Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Dharam Accepts Suman Is His First Love

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 26th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajvir reveals that his mother Suman is Dharam’s first illegal wife and he is Dharam’s illegitimate son. Dharam’s family is shocked hearing that. Sarla shatters and asks Dharam if it is true. Rajvir saks him to speak truth now. Dharam tells that Suman is his first love. Rajvir says he is Rajvir Rathore and not Rajvir Thakur. Dharam continues that he used to visit Mumbai for business and met Suman, he started loving her, but one day he heard about her death and was shocked. Rajvir asks why did not he try to search her. Dharam says he tried, but did not find her. Rajvir says his mother got pregnant and tried to meet him, but he had run away from Rajpipla. Dharam says he was shocked hearing about Suman’s death news, so he went out of Rajpipla for sometime. Rajvir says his mother accepted him when he was a not rich, and once he killed Rajpipla’s don and became don himself and amassed wealth, he did not even try to meet his mother when she came.

Anand reminisces Suman with her son coming to meet Dharam on his wedding day. Guards don’t let Suman in. Anand interferes and she says she is Dharam’s first wife and this baby is his Dharam’s son. Ananth shoos her away. Dharam asks Anand why did he do such a big sin, why didn’t he inform him. Anand says he thought Suman is a con woman, so he sent her away. Rajvir warns Dharam to accept him and his mother in front of media, else he knows Prem is in his grip.

Preeti enjoys whole drama and thinks bade papa is gone today. Mandira watches live and jumps in happiness knowing Rajvir is Dharam’s illegitimate son and played game well to punish Dharam. Prem wakes up and sees himself tied in Rajvir’s house. He thinks he has to reach home soon and frees himself. Goons around him and discuss that Rajvir informed not to harm Prem, but to keep him hostaged.

Rajvir wakes up his mother and says today it is Ravan dahan and evil will be punished. Suman looks happy. Sarla confronts Dharam that he shocked him informing first that Prem is not her son and now he has someone else in life before him. Dharam consoles her. Tejaswini feels
Helpless that she is unable to save her family. Prem calls from someone’s number and informs that he escaped from Rajvir’s goons and asks to stop Rajvir whle he returns home soon. Tejaswini stops Rajvir and says Prem is out of his goon’s grip, now she will see how his illegal demands are fulfilled.

Precap: Rajvir tells Dharam’s real life is Suman and not Sarla. Sarla says she is Dharam’s only wife. Rajvir says everything is fair in love and war, and he will use lies to win.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Just read the update….Meh!!

    1. I feel the same way cathy…there’s nothing worth commenting about

    2. I have no hope for the rest of the episodes.

  2. … I still love DSR though… The fault lies with the writers, when writers couldn’t find their way out, they threw DSR under the bus!! No further comment…

  3. The show is going to end on 5 th Feb. Good news for us.

  4. Naz, off late I have started disliking DSR’S character, felt it was pretty out of the loop. He has been shown as weak, passive , powerless, depending on Teju for everything….though people may like him because he was supportive to Teju, but that is all that’s left of him….and frankly this is quite a downfall from his initial powerful assertive upright self. So basically I don’t much care what happens to him by the end, like all other characters DSR’S character was also spoiled by the writers some time back, I would say since his time of return from death. Rest, it seems, the makers are happy focusing the story on the antagonists till the end, may be normal is boring for them, that’s how crooked they are. I am done with this.

    1. I’m glad you pointed out this angle, I totally missed it. Yes, he did become a passive character and the Don became so weak, he really had to rely on Teja to get things done. He would have been a more commendable father in law if he was an ordinary man. As Don, down to the wire, he was supposed to portray the traits which earned him the title of Don but writers couldn’t even shape that single aspect, instead they brought in Preeti, who was someone’s favorite behind the scenes, to commit worse atrocities than we ever saw DSR do. They should have called him Robin Hood instead…suffice it to say, DSR had a good rapport with his bahu and he earns my respect in this capacity. Arushi, I’m going to miss all of you on this forum when this is over…it’s so wonderful to have exchanged ideas for the months gone and I hope we will meet again on another forum.. ???

  5. Yes correct Naz I will also miss everyone. Teja and prems
    relation should Have gone to such an extent that they should have 5,6 children. Right guys????

    1. OMG… Sakshi, that is funny but yes, by now Prem and Teja should have had a few kids sending them nuts.. ??

  6. Hello Naz ,at last I am settled here and getting used to the new environment and new schedule.As you know I have to be here for another 29 is a beautiful place with lots of greenery on one side and the Arabian Sea at the back.The day starts with yoga at 6am followed by various other things till 6pm with two hours lunch break and rest,After 6pm we can watch tv,see mails etc ,should go to bed at 9pm.
    Coming to our serial,I agree with Aarushi that Dharamsingh ‘s character has lost its sheen,Naz,Infact I hold him responsible for Prem developing this inferiority complex by not trusting in his abilities and not giving him any responsibility.Ofcourse why to blame any character including Preeti ,when the writers are to be blamed for this debacle.Had they sent Teja and Prem to college without bringing back Preeti and Mandira ,things would have been different and there would have been space for more tracks.Really never expected this type of ending to Prem and Teja’s love story.By the way ,have you watched any of Ekta Kapoor’s N agin series on Colours.Some viewers on Bhootu forum have mentioned that season 3 will be starting in Feb with Surabhi Jyoti as the lead.Anyway only 5episodes are left,let us keep commenting ,even if there is nothing to comment on the serial.

    1. Ohh dear Lakshmi… I’m so happy you settled in nicely. You sound very positive and the serenity of the surroundings sounds inviting. The itinerary sounds packed which is good because you need to get your money’s worth of activities. You do your thing my friend and in no time, the days would just slip away and you’d be heading back home….i thought of you this morning, whether you’d left home already but I see that you had. Enjoy… Coming to Nagin 3, if Surbhi Jhoyti is the lead, then Mouni Roy has moved on, right?? I’ll watch it on Desitvflix because I don’t have Colors TV on my cable package.. Take care and enjoy your stay in Kerala..

  7. Friends will miss all of you immensely and there will be a void in life till we reconnect again, not sure when that will happen again as I am fed up with Indian soaps and hardly follow anything on this platform. Let’s see. Hope for the best expecting something exciting show to come up, though noting interesting seems to be lined up and most of the shows are such that I dread catching up even one scene in those. The ghastly makeup, ubsurd storyline and OTT histrionics give me nightmares , headaches and heartburn

    1. Indeed, we will miss the rapport that we shared Arushi..hopefully we’ll find each other on another worthy serial. Arushi, I’m from the Caribbean but I love my Indian culture so that’s why I’m on these forums. Lol… I can’t wait to see what writers do to Preeti…hope she gets what she deserves and nothing else…

    2. I am from Dubai Naz….but all I have been ever hooked to so far is Indian soaps, but now it seems nothing more left to be seen. About PR factor, if I have understood the writers phycology and obligation, they will show her repentance and ” being wholeheartedly forgiven ” status in just 2 scenes in the final episode and then she will live happily ever after. Rest of the Rathore family may die or even go to hell , Prejaswini included…. that’s the writer of ADDNK talking through me

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