Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Tejaswini Invites Rajvir Home

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 1st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sunaina hears Dharam warning Preeti that once mistake is forgiven, but repeated purposeful mistakes are not forgiven. She takes Preeti’s side and says Preeti apologized for her mistake already. Deep, Sarla, and Priyal join her. Dharam says they don’t know Preeti well. Sunaina stops him and says she knows her bahu well, and Preeti even saved Prem’s life. Anand and Priyal try to speak, but Sunaina stops them and takes preeti with her. She

Preeti walks to her room thinking family trusts her so much. She packs her clothes. Mandira walks in and warns Preeti to do her job. Sunaina, Sarla, and Priyal knock door. Preeti panics and asks Mandira to hide. Mandira hides in bathroom. Sunaina, Sarla, and Priyal and ask Preeti not to leave home. Perfume bottle falls on cloth.
Priyal says she will clean it and walks towards bathroom. Preeti panics and says she is not going, takes cloth and says she will clean it later. They all 3 walk out. Mandira comes out and emotionally blackmails Preeti that she is like her daughter and if she does not help her, she will kill her.

Goons kidnap Preeti. Preeti pleads to free her. Dharam comes and says he will kill her if she does not tell what Suman, Mandira and Rajvir’s plan is. Preeti reminisces Mandira’s warning that she will kill her if she betrays her, lies that she does not know anything. Dharam says his faily trusts her a lot, so he is sparing her, but she should not play her dirty tricks. He frees her. She walks back home to inform Mandira and Suman when she hears their conversation where Suman doubts Preeti. Mandira says chatanki will not betray them as she is an emotional fool and if she does she will be killed. She thinks family trusts her so much, and she is Mandira’s just puppet.

Mandira wipes floor yelling. Lawyer enters and gives court notice to Dharam and says Rajvir has claimed Dharam’s 100% property and warned him to disown Prem of his properties. Tejaswini hears that and calls Rajvir who asks if she saw his notice. She says yes and says it is a family issue and he can come home and speak. He says at least she considered him a family member. Family hears her and asks why did she call Rajvir here. Tejaswini say sit is part of her plan, but stops seeing Preeti. She calls Preeti and asks to join them. Preeti thinks family trusts her so much. Tejaswini thinks her words are affecting Preeti positively. She says there is no plan, they will invite Rajvir home and speak to him calmly. Drama continues….

Precap: Dharam asks inspector to arrest Rajvir Mandira, and Suman. Rajvir pulls inspector’s gun and says Tejaswini is reason for defeat and he does not like defeat, shoots at Tejaswini.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Thanks Nimisha, I would check out the serial on Star Bharat. Although I have the biggest romantic bone in me, I absolutely love the suspense/ thriller genre….. On to this serial topic.. I’ve never quite liked when MA says “drama continues” but for the past few days, I’m so glad MA spares me the headache of
    reading, that I’m happy to see “drama continues”…at the end of the updated episode. On yesterday’s episode, I almost blew a fuse when Preeti was questioning herself whether she was doing the right thing concerning the family. I got the impression that writers wanted to give her redemption but then she did a 180 degree turn. Preeti’s ego is so convoluted, so full of spite and so
    huge, she let it consume what’s left of her rational thinking, so she continued with her evil deeds. Mercifully, this is ending soon. I put myself behind the scenes and my heart breaks for Pranav and Jothi,but most especially Pranav. I seriously don’t like how he’s treated and he’s the male lead for goodness sake. I’m hoping and wishing that he gets better projects soon and can move on from this debacle. I don’t care how this serial ends up now… except getting my one wish come true and that is Preeti’s ruination!!

  2. and the drama continues,give us some romance na gawd man its irritating and annoying its coming to an end and we hardly get to see any romance between the lead pair jeez why do all these series have to be like this don’t we have directors/producers out there who can give us a stress free non-violence and without villains series? stew that will be the day give us clean family and romantic series i sound stupid right…..

  3. Forgive me for sounding crude but clearly the actress playing Preeti is sleeping with someone to get so much airtime..if Prem and Teja are not going to be front and centre in the last few episodes at least they could have focused on the family. Utterly ridiculous. and SHAME on the Producers and Writers for doing this to us.

  4. I bet they’re just going to repeat the same plot where Preeti takes the bullet to redeem herself. ?

  5. today’s episode same as yesterday,,depressing and frustraing…ignoring prem hardly saw teja and everything focused on preeti trying to redeem herself..i am so angry at the why pranav is being treated,,he was totally absent from yesterday episode and today he was totally ignored and he is the lead heart goes out to him…why do these writers think we want to see preeti redeem herself we dont really care what happens to her, unless they kill her off…we just want to see prejaswini reconcile and some romance between them, not focus on disgusting preeti….the way its goin it looks like they gonna continue with this track tomorrow..these writers/producers are a shameless, characterless and vindictive bunch of people and i wish both pranav and jyoti gets better and bigger projects in their career soon cause i will miss seeing them both.


    Predictable end… Hush hush end and in last 5-6 min happy ending…
    Show deserved better ending…
    But i am happy also, as deewangi is over, a d they are not going to drag it unlike other bakwas show where either seperation or villian wins only..

  7. Hey! is anyone one going to check out “Kaleerein” which starts Monday? i’ll check it out, hope to see you on the new forum.

    1. I’ll check it out too Cathy. I’m on the other new one as well.

  8. Not sure whether I will catch it or not, too heartbroken at the moment, will take some time to recover. Anyone following Pranav or Jyoti in insta ? Hoping they will update their future projects on insta so that fans can look forward to that.friends, we should decide on a common platform where we can keep in touch meanwhile ,and exchange views on whatever show we are following. It will be so unfortunate if we lose each other after the show ends tonight

  9. Friends,there is nothing to discuss about ths serial now,it is over and done with hope Preeti will spend the rest of her life behind the bars ,that ‘s the least they can do for the viewers.We certainly don’t want her to redeem herself after committing countless crimes.And Teja,does she really believe Preeti is redeemable? It is noble to be kind and big hearted,but some people like Preeti and Mandira can never be changed,you will be inviting trouble by being kind to them as has been going on with Teja since the beginning.I agree with you Seema that Prem’s presence in this episode was just for name sake,really pathetic to see him like this.Thank god,the torture will be over this evening and let us wish them the very best with the best production houses.And let us all move to ‘Kalire’ from 5th Feb,,,,so no need to say farewells and goodbyes.

    1. Lakshmi, the best forums I’ve been on were ETRETR, KLKAH and this one. We gave the best analyses on each of the serials and all our comments were informative, insightful, entertaining and intelligently indepth, no other forums that I’ve been on have I made so many friends. We all here just became friends, were were like we’ve known each other for a long time and that’s the plain truth. While on the KKB forum, I did reply to some comments but it was clear that some weren’t interested in being friends,so I just gave my contributions and that was it… with the exception of Sapphire and Jayashree, it wasn’t a welcome thing across the others as well. Cathy and I are on PA, Mehak and this one, so we do chat. I agree with you, let’s all try the one to be aired soon so that we will still be in touch. What say everyone?????

  10. Arushi i feel the same way as you do…i am so heartbroken and sad i will miss pranav and jyoti very much, but i will check out the new show kalire so that i can stay in contact with everyone on this forum..for the short time i have been on this forum you all have become my friends and especially happy to have met my fellow trinis naz and topaz…so guys after today’ episode of addnk will chat with you all on kalire forum

  11. oh btw arushi i follow both pranav and jyoti on Instagram i also follow addnk official site.
    i saw some good news on addnk instagram concerning pranav and jyoti, according to the article posted another production house is making a new serial titled “menka” and the producers have approached pranav and jyoti for the lead roles..its not confirmed yet but i’am keepin my fingers cross that they accept and its friends lets hope to see pranav and jyoti soon

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