Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajvir is Dharam’s Son

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 25th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem grips Rajvir and says he will not him escape. Rajvir says laughs that however Prem tries, he will reach Dharam’s house. Drama ensues. Rajvir walks towards car. Prem tries to call Tejaswini, but Rajvir’s goons hit his head from behind and he collapses. Tejaswini walks towards Rajvir’s another car and finds a lady inside. She video calls him and says there is a lady inside his car, she will take her to police station instead of home. Rajvir calls her my love and asks her to look at her love of life, showing unconscious Prem surrounded by his goons. Tejaswini gets worried for Prem. Rajvir orders his goons to trash Prem and they do same. Rajvir then beats Prem and orders goons to kill Prem and throw him away. Tejaswini pleads not to. Rajvir orders to take the lady to her room then and keep video on. Tejaswini does same.

At home, Preeti tries to brainwash Sarla, Priyal and Sunaina as usual. Sunaina hopes they find out who Rajvir is.
Tejaswini returns home with lady. Mandira watches live video and thinks she must be same woman using whom Rajvir will destroy Dharam’s family.

Rajvir throws water on Prem and asks him to see Tejaswini taking his secret home. Prem opens eyes and pleads Tejaswini not to take that lady home, else a big disaster will happen. Tejaswini reaches home. Family asks who is this woman. Dharam stands shocked seeing her. Lady runs towards Dharam to kill him shouting she was waiting for this day. Family catches him and asks Dharam who is this woman. Dharam says Suman. Sarla asks if he knows this woman. Rajvir walks in and asks to tell who Suman is. Tejaswini warns him to stay away from his family issues.
Rajvir says why should not he, Suman is his mother and he is Dharam’s illegitimate son. Family is shocked hearing this. Drama continues….

Precap: Rajvir confronts Dharam that because of Dharam, his mother suffered whole life and wished to destroy Dharam, now he will destroy Dharam, asks Dharam to call media and inform that he is Dharam’s son, else he knows what will happen to Prem.

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  1. That is quite expected ,,The reason for Rajvir’s madness/perverted behaviour is his frustration and anger stemmed out of his illegitimate status .I don’t know whether to side with him or not but seeing ones mother going mad is certainly tortuous.But without knowing the actual story,we can n’t hold Dharamsingh guilty.still it is surprising that he hasn’t said a single word and there is a shocked expression on his face.Rajvir says his mother has been mentally unstable bur she readily recognised Dharamsingh ,I would like to see if she will recognise her son when she regains senses .There are many questions to be answered like how come Rajvir is so rich and foreign educated etc.
    But Prem’s habit of walking into trouble irritates me,knowing Rajvir ,he should have taken his own men of atleast given a hint of the matter to Teja after speaking to the doctor.Anyway,god only knows our writers’ways,better not to venture into them for our own peace of mind.

    1. Lakshmi, that’s my problem too, Prem never thinks rationally and calmly and it’s irritating as hell for me. When will he ever grow up?? Most men never do!! If it wasn’t for Teja, I don’t think he’d be of any use…no education, always angry, distrustful, irrational and easily coerced by just about everyone except his wife. Seriously…in real life, no woman today will stick with a man like him….. I’m separating Prem from Pranav.. OK ?.. …

  2. Minna Chandran

    It began as a simple college love hate story then enters Preeti Mandira now its a skeletons falling out of cupboard story dharma killed Tejas father dharma not prem father now he has illegitimate son who is prems cousin by the way v v confusing and to top it all Preeti!!! Good it’s ending

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