Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem informs Dharam that Tejaswini went to Ankleshwar. Dahram says there is something more to it and they will go to Ankleshwar and clear Tejaswini’s mom’s doubt about him. Prem agrees, but then reminisces Sharda’s words that Dharam is a goon and does not deserve respect. He tells Dharam that Tejaswini’s mom will get angry seeing him, so he will call them here andcl clear their doubt first. Dharam says as he feels fine.

At Tejaswini’s house, her aunt feeds her samosas and says she will prepare her favorite food today. Mamaji asks Tejaswini to and rest. Sharda and maami walk in. Mamaji says he handled situation here somehow. Sharda returns and happily says Tejaswini’s principal called and told Tejaswini topped in whole Gujrath, so she will be felicitated along with her mother, they have to go to Rajpipla tomorrow. Tejaswini thinks if Prem has arranged this. Principal on the other side tells Prem that Tejaswini and her mom agreed to come here.

Sharda with Tejaswini and mamaji reaches college and hopes she does not see Dharam here. Mamaji asks her to relax. Prem asks Arjun to let Tejaswini and her mom sit in first row once they come. Arjun says he already told thrice. Urmi informs him that Tejaswini and her mom have reached. They enter and sit in front row. Principal greets them and calls Dharam to come and felicitate Tejaswini. Dharam walks in front of them. Sharda fumes seeing him and shouts if he will felicitate her daughter, he is a big goon. Anand pulls out mic’s wire. Dharam does not hear voice and asks technician to check. He goes out to call vendor. Anand asks Sharda why she is insulting Dharam, her daughter is safe because of him and Arjun saved her from fire. Sharda asks Tejaswini if this all happened here. Tejaswini says she came to Ankleshwar to inform her same. Sharda says why did not she. Dharam says this is not the time to talk all this, let Tejaswini take medal and certificate. Sharda throws medal and certificate and angrily leaves. Dharam tries to walk behind her, but Anand stops her.

Sharda walks out, mamaji tries to calm her down. She scolds Tejaswini this is what she wanted to give her, she was more worried about a goon’s dignity than her mother’s pain. Tejaswini says she did not break promise. Sharda continues. Prem and Dharam watch from a distance. Tejaswini says she may lie, but not this medal, it signifies her hard work. Sharda throws medal and says this medal is given by Dharam who ruined so many family, she warns Tejaswini to stay away from her and leaves in car. Prem tries to walk towards Tejaswini, but Dharam stops him and says this is their family issue. Tejaswini thinks she will work hard and turn this bronze medal into gold.

Precap: Dharam over phone tells Prem that Chirag’s kidnapping was necessary. Tejaswini hears that and calls inspector. Prem stops her and warns if he can become good, he can also become bad for pappa.

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    This sharda is big pain.. she is neither revealing truth to tejaswini nor talking to dharam.. she is creating mis understandings only.. and i m sure that its something fishy about truth behind teju’s death. Sharda even spoiled teju’s happy day..


      Teju’s father’s death*

  2. I agree with you Shraddha that this woman has a disturbed mindset,no doubts she suffered a lot but what does she want to achieve by pestering her daughter without telling the truth.How can Tejaswani appreciate her mother’s feelings if she is kept in dark.And why is Sharda so annoyed with Dharamsingh Rathore’s presence in the function,does n’t she know that he is the trustee of the college where her daughter is studying on scholarship and it is very natural for him to be invited to all the functions?She accuses Dharamsingh that he is a Goonda and hence doesn’t know the value of hardship and education,O.K ……What about her? As the mother of a meritorious student,she should n’t have chosen this occasion to vent out her anger and frustration that too without revealing the truth.No wonder ,Dharamsingh was dumbstruck ,either he has not recognised Sharda or respects her a lot.And poor Tejaswani,I feel sorry for her,how embarrassed she was for her mother’s outburst.Another thing I don’t like about sharda is she is too rigid and stubborn to analyse and appreciate situations on their merit.It was absolutely fine of her getting mad at Teju when she stayed in a stranger’s house without her knowledge but was she justified in talking so bluntly when she was told that her daughter was saved by Prem and taken to his house in an unconscious state?Instead of feeling happy for this god sent help,she shouts at Teja and leaves abruptly,what a mother!Somehow ,I find her too rigid and dominating ,have we ever seen her in a soft mood?How can Teja think of love and romance when her mother is always at the back of her mind?

    1. right Lakshmi well said.

  3. Sorry for any ty.po errors

  4. I fed up with thsi teju’s mother character.

  5. You are right Naz the problem with Prem is he doesn’t behave like a mature guy,a young girl can look innocent and naive and will be more attractive but not a man,here Prem doesn’t look innocent but the way he looks at Teja and behaves with her,there is a hint of submissive attitude that no woman finds attractive.A woman wants her man to have confidence in himself and a bit aggressive,Ofcourse in a positive way.But ,I think the problem here is not with the actor but with the direction itself.Do you remember Naz that Raja was also in a similar situation during Rani’s political track but he never looked subdued,As we all know Raja /Don/Raju’s character was full of weak points compared to Rani’s ,just like Prem and Teju ,the only difference is Raja and Rani had been soul mates since childhood and the director of Etretr never allowed Raja losing confidence or to look subdued except on one and only occasion when Bindu plays the dirty trick on a drugged Raja and tells him later that they are a
    couple now.
    Friend ,I do remember Raghav from Ek Mutti Asman aired from 2013 to 14.Though not very handsome,his chemistry with Kalpi was awesome,best example that looks are not important but attitude is and if a guy has both like Raja,nothing like it. Prem is handsome but the director should work with his attitude,in the beginning he was aggressive but it was just like a school boy’s, blindly believing in his cousins and doing stupid things.After knowing the truth he looks so stary eyed that his love for Teja looks like puppy love.If he strikes a balance,he will look mature and attractive .Coming to Teju,her attitude is too frigid for the budding of any romance,let us hope that the ugly scene in the award function doesn’t worsen the situation.

    1. I’m so happy that you understood my comment, thank you Lakshmi ??? I hoped that you would have… BTW…. I researched the Indrani Mukherjea case, wasn’t too much indepth but I understood enough. I remember reading a local newspaper here of world news and didn’t pay much attention to the story but seeing Sheena Bora’s name, my memory was jolted. My God Lakshmi, how could a mother murder her own flesh and blood??? It’s beyond comprehension in each instant wherever in the world a crime like that is committed…..and all for $$$$$$….i don’t want to stereotype anyone but there’s actually people out there who we may interact on a daily basis with and actually have personas like that!!! There were a group of viewers on WAS who hated Jhanvi’s character to the core and thought that Nisha is the ideal wife material. They all believed that she’s right to behave in the manner that she did. Even if it’s rape or murder planned by Nisha, it was correct in their eyes saying that she was protecting her assets.. I don’t know these people personally but their writings, their abusive comments were an eyeopener, they could very well be cut from the same cloth as Nisha, who knows!!! Let’s wait and see what is the game changer towards Prem’s maturing character…

  6. Lakshmi, you have summed up just what I wanted to write. I agree with you 100%….even I was taken aback at Shards’s tone and her unwarranted stance on a platform as that. She lacked class, it was neither the place and time to rant like that. I was watching the episode and I said.. Whattttt!!! Seriously????? She humiliated her daughter in front of so many people by her hostility and Dharam Singh who was or is s Don, didn’t even raise his voice in anger and he’s supposed to be a bully!!! Guaranteed Teja’s dad died violently but isn’t there always three sides to a story?? Shards carried so much hatred in her heart for so long, did she respond Amy benefits?? How can someone carry hatred and baggage for all these years, wow!!! What a character !!! She came across as a shrew!!! Anyway… I strongly believe that Teja’s dad wasn’t a straight cop to a certain extent, he may have done something which angered the Don, hence him losing his life. I don’t think writers will allow Teja to fall in love with her father’s murderer, there will be a point of redemption for Dharam Singh and Sharda will bury her pride and ego in shame and regret, that’s if I was writing this script.. ? I think we’d see a maturing of Prem soon because he’d want to know the reason for Sharda’s accusations.

  7. gosh…. sorry for typo errors, you know what I mean…

  8. Naz,I don’t know what’s wrong with the Telly Updates for last night’s episode but this time only updates are given,neither there is place to write our comments nor any provision to post them.So here I am back again to communicate with you and I am surprised to know that a section of the viewers of Woh Apna Sa support that terrible character,Nisha,women like Nisha and Indrani are not fit to be called humans ,leave alone supporting them.They are simply ghastly.Just reading about these cold blooded women should send a chill down the spine,I can not imagine on what basis certain people like and support them.Naz ,have you seen the photos of Sheena. Such a young and pretty girl and the way she was murdered,My god,friend ,though I am not a criminal lawyer,I have come across murder cases much more terrible than this one,but this case always shakes me,there is something monstrous about a
    young girl being drugged and held firmly by Indrani’s second husband in the back seat of a
    moving car and her own mother strangling her.The wretched people later took the body to a secluded place and burnt it down to bones.And the horror is after doing all this,the mother carried on with her high society ,glittery life style without any qualms about her sins.So the makers of WAS are portraying the most terrible and negative angle of a woman but the sad thing is these inhuman creatures do exist in real life,the best example is Indrani,but they should neither be supported nor shown any kindness,they deserve only gallows.

    1. I also noticed no comment section, so here I am… I did see photos of Sheena, she was beautiful, I stared at the photos for long minutes and I felt a chill that a mother could do something like this. Money is the root of all evil and this case proves it…..and any crime in which blood is shed or life is taken, is unforgiving and unpardonable in my eyes and yes, Nisha had a following and they appeared from nowhere one day on the forum without a hello or greeting and simply knocked us for not supporting her and then disappeared a week or two later… So much for that… Lakshmi, I don’t really like today’s episode,chemistry is lacking between this lead couple and I don’t see it happening soon, how writers introduce this emotion between these two, would be interesting. I’m not feeling the charm and lustre in this episode, it feels bland.. Sigh!!! I’m so disappointed at the moment with this and also the direction in which WAS is heading… Have a wonderful weekend dear friend….i have to attend a wake tonight, friend’s brother passed away, so you enjoy your weekend and till Monday,…☕☕

  9. Regarding last night’sepisode,well!I don’t know what to say.I feel that the makers are trying to give a noble look to Dharamsingh and his family’s unlawful escapades,but they should realise Good and Bad do not co-exist.The kidnapping of Chirag by college going students was distasteful ,though it was done with a noble intention: no doubts ,the result was positive but Would the writers allow Prem and his siblings to committ more serious crimes,like killing someone,for social justice? And Prem should not think that his father is above criticism, no male member in Rathore’s family works for a living,except for Dharamsingh’s professor Prem should analyse the source for their luxurious lifestyle.Whatever it is Prem is back to square one and except for fights,there is no love between the leads.

  10. Where we have to post my comment for 21st july episode.

  11. Hello Ammu,I think there is some problem with telly updates for21st July episode,once or twice,. It happened with ETRETR also.So commenting here is the only alternative left,But I am disappointed with the way this story is shaping up,for name sake,this is a love story but what Prem and Teju love is to fight.Almost 45 episodes are over,leave alone romance,there is neither friendship nor compatibility between the leads,They never see eye to eye,always misunderstanding each other.I think the writers are dragging this track too much.Hope the writers appreciate our feelings and start the much awaited romantic track.Ammu,do you watch any other serials other than this? From today. Zee is starting Fear Files if you are interested in horror.As for me I watch Aarambh,a historical serial on star plus.awesome chemistry between the leads.Have a nice weekend Friend.

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