notices them.

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  1. I don’t think this show is going to end by Friday. come they are still introducing new tracks ? And how funny it is for Tejaswini to focus on saving DSR and Sarla’s relationship than DSR focusing on saving Prem and Teju’s relationship, that too in the 11th hour ! They might just focus on Rajvir and Preeti’s marriage track after this…….this happens only in ADDNK !!!!!

    1. The scenarios at the moment really points to the serial not at it’s climax. So I’m thinking that you could be right, maybe there’s still some more episodes to go because it’s moving along like a rocket, introducing new storylines. Doesn’t look like it’s ending at the moment. BTW.. Arushi,now we know why rajveer is bonkers, the fruit didn’t fall far from the tree..his mother is wacko just like him. DSR had to be desperate or mad to sleep with a woman like her…. LoL….I’m talking from a serial perspective.

  2. The precap looks very funny,Mandira and Suman in the disguise of cooks entering Dharamsingh’s house ,so what is their agenda… they want to poison the whole family? Suman saying that she doesn’t mind living as Dharamsingh’s widow indicates this only.So Teja’s duties are n’t over yet,in the remaining 3 episodes,we will be seeing her on yet another mission,,,poor girl,always onto something or the other.The producers don’t seem to have another pair of decent clothes for Prem.for the last five or six episodes,he has been in the same clothes and that blood soaked bandage….why don’t they remove it?Another funny thing is no one in the family including Teja seems to care about his head injury.And he was completely sidelined in this episode ,not even a decent dialogue .That old family photograph that Sarla sees brought back nostalgic memories not only to Sarla but to the viewers as well……Arjun and the other two boys ,how handsome Prem was and how happy everyone looked before this devil preeti’s entry! Kudos to the writers for wrapping up all pleasant characters one by one but continuing with this bunch of cheap idiots, Mandira and Preeti and Ofcourse for degrading this once upon a time lovely love story into one of unimaginable conspiracies and violence.

  3. This is all so Pointless at this stage of events, unless the writers are going have everyone poisoned, i don’t see why they are hiring cooks.


    Writers will show pointless ending as accepted by me… They are dragging drama till thu or fri and on last 5-10 min may be show baby of teju and prem or end with family reunion..

  5. Lakshmi saw a video of last day shoot in YouTube, can’t vouch for its authenticity, in that too Prem is with this blood soaked bandage ?I guess they wish to pack up Pranav in that condition only…. this is symbolic , he going away from the show in a wounded condition, they propably was planning to kill him off, but finally had some mercy on us and let him escape alive. Poor actors, this shows how such producers mistreat and insult the actors capabilities and contribution in a project . whereas, this show was being dragged by only Pranav Jyoti since its initiation, and this is all they get in return at the end. Pathetic ! Not only they were tortured for so long, they were also forced to take a stand and such a huge risk which may deter their careers to great extent. I swear not to follow any show of this production house ever in future, hope Zee has banned them too, and all other GECs ….since this issue has gone to CINTAA I am sure some tangible action will be taken against the makers , that will give me some peace of mind.

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