Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejaswini speaks to Mamaji over phone and asks him to send pickle bottle via Preeti soon. Preeti takes phone and says she is excited to study in her college and asks to show her college. Tejaswini asks her to reach soon then. She tells Urmi that she has to arrange money somehow or Preeti’s studies. They both walk. Prem stops Tejaswini. She tries to move aside, but she stops her again. Tejaswini thinks she should calm down and not fight. Prem addresses college students that he has decided to throw a dance competition during janmastami function, they all should start preparations He tells Tejaswini that she must be planned something about the event, she should not as this event is important to him as his pappa’s name is related to it. Arjun asks Prem that he and Tejaswini are organizing event together, so Tejaswini’s opinion also matters. Prem says he did not seek his opinion and asks Tejaswini if she has any problem. Tejaswini says no, she agrees to his idea. She thinks she cannot give much stress to him. Ajju and Vinay think when did Tejaswini become mother Theresa. Arjun apologizes Tejaswini on Prem’s behalf. Tejaswini says it is okay. A student informs that they found sponsor for dance competition and winner will get 50,000 rs reward. Tejaswini asks if anyone can participate. He says yes, sponsor wants couple dance at final event.

At Tejaswini’s house, Preeti packs her clothes. Maamiji asks her not to start shopping there and study well. Maamaji asks her to keep pickle bottle. Sharda gives her laddo box and says she prepared it herself, asks to give pickle bottle to Tejaswini, then stops sadly.

At college, principal announces dance completion participants name. He calls Tejaswini’s name last and then Prem’s. Prem says he did not add his name and will not participate, he challenges Tejaswini that he will not let her get a partner. Tejaswini angrily plays volleyball and thinks what will she do now. Arjun enters and says she may think he is chipku, but he can be her partner and teach her a dance. She agrees. They both walk to dancing practice room. He says they should warm up and then heat up, he will start with simple steps and then kamartod/waist breaking steps. She laughs and says he is talking like girls. He says what is wrong in it. She says when they met first time, he was so rude and ordered to stand in a line. He laughs and says let us start now. He shows step. She says asks to slow down. He shows slowly. She slips. Prem comes and holds her and says once should teach someone that they will remember whole life. He dances with her sensuously on SRK’s music. Everyone look at them silently.

After sometime, Tejaswini goes to Prem and says they have to print posters and if he can check it once. Prem shouts that she is busy in dance completion and has not completed function arrangements. She says she has almost finished her work. He shouts she is training in the morning, then college, then dance practice, when will she make arrangements. He pins her to wall and shouts that she is behind price money and must have even thought how to spend it. Tejaswini pushes him and tries to leave. He holds her again and shouts it is a big amount or her and she will do with it. She confronts him and says it is none of his business and he will not understand it as he is living on his pappa’s money and has not earned a penny in his life. He leaves her and she walks away. He remembers her words and fumes.

Precap: Goons misbehave with Preeti. Preeti pleads to let her go. Tejaswini waits for Tejaswini at bus stop and her phone is switched off. Prem fights with goons and one of them stabs him.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. episode was good except prem’s thinking about tejaswani
    eagerly waiting for monday’s episode

  2. thanks for the fastest update MA

  3. Naz,where are you?It has been more than a week since Iheard from you,hope everything is fine with you and your children.Today ‘s episode is comparatively good, this is what we have been waiting for……at last we could see the beautiful chemistry between Prem and Tejaswani in the dance practice session and I loved them.I am happy that Prem is getting jealous of Arjun’s friendship with Teju and his aggressive attitude in this episode is due to this jealousy only which proves that Prem loves Teju without any doubts.Ofcourse he will realise this ,once his misconceptions about Teju are cleared.
    Coming to Arjun’s new found friendship with Tejaswani ,i think he considers her just a friend only.Had he had any other feelings for Teju.,he would not have applauded after her intimate dance with Prem.But the question is why such a drastic change all of a sudden in Arjun,does he have any hidden motive or has he really changed for good?I think Teju’s sister will be playing an important role in the upcoming storyline,May be she will fall in love with Arjun.And the dreams of Prem…….is he dreaming what he has already seen as a child or just some nightmares? The precap shows Prem saving Teju’s sister from the goons and in the bargain getting stabbed,Quite interesting.Naz ,Waiting to hear from you.

  4. Now plz don’t pair up preeti wid prem as dis zee TV serials have d habit of changing couples..


    Now new entry will create rift b/w prem and teju.. and ab tak i was thinking its going to be 1 love triangle but now their will be 2 love triangles.
    1. Prem-Teju-Arjun
    2. Teju-Prem-Preeti

    1. Sneharnav

      I think I have told earlier that it is not a love triangle. Preeti falls in love with Arjun. Arjun does not love Tejaswini.


      Sneharnav its Indian show.. anything can happen..
      Writers can twist show as per their choice

  6. You are right. It is quite obvious that Arjun does n’t love Tejaswani ,hadhe been in love,his reaction would have been different when Prem snatched Teju from him in the dance practice.Seeing Teju with Arjun,Prem felt bad ,but Arjun seems to have felt no jealousy when Prem was dancing with Teju.Ofcourse ,Zee is famous for love triangles,it never keeps relationships straight,anything can happen at any time.Let us see what is in store for Prem,Teju,Arjun and Preeti

  7. Hi Lakshmi, I’m here but I’m too depressed these days with the serials that I watch to even comment. I’ve been reading yours and the other viewers comments though. From day one Lakshmi, I knew Arjun was playing a game of affection with Teja. He’s one devious snake I tell you…since the beginning, he’s been nothing but trouble but thank goodness recently Prem had overhead Arjun confessing his dirty plotting against Teja and knows what a slimy snake he really is. I think however that Prem should be a more decisive man when it comes to siblings interference in his relationship with Teja , one minute he’s angry with Arjun and then the next he’s all chummy. There’s nothing like a good old third party around to make a man or woman realize what they have and to hold on to it. I see Teja knows how to dance and very nicely I must add!!! It’s good that Teja reminds Prem that he lives off his father’s wealth, hopefully in the near future well see him trying to earn a living. He’ll gain so much respect in Teja’s eyes if he stands on his own.. I agree with you all that anything can happen in these serials which can upset us the viewers so it’s best we keep an open mind… Precap looks interesting. On another note, I’m so damn mad at the turn of events in Woh Apna Sa…its so depressing. Soon I may not have a single serial to hold on to, with the rate these writers destroying these characters and plots. You know what I noticed?? Usually when a serial is about to end or has ended, there’s the section at the opening of the telly update page in which our views are encouraged to say what we feel about the serial that has ended..well, there was absolutely nothing…nada…zilch…for feedback on etretr!! That’s how bad that serial ended, maybe they were afraid of the tongue lashing they would have gotten from us… SAD though!!!

  8. Lakshmi, I think Arjun will be wrecking havoc in Preeti’s life and that will be his retaliation to those who oppose him but it would be satisfying to see him fall for Preeti along the way… I missed chatting with you dear friend, was busy too, although I was watching and reading. Lakshmi, I was also going through some personal happenings in my life and that depressed me too. My last brother whom I nursed and cared for as an infant when my mother was sick and I was only 17yrs old, he and his wife had been giving my daughter who lived with my mom, a very hard time for the past months. My daughter took care of my mother financially and was there in her time of need since she was 14yrs old, just being there personally in the house. My daughter could have lived in my house all these years but I sent her to keep my mother company. Both my brothers don’t give my mom one black cent, as sons, it’s shameful! So my daughter has moved back into my home and we are now a family. I missed her even though I was there everyday to spend time with both mom and her. She now trying to settle down and it would take time to adjust but I’m so happy that she’s back home. Sorry to leave my mom alone at 69 but let me see how much help her sons, bahus and grandkids there would do for her!! Time will tell… To make matters a bit more complicated, mom is difficult to handle as well, she bad talks me with others and it’s very painful when I hear things but I exercise patience that even I may get like that when I get old so how I treat her is an example that I’m setting for my own kids. Lakshmi, our own family sometimes are not our well wishers, so I keep to myself and we do things together now as a family. … I’m grateful though for all that I have, I know that I’m a strong individual but I’m sad at times, thank goodness for my social group of friends, they are true friends. My daughter is officially dating now… ???by living here, she more open and doesn’t have to worry about the others gossiping everytime she jumps in her vehicle to go places. I want to see her happy but I’m not rushing her to marry, it’s her decision to make. I’m trying to avoid what happened with my situation so many years ago. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend dear friend and we’ll chat soon… ??

  9. Naz,you don’t know how relieved I am ,I was so much worried not to hear from you this complete week ,Friend it is natural to be depressed and difficult to concentrate on other things when there are personal compulsions .Your daughter did the right thing by coming back, Infact she should have done this long time back.A young girl leaving her mother and staying with her grandmother all thse years ……….friend.,it is fine to go all out to help our near and dear ones but I feel that we should never allow anyone to take us for granted,We don’t expect any gratitude in return,if they don’t have anything good to say ,no issues but for god sake ,we shouldn’t get mental agony in return.Naz ,I understand your pain very well as I have experienced all this with my in laws,.You went to the extent of leaving your child with your mother for so many years to give her company and some financial help .In my case,I supported my husband to leave his high ranking Army job and the profession itself to stay with them as he is their only child and they were unwilling to move out of Bangalore .Naz at one stage I had to send both my sons to the hostel for five years ……the list is endless and what you get in return ,not even a kind word ,on top of it the comments they pass,just disgusting ,anyone with a conscience will understand and appreciate the value of sacrifices.You know what Naz,no outsider can hurt as bad as our own.Finally around five years back,we moved out of our own house,constructed another one in another part of Bangalore and now living somewhat happily and peacefully.My husband visits his mother every weekend to look after her needs.Friend ,people age but mentalities don’t.i am happy that your daughter is free from all this and doing what a young girl should do.Don’t take too much pain,Naz,it comes only to those who take it and bear it..Leave something to others also.
    As for these serials ,I know they are spoiling all the characters,I have gone through the updates of Woh Apna Sa.,and my god , Nisha’s fake memory loss,and Jhanvi’s kindness to her,same thing Naz, undeserving people taking advantage of the kind hearted people..Bad never feel guilt but good always.Let us see whether Arjun has really changed or he is also faking..Have a nice weekend Friend with your children,cook some tasty food and relax or go for an outing ,Take care.

  10. Lakshmi, now I believe that I should have done exactly as you said, I should have brought my daughter home since years ago. You know when something happens in your life, there’s always a reason for it but we never know till time passes. This evening we went out for dinner at a nice Indian restaurant close by and my mom called me and when I told her that we are out, she didn’t sound pleased. I have to thank God for providing me with a home and I don’t owe the bank one cent!! I sacrificed a lot and saved and built my home with cash and I’m grateful to not be living too close by my brothers. It pains me immensely when I remember how much I’ve done for my siblings being the eldest of 4….and get no thanks. Say what… I’m blessed with two beautiful and caring children, they are my pillars of strength! I apologize for keeping you worried, it’s touching to know that I have a friend in you, even though we live on opposite continents, we have managed to build a friendship. Lakshmi, I’m just like my dad, I’m always smiling, I could almost never keep a straight face, even when it’s required to be serious but when I read your comment, instead of smiling, tears came to my eyes. Thanks for your concern, I appreciate your friendship more than will understand. You also passed through a lot and just like me, I know that your experiences in life have shaped you into the woman , mother and wife that you are…just like me also… How your son in Australia doing?? He must be happy having citizenship now… I hope that soon both of them find some time to come visit you and your husband. Thank God for your husband, he must surely be your rock of Gibraltar!! Stay blessed my friend and let’s hope that Teja and Prem find love soon… I’m tired of seeing love getting defeated by negativity…..i forgot to say that I’m happy that you were able to build another home, away from non well wishers and that you have peace and happiness now in your life. Chat soon… ??????

  11. I loved it
    but still I am waiting for the tym when prem sympathizes wid teja and understands her situation as to why she needs money and stops being rude wid her

    1. Prem already knows why tejaswini is in need for money.

  12. boring episodes in these days.

    1. Happy u replied Dear

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