Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Tejaswini Does Not Forgive Prem

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 19th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem returns home holding Tejaswini’s hand and calls family. Family fumes seeing him with Tejaswini. Dharam thinks how to express his happiness seeing Prem and Tejaswini together. Sarla asks Prem what happened to him. Priyal yells if she cannot see he is holding Tejaswini’s hand and she must have done something. Prem says Dharam that he was right that a paper cannot decide Tejaswini’s purity and he is making a mistake by doubting her. He continues that he did a big sin by not trusting Tejaswini. Preeti panics seeing them together. Prem says Mandira was behind all these problems. Camera zooms on each family member’s shocked face. Prem continues that he doubted the identity of his daughter in Tejaswini’s womb, what she must be thinking about him. Dharam senses something is going on in Tejaswini’s mind and gets afraid.

Prem apologizes Tejaswini holding her hand. She draws her hand back and says she told him what wil he do when she proves herself innocent. Prem continues apologizing Tejaswini and pleads to forgive him. Tejaswini says he used her as an object and loved him when he wanted to and doubted him when he wanted to, he wanted her to prove her innnonce, what about his innocence. Priyal comments she is punishing Prem by saying this. Tejaswini says she insisted to get DNA test to prove her innocence, why don’t she ask Prem to prove his innocence now. Priyal stands silently.

Tejaswini continues proving her point and says Sarla that she never accepted her daughter and even she alleged her, she easily asked her to get out of house, she just became her mother in law and not mother. Sarla stands crying. Tejaswini says she will not forgive Prem until her mind forgives him, till then she will not give her husband’s and her child’s father’s right to Prem. Anand says Prem is father of her child. Dharam interrupts and says since ages a mother keeps her a child in her womb, but once child comes in the world, it is given father’s name, Tejaswini’s demand is right. Tejaswini says Rajvir sensed Prem’s insecurity and misused it, Prem easily fell prey. Prem says she is right, he will prove that he is a good husband and a good father and will wait for Tejaswini’s forgiveness.

Dharam walks to home temple and thanks god for setting things right in her daughter Tejaswini’s life. Sarla cries that Tejaswini is also her daughter like Prem, but she mistrusted her, she is unfit to be a mother. Dharam suggests her to apologize Tejaswini, she will forgive him. Sarla says how to go in front of her after all this. Dharam says Tejswini is also becoming mother and will forgive her mother. Sarla asks is it. Dharam says yes.

Preeti panics imagining Tejaswini kicking her out of house. Tejaswini walks in and challenges that without getting a second DNA test, she proved her innocence, she did not expose Preeti in front of family as she wants family to see her true face themselves. Preeti challenges will she. Tejaswini warns to wait and watch and leaves. Preeti says she will never accept her defeat and will get Dharam’s seat, even if she has to do lakhs of sins.

Precap: Tejaswini confronts Rajvir that he should have attacked from front instead of backstabbing, he should tell what enemity he has with Rathore family. Rajvir challenges that within 24 hours, he will destroy Rathore family.

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  1. Loved Teja today…that’s brilliant acting ,a woman who was subjected to character assassination and insulted by her husband and family and who had to prove her innocence but once the matter is settled,doesn’t want to forgive the guilty husband till he overcomes his weaknesses and proves that he is worthy to be a confident husband and a loving father as well.She has portrayed all these emotions very effectively and I really curse those damned producers for traumatising such actors on the sets which is the reason for this debacle.If things had been normal, this situation would n’t have arisen.


    Finally i am happy, as i use to think that prem and family will ask for forgiveness, and teju will forgive as all serial bahu do,but she did right by doing this with prem and she should teach lesson to every family member even expect Dharam as he believed her..

  3. I love love teja’s attitude today, love they way she put prem and his family in their place and not forgiving them especially prem. just because he ask for forgivness dosnt mean teja should forget the way she was treated by him. love the way teja reminded priyal about she having to take a dna test to prove herself so why prem cant proof himself of being a good father and husband and then prem’s mother for putting her out of the house knowing she was pregnant they all should feel guilty and suffer…
    Lakshmi i agree with you, that was brilliant acting by jyoti, there wasnt anything fake or unrealistic about her acting it was so genuine…These producers should have appreciate and respect the brilliant acting abilities of their lead actors and not treat them the way they have…no one should have to work under these conditions…if it wasnt for those dreadfull producers we would still be seeing prejaswini

  4. As this episode was all dialouge i will have to wait a few days till i get the english subs, but judging from the comments it was a good show, i’m glad she didn’t forgive so easily and i hope she goes and stays with her mother for awhile. There should be more protection for the actors, although i had my issues with this show i still enjoyed the main leads and had no complaints with their acting skills, i do hope to see them succeed in other projects.

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