Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Happy Ending With Arrival Of New Family Member

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 2nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suman prepares kheer and mixes poison in it. She asks Preeti to serve it to the family. Whole family sits for lunch and enjoys food. Tejaswini silently watches. Preeti picks kheer bowl and reminisces family’s trust on her. She drops kheer bowl and cries. Family asks what happened to her. She says this kheer has poison and Suman/Mandira have mixed it disguised as maids. Priyal removes their veil. Family scolds her if she did not check maids before hiring. She says maids were wearing big veil. Preeti says she always betrayed family even though they trusted her. She says it is all Rajvir’s plan. Rajvir thinks he did not think Preeti would betray.

Tejaswini tells Preeti that she knew poison is in kheer, but kept quiet as she trusts her sister. Preet apologizes her. Dharam asks Suman that he did not betray her, then why did wants to take revenge from his family. Suman says though he came searching her, but what about 25 years she lost, she wants her enemies to feel the same pain she went through. Prem taunts Rajvir that his plan failed as he and Tejaswini knew all his plan and had installed CCTV cameras in whole house. Suman says Mandira mopped floor with combustible chemical and even a sliver of fire will burn whole house. Rajvir picks lighter and says he will burst house. Police reaches and arrests Rajvir saying his plan failed. Rajvir thinks she cannot fail and pulls inspector’s gun and says Tejaswini is root of all his problems and shoots at her. Prem bears bullet on his shoulder. Police arrests Rajvir and team drags them away. Prem tells Tejaswini he proved his loyalty for her and she should forgive him now. She forgives him.

Tejaswini gets labor pains. Prem calls whole family. Sarla asks Anand to call doc home as Tejaswini is not in a condition to walk. Doc comes and takes Tejaswini into room for delivery. Prem waits outside room. Anand says he wants grandson. Prem says he wants daughter. Anand says he is joking, even he wants Prem to be stuck between wife and daughter. Doctor comes out and congratulates that a baby girl is born. Whole family walks in and happily pamper baby. Dharam congratulate Sarla for becoming grandparents. Whole family think what to name the child. Tejaswini says Ashwini. Dharam says Ashwini Thakur is his heir now. Whole family rejoices arrival of new family member.

Show ends with Rajvir being sent to jail and birth of Prem and Tejaswini’s baby girl.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Reeshika Patra

    Miss you Prem and Tejaswini….??Hope to see you soon in new serial..Never hoped that the journey will end so soon

  2. Good and a nice ending. If this is the last episode then I do expect the pair of Prejaswini.

  3. Till now I have been watching telly updates and thanks a lot for the guys who updated telly updates.


    I knew end would be like this only…. But i am that show ended happily, and show’s deewangi was ended long back so its end is good and missed arjun and preeti union(though it was not deserved by preeti). I wish rajvir drama would have ended before 1 feb and their union can be seen…

  5. Well i suppose it could have gone worse then it was, at least it was a happy ending of sorts, i was sorry not to see Arjun and the other young sons in the last episodes but i hope they’ve gone on to other projects…Hey friends, lets meet on the new shows forum and carry on, i think we are a great group of people and i would hate to lose touch with you all…I also watch and occasionally comment on Piya Albela, Mehek, I peek in on both the Bhagya’s, i’ve started watching Laddo but not committed to it yet. LOL, Naz lets continue to shame Piya Albela together, i think we’re both really upset with the direction that show has taken!! and i need someone to share my Shaurya with. 🙂 On Mehek, Oh my that smile.

    1. Cathy… We’re surely going to say it as it is on PA.. Chat with you across there…and Shaurya??? Both of us have huge spaces in our hearts so we will split him equally… As with this serial… No comment but just to say I’ll miss Prem and Teja and hope to see them soon.

  6. finally yeah finally phew, i thought it would’ve go on until next week never the less a happy ending and i like they did not discriminate a girl was born to them instead of a boy will kinda miss it though

  7. Dear friends..of ADDNK,
    It was a pleasure to interact with all of you for the past months. We were a beautiful group of friends, we agreed to disagree at times but most of the time, we were seeing through the same lens so that we were always on the same page. Wherever I go, I tend to make friends quickly but this time, even though I have not seen any of you by face, with the exception of Lakshmi, I became friends with you all through my fingertips, such is the power of technology. Our journey together was worth the while, connected through Prem and Teja. I’m sure we’ll meet soon on another serial but for now, I feel sad to see another road reach it’s end and I’ll miss you all. Thanks for having the patience to read my lengthy comments, I talk the same way too..sorry!! Thanks as well for your friendship, I’ll always remember. Lakshmi, Topaz, Seema, Arushi, Jayashree, Cathy, Shraddha, Nimisha and Aditi…you all felt like family. Take care dear friends…?????????

  8. I’m just glad for the happy ending, i will surely miss Prem and Teja but i do wish Pranav and Jyoti the very best. Naz, i just wanted to ask you how do you download from desitvflix site on your computer, i can only download from that site on my tablet, don’t know why. As for all of you who commented on this forum, let’s not say goodbye but meet instead on the new serial that Lakshmi suggested. Till then take care, and Naz and Seema from one Trinindadian to another be safe during this Carnival Season if you do venture out, I stay at home till Ash Wednesday when it’s time to go back to work, I’m just thankful for the days off work. So see you all soon.

    1. Hi Topaz same to you, like you i also stay home for carnival..i am gonna make good use of the days off work…

    2. I’m staying home too Topaz. I don’t participate in carnival, never did and never will, not my thing. You and Seema, be safe as well. I’ll go movies instead or find things to do in and around my home. Topaz, I too use my tab to watch the episodes, I don’t use the computer, the tab is easier for me to handle. I’ll ask my daughter to check it out on her laptop and I’ll let you know next week.

  9. i am very glad we got a happy ending and it wasnt tragic…i just wish that preeti had gone to jail instead of redeeming her but i guess we should have expected that..will miss seeing prejaswini so much, their will always have a special place in my heart, will miss pranav and jyoti i wish them all the best..i think we will be seeing them soon hopefully as there is a post in instagram saying the another production house is making a new series and has approach them both for the leads not confirm yet but hoping its true
    i wil be lookin at the new show on monday so hoping to chat with eveyone on this forum again..take care my friends until monday

    1. Seema it’s the best news you have given us in so many days, that there’s a chance of Pranav Jyoti coming back together in a show, I so hope to see them back soon , together, didn’t get enough of them in ADDNK ?Hope they don’t ignore our request and come back to us with the new show, keeping my fingers crossed for that, love them both and love you all too…will soon meet you again.

  10. I am so sorry this Show had to end ssoo quickly it was a very good Family Show ,,sorry we did not see Preetys end to show u must never betray your loved Ones Very good Actors thank u all n ZeeTV

  11. Friends,finally it is over,and it is an ok ending and on the expected lines.Preeti will never be allowed to suffer and it s ok ,why we wish anyone bad luck,even if it is a fictious characters that too while parting ways ,but if the writers are so magnanimous ,they should have allowed Mandira and Rajvir also to redeem themselves.And Seema,that is good news,we will follow Pranav and jyoti wherever they go ,hope they will sign the new project.
    Friends.,that’s all for now and hoping to see all of you on Monday on Kalire forum.

  12. Hello Naz,how are you,I am sorry I haven’t replied to your mails yet,these people really make your schedule tight ,Ofcourse without getting you stressed out.I will come back to you in a few days time.Coming to the serial,isn’t it amazing that we have seen through three serials? Expected ADDN would
    run for atlast a year but the unexpected turn of events made its journey very short leaving all of us disappointed,any way. Seema is giving us some good news,let us hope the contract will materialise .I know you are on Mahek and I am on Bhootu and Jeet gayi,and planning to see ‘Kalire’,the story seems to be about a fun loving young girl,Naz,will you be watching this ,don’t know how it will turn out to be ,but let us hope for the best.

    1. Hi Lakshmi… don’t worry, I can imagine your tight schedule, when you go back home,you can answer, so I understand fully you not getting the time to answer my mails. You and I have shared 3 serials between us and of course I’m joining you and our other friends on the new serial next week, it would be refreshing to have a serial which can make us laugh and lower our BP instead. As you’ve said,we don’t know how it’s going to turn out but let’s be positive. Enjoy your stay in Kerala, you’ll be home sooner than you think, how time flies month is already gone in the year… Chat next week and have a wonderful and fruitful weekend…

  13. where is our friend Sapphire? will miss your comments too Naz.In just a couple of months we have grown so close,it seems like only yesterday,how time flies,aww man i am all choked up,but will try to comment on other serials,to all who has been commenting here you will also be missed.

  14. Well it could have been worse I suppose. With the hints they were dropping I was almost expecting Prem to die taking that bullet for Teja. I almost could picture Teja with her new born baby showing off Prem’s pic and telling the baby about the kind of man her father was. But Thank God it turned out differently. I’m not sure who said it but they sure had it pegged right when they said it would just be a happy five minutes to end the show. It’s been fun reading and sharing insights with you guys and hope to meet you on other serials. Naz and Topaz like you, I am not venturing out for Carnival in fact I am looking into a weekend far in the country side. My days of taking part are long over. But what ever you are doing be safe and enjoy. To all the others had a great weekend.

    1. Well blow me down! Allybrew,I didn’t know you are Trini too….four of us here, Sapphire and Leisa Morris on other forums as well…you and I could have been exchanging recipes all these past months and still have time to bash the writers. Say what!!! It could have ended differently but while not too satisfying, still it was better than worse…chat soon on another….

  15. I was just reading the updates most of the time. Glad the show ended on a happy note. Although I did not enjoy the show after Preeti’s became the focus but I must admit I enjoyed reading everyone’s chat messages. Hope we meet again soon for a much better show.. So until then bye for now,

  16. Riti

    This was the first Hindi show I watched. I was intereged by the story line and the strong female charecter. Yes, at the end of the series the story line got very repetitive of many Saas-bahu shows but, I couldn’t get over this show. It is sad that it ended this early. They could have done something magically with the chemistry of the leads. Even with this suggestion I pride the writers with the fact that there was a happy ending. I will miss Prem and Tejaswini. I will miss the show.

  17. Hello Friends,Hope you are all doing fine and I am already missing all of you,.thought we would meet on KALIRE forum but to my disappointment ,Telly Updates has n’t even opened the forum and already two episodes are over.Ofcourse Telly Dhamal is giving quite decent written updates and I have even posted my first comment this morning which is still awaiting moderation after almost 15 hours.Any idea why telly is showing step motherly attitude towards this specific serial.

    1. Lakshmi updates on Kaliree are very much available here since the first episode, some of us are commenting there too, not sure why you can’t find it. Check updates of all serials under ZeeTv category , you’ll find it there, move on to page 2 if required. Happy connecting….

  18. a bid farewell to ADDNK and this forum
    thanks to all people whom i came to know through this forum

  19. comments will soon be closing here,just want you guys to know you will be missed and do hope we can continue with our comments on other series take care dear friends bye bye

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