Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajvir’s Secret Enemity With Dharam’s Family

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 22nd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preeti calls Mandira and tells her what happened at Dharam’s home. Mandira panics saying all her plans failed and now Prem and Tejaswini will not spare her. She suggests her to provoke Priyal and Sunaina against Tejaswini and develop hatred in their mind for her. Priyal tries to brainwash Sunaina against Tejaswini and says Tejaswini cleverly erased proof against her and convinced Prem. Preeti walks in ands says even she feels same, Tejaswini is her sister but is wrong and can go to any extent to rule on Dharam’s seat.

Prem points gun on doctor’s head and warns if he knows who he and his father. Doctor says he knows. Prem asks why did he make fake DNA report then. Doctor says he was helpless and Rajvir forced him to prepare fake report. He reminisces whole incident. Prem angrily walks out. Tejaswini walks in next. Doctor informs that Prem tried to kill him. Tejaswini says he deserved this punishment for his sin and asks where did Prem go. Doctor says he does not know, he asked who forced him to make fake report, when he told Rajvir, Prem walked away. Tejaswini thinks Prem went to punish Rajvir then and rushes towards Rajvir’s house.

Mandira rushes to Rajvir’s house and panics that Prem and Tejaswini united and now Prem must be coming here to punish them. Rajvir laughs ands says even air needs his permission before touching him. Mandira warns him not to be overcondifent. Rajvir asks her to manage Preeti and leave the rest to him. Mandira continues trying to convince him. Door bells rings. Mandira hides. Rajvir opens door. Prem walks in angrily and asks why did he do all this, what enemity he has with them. Rajvir laughs and says he wants Prem and Tejaswini destroyed completely. Prem trashes him and asks what enemity he has. Rajvir tries to retaliate but fails. Mandira thinks Rajvir is gone today, even she should hide else Prem will kill her. Prem is about to throw heavy object on Rajvir when Tejaswini entes and stops Prem. Tejaswini also confronts Rajvir for his heinous acts. Rajvir challenges that he will destroy whole Rathore family for their betrayal. Tejaswini insists what enemity he has with her family. Rajvir laughs and says she herself will know in 24 hours. Tejaswini challenges that he cannot harm her family and leaves with Prem. Mandira returns and says when Tejaswini and Prem unite, they will not spare their enemy. Rajvir asks her to relax, they both will attack Dharam’s family at once. Mandira asks what enemity he has with Dharam. Rajvir says she will know when Tejaswini herself will find out…He calls his goons

Precap: Tejaswini says Prem that she does not think Rajvir is just lying, he knows some secret. Prem says he will drop her and find out what it is. He hires detectives and showing Rajvir’s photo asks to find out his complete details.

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  1. Thought we will see a quick farewell to all the three villains in the remaining episodes and see more of Prem and Teja coming close again .But today’s episode indicates the same old obsession of the writers with Mandira and Preeti.Looks like these ten episodes will show Prem and Teja running around the country side to enquire about Rajvir and the reasons for him hating Dharansingh and family.Why can’t the writers understand that in these ten days we would like go see Prem and Teja bonding again for one last time? Anyways what difference does it make to them now,they have already destroyed a beautiful love story with these stupid revenges.

    1. I agree with your comment Lakshmi and writers probably trying to make up their minds on what the reason should be as to why Rajveer entered DSR’s life. Meanwhile, Preeti and mandira are getting ready for more action….when writers should have already built the pyre for them. Seriously…i await to see Preeti’s fate more than anyone else’s….imagine, she’s sees herself getting exposed soon but is still so confident that she’ll conquer Teja, and as Teja’s sister, is determined to see the end of her.. So, how does writers expect to redeem this soul…? I see no room for such.. The end of this serial should bring a deserving end to obnoxious Preeti and nothing else.. BTW… Lakshmi, did you check your inbox? Sent off a few mails few days ago and last night, I know you are having problems with the mails, just let me know if you got them, reply when you get time, no hurry…

    2. Lakshmi! You sound suprised, remember how Raja and Rani’s last days on ETRETR instead of them being happy at last they royally screwed us with that ridiculous Pregnancy, they didn’t even gives a romantic consummation all of a sudden she was knocked up with twins, one was kidnapped and Raja and Rani died a horrible death…”epic ending wasn’t it”? <<(insert sarcastic tone) i don't hold out for a satisfactory ending with this show either.

  2. I just gave up on this series when you thought there are going to be some changes lo and behold in comes some drama now what in God’s name is this secret,is Prem Dharam’s son after all? Hardly ever watches it so like I am sailing right now

    1. Dear Jayashree, where were you? Of course Prem isn’t DSR’s biological son, he is mandira’s beta.. The secret in mention, is the one between DSR and Rajveer but your prediction would be very much welcome…better than what I think…..


    9 more episodes to go and we shall see hush-hush ending… ????

  4. Very disappointed with today’s episode i was hoping to see prem trying to redeem himself by doing something romantic for teja or decorating their room with baby stuff and surprising her, something along those lines, wanted to see him be loving and caring towards her…instead the writers have him on a rampage against rajveer and continuing with their obsession with that disgusting preeti…the writers and producers are the reason for our show to go off air the least they could have done was let us see prejaswini building back their relationship for the next 10 days.
    But like you said Lakshmi what’s the difference they already destroyed a beautiful love story

  5. Well the writers are seem to be trying to wrap things up in a hurry. I am not sure how soon they are going to introduce it to the story line but I saw a clip in the points to DSR having a illegitimate child who turns out to be non other that Rajveer. He apparently brings his mother who is a mental patient (now we know where his craziness comes from). I was really disappointed as I was hoping to see just how Prem is planning to get back in Teja’s good graces. Hopefully they will at least devote an episode or two to this.

    1. Well blow me down!! Is that news correct Allybrew? If it is, then my prediction is a zinger! I did predict in my comment on 18th, that Rajveer could well turn out to be DSR illegitimate son or brother…so it’s a son for DSR! I was hoping that Jayashree’s prediction came true instead.. Lakshmi did ask about Rajveer’s trip to the mental asylum so Rajveer’s mother being there, explains it all… We are almost to the end of the serial and now writers are introducing a new character!! Are they for real? Now Sarla will feel a double whammy… Firstly, Prem isn’t her biological son and secondly, not only does DSR has a living biological son but a mistress as well!! Now we know where Rajveer got his madman tendencies from…..

    2. Naz, not a mistress, this child was apparently born out of wedlock much before DSR’s alliance with Sarla, meaning at a much younger age. I am sure they will show DSR completely unaware about Rajbir’s birth as well as his mother being alive till now. After all, the writers are hell bent on proving him an innocent magnanimous sage soul known as DON, may be that ‘s his pet name lovingly coined by his mother at his childhood !

  6. I am happy that in hurry of show closure they didn’t omit Teja Prem’s equation, Tejaswini is an unique character and she maintained that by disbarring Prem from being her husband and father to her child, that was really WOW ! This was a landmark evolution as per Indian soap standards . I am also happy that they let the child survive, that they didn’t take it to the normal morbid route of miscarriage, and showing it as a girl child is commendable. All is left to be seen in the show is Prem’s repentance and redemption, it would have been such an interesting watch if shown with subtlety and delicacy, but that needs time and the show doesn’t have that, such a disappointing end to a show which was so full of promises and potential. Will really miss Prejaswini , Pranav Jyoti chemistry, they are never going to come back together in any show, because that’s the trend. Not sure how much they will miss each other but we will miss them immensely, such an iconic couple, they charmed us all. Feeling very sad while I move through the last few episodes of ADDNK

  7. Allybrew it will be shown/ revealed in today’s and tomorrow’s episodes that Rajbir is DSR’s illegitimate child, very predictable. One thing I am very confused about, despite the entire family knowing that Prem was regularly drugged by someone in the family, none raised a single question who had been doing that mischief, not even Prem himself., it’s also not clear to me why Teju and DSR not exposing Preeti even now, I guess the makers are adamant to show any unreasonable and unrealistic thing to showcase their favorite psycho till the last episode. And then they will turn her to mother Teresa in the final point. She is such a jinx, the show dipped from the moment she entered it and she will take it to its end….Good riddance for the makers I must say, bunch of morons.

  8. Minna Chandran

    Zee is famous for ruining great stories woh apna sa and scores of other serials I begin watching then dump them this was a great story turned sour with Mandira Preeti and that lousy Rajvir

  9. BTW, I like this actor doing the Rajvir role, he is doing the role of desperate perverted psycho quite well, the other 2 are so OTT can’t stand a glance of either of them, all they know is making abrupt facial expressions and shouting at the top of their voices in name of dialogue delivery, so much overacting , really hate both of them, I mean even the actors, gives me serious headaches….God , just let me see more of Prejaswini in these last few days and kill PR and Mandira ASAP, not a good thing praying for somebody’s death but I am helpless here !

  10. Arushi, the exact same thought crossed by mind when Teja made that announcement about the drugs. I had a ” but what the …..” moment when I realised that no one was going to raise the question exactly who could have done that. And poor DSR could’nt because he would implicate himself and everyone would realise he was helping Teja all along. So I just have to remind myself that is is serial land where logic and reason do no reside

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