Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejaswini gets trapped in storeroom fire and collapses. Prem rushes to rescue her and himself collapses. Sarla and others get worried for them. Prem wakes up and walks to Tejaswini crossing fire. He lifts her and takes her out. Everyone see them and relax. Prem and Tejaswini are taken home. Prem is treated for his burn wounds. Doc says he is fine. Prem tells Sudha that he will spend time at home with her. Tejaswini wakes up and sees Priyal in front of her. Priyal asks how is she and goes to inform Dharam that Tejaswini woke up. Tejaswini thinks she has to go before Dharam comes. She gets up. Her anklet falls. Nurse tries to stop her, but she leaves. Dharam walks in and nurse says she left. He calls her, but she leaves without speaking. Dharam says he needs to find out why she wants to break relationship with them.

Tejaswini reaches hostel. Her friend Urmi asks why did she come alone, she would have come to pick her up. She says Prem saved her by risking his life and even got burnt. Tejaswini is surprised and thinks why he donated blood twice for her and even saved her risking his life. She reminisces her mother’s promise not to keep contact with Dharam’s family. Prem goes to Tejaswini’s room and thinks why she left. He finds her anklet. A romantic song plays in the background. Tejaswini calls mamaji and explains whole situation and says she did not go there herself. Mamaji says it is not her mistake and he will thank god for protecting her. Prem continues looking at Tejaswini’s anklet. Tejaswini calls him from her friend’s number. He asks how is Tejaswini. She says hmm and cries. He says Tejaswini..She disconnects call and thinks why could not she speak.

Next day, Prem goes to college and asks Urmi where is Tejaswini. She says Tejaswini must have gone to library. He asks why did she call him yesterday. She says she did not. He realizes Tejaswini called him. He searches her in library. His siblings inform him that Tejaswini is seen boarding Ankleshwar bus.

Tejaswini reaches home. Mom asks if everything is fine. Tejaswini says she had extended weekend, so thought of spending time with her.

Precap: Sharda says principal called and informed Tejaswini came first in whole state, so college is felicitating. Principal calls Dharam to come on stage and felicitate Tejaswini. Dharam greets Sharda. Sharda gets angry seeing him.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Today’s episode wasn’t too bad… It sure looks like Prem and Teja are softening towards each other. Their love story is such a laborious affair…just chugging along at its own pace,!!! At least there’s some improvement in their feelings and have started to think each other!!! Hey Lakshmi, how are you and how was your trip?? Hopefully you are back and full of energy.. Back to work…..

  2. Hello Naz ,how are you ?Hope everything is fine there. And I am back,refreshed and fully rejuvenated,…four days just with nature only…watching sunrise in the mornings,bird watching ,walking along the river bank in the mornings and evenings and boating in the evening,Ofcourse I am scared of goi g into yeh water as I am not a good swimmer but still I enjoyed the rides….., and the stalagmite formations in the caves really took my breath away… pollution no noise,no dirt of the cities ……just raw nature in all its splendour…..on the whole we enjoyed this trip : blissful escape from the humdrum of city life.From tomorrow onwards ,back to the same routine.
    Ofcourse I watched all the episodes there but couldn’t comment due to the problem with the Internet there and as you said,last night’s episode was better than Tuesday’s but don’t
    you think that this serial lacks something,I am not able to pinpoint what it is, but some
    drawback is there…I am not trying to compare,rather I shouldn’t also ,but do you remember Friend ,that in ETRETR ,the very first meeting between Raja and Rani in that roadside Dhaba was so exciting that the viewers got hooked to the serial for good till the end ,that too inspite of the most stupid storyline we have ever seen and the insensitive attitude of the channel itself.In ADDN,the story is O.k,all the characters are doing their best ,both the leads look cute together …..but why is it not causing that excitement that a passionate love story is supposed
    to invoke ?Somehow I am not able to share the pain and pleasure of the leads,is the all important chemistry lacking between Prem and Teja or is it the problem with the screenplay itself which is not allowing the leads to come closer and strengthen their relationship before going into the issue of Dharamsingh Rathore killing Teju’s father.And I also feel the same Naz,that there was definitely some problem with Teju’s father that her mother is not aware of which forced Dharamsingh Rathore to take that extreme step.The preview shows Prem’s
    father and Teju’s mother coming face to face in the college,let us see what its repercussions will be on Prem and Teja’s love story that has not even kicked off.
    Naz,before I went on vecation ,I was discussing with my colleagues the unbelievable case of a woman named Indrani Mukherjea who resembles our Woh Apna Sa character Nisha,and I think this real life character is much more terrible than the fictious one.Just read the famous Indrani Mukherjea case on the net and decide who is the worst….Nisha or Indrani.Ofcourse,Indrani is cooling her heels in the jail now for murdering her own daughter from her first marriage.Chat with you tomorrow.

    1. You know what… I also think something is missing in this love story but I thought I was imagining things so I kept quiet but now that you have mentioned it, …there is a lackluster atmosphere in this chemistry, while it comes across as fiery, the lack of intimacy of a fleeting touch or glance which is of utmost importance in laying the foundation for a budding romance, is missing. Maybe we have become so immune to unhappiness between couples in serials that our minds are deliberately not seeing or feel like rejoicing for this one.. As with Raja and Rani, their meeting was not only a meeting of two people, it was a meeting of two hearts but this couple has been fighting since day one and this doesn’t always translate to love… Lakshmi, i’v mentioned many episodes back, that I don’t like a grown man like Prem to be behaving like a juvenile, it’s not attractive. As I see it, maturity is an essential ingredient in a man, if he acts like Prem, I can’t find myself being attracted to him. A little age gap balances the quality of the chemistry but Prem and his brothers are being portrayed as little spoilt boys. In etretr, when Naina was introduced to us, remember our reactions?? She was too young for him and her bubbly nature achieved the opposite reaction to them being a couple so much so that our protests caused the writers to change the direction they were heading in thus making a total mess of the serial afterwards. There are a few good couples on telly now but the one amazing and fabulous love besides JA, is the chemistry between Raghav and Kalpana in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan….. OMG… I fell in love with him. He is not handsome by normal standards but his body language, his glances, his touch and intimate moments could be felt through the
      screen. An elderly woman friend of mine called me a couple days ago and asked me how to find the link to a serial she was watching, she lost it and was frantic, she 72 yrs old!!! When she explained things to me, I told her the name of the serial and would you believe that it was EMA…she told me she loves Raghav ?? I could understand her feelings… Anyway… I think it’s Prem’s immaturity that sort of killed this chemistry. As much as we may deny, normal thinking women are more attracted to men who are older than them for life partners, experience and emotional security are appealing and sought after.. Sorry for rambling on… ??…writers need to bring maturity into Prem’s psyche now, he needs to be a man, have an education, find a job,not run around in school playing pranks and getting even with Teja… Imagine how different things would have turned out if he was the successful scion of Dharam Singh and was working in family’s business or whatever and was driving home one day and saw this attractive girl chasing some culprits down the road and she took his breath away by her bravado??? ? or another scenario similar to this…my wild imagination huh….

  3. Sorry for any ty.po.errors

    1. Good episode…

  4. Hi Naz, and lakshmi welcome back from vecation, episode was ok.

  5. Hello Ammu ,sorry dear for the late reply as I was out of Bangalore on a vecation and I am very happy that you are fine now.Yes. slowly but steadily, Prem and Tejaswani are warming up to each other .I hope the explosive truth about Teja’s father’s killing won’t come out so soon,otherwise Tejaswani will go back into her shell again.Let us see what the writers have planned for this young couple.

  6. I’ll search the case and read …it would be interesting to read of a real life Nisha… Now I know why so many were mad at us who bashed Nisha’s behavior ,they can identify with her character… Wow… BTW… Saturday gone, I saw Aatif Aslaam in concert, he’s very young in person. I enjoyed his performance and thank goodness he brought his own band from India, our guys here can’t play like his musicians …

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