Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira and Preeti Decide to Kill Tejaswini’s Child

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 16th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dharam asks Tejaswini what is her next plan. Tejaswini says she does not really have any plan and will wait till her enemies make a mistake. Dharam asks if she will get DNA test again. Tejaswini says no as a paper cannot decide her purity and she already is facing mental agony getting the test done, she will make Prem realize what he lost by doubting her.

Mandira tells Rajvir that Tejaswini will go out of Gujrath to get DNA test. Rajvir says she will not as she will not rely on a paper to prove her purity. He suggests her to tell Preeti not to make any mistake for the next 24 hours. Mandira thinks if Tejaswini will really not plan anything.

Tejawini walks to Prem’s room. Prem pulls her and their eyes lock. Their eyes romance. Dil diya gallan…song..plays in the background. Prem then thinks Tejaswini betrayed him. He wakes up and asks to get proof first as only 12 hours are left. Tejaswini asks if he does not trust their love and her. He says no. She is shocked and confronts if he can do anything as he is a male, he loved her the way he wanted and now hating her to the core, if she is an object. She challenges Prem that she will now show the power of wife.

Preeti wakes up and finds herself tied to bed. She shouts to free her. Priyal walks in and asks if she is fine. Preeti asks to free her. Priyal reminisces Preeti running behind holding stick to hit her. Preeti requests that she is fine and will not harm her. Priyal frees her. Preeti runs out. Priyal thinks if she di right or not.

Dharam with Tejaswini does pooja and tells Tejaswini that 12 hours passed, if she is sure enemies will make mistake. Tejaswini says she is for sure and once Preeti is freed, she will try to make a mistake. Prem passes by. Tejaswini stops him. Dharam silently leaves thinking if he is with Tejaswini, they will doubt him. Tejaswini shows aarti to Prem and requests him to stay back. Prem reminds she has to get proof. Tejaswini requests to thinks she did not get proof and stay with him for the rest of 12 hours. Prem agrees. Anand walks with Sarla and seeing Preeti panic. They both try to stop Preeti. Dharam also joins, but Preeti requests to let her go for 5 minutes. They try to catch her and push her back in her room. Preeti opens window and sees Tejaswini kissing Prem’s cheek and leaving with him in a car. She shows live video to Mandira. Mandira fumes in anger. Preeti says she is given shock here and asks to take her out of here. Mandira says she knows what happened to her and Tejaswini gave Preeti’s medicine to Preeti itself. Preeti shouts she will not spare Tejaswini. Tejawini travels with Prem and hopes he trusts her. Mile jo tum hamko bade naseebon se…song plays in the background. Mandira and Preeti’s drama continues. Mandira suggests to kill Tejaswini’s child as they can prove that Tejaswini killed her child to erase proof.

Precap: Preeti orders her goons to catch Prem and Tejaswini and kill Tejaswini’s child. Dharam hears her conversation. Prem fights with goons, but goon hits his head and he colapses.
Goon then walks towards Tejaswini.

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  1. Wow… Preeti has goons on her payroll… Where’s she getting the money from? . Writers forgot that her husband doesn’t work, she comes from a not too well off family and before that, Teja was working and going to school to help Preeti get an education because mamaji had lost his job!! This is real jokeland!!! Not soapland!! If a newcomer were to come on this page, they would swear that Preeti and Teja are lifelong enemies, not sisters… This is how toxic this sister relationship is… I just want to say how I feel hearing the news that this serial is ending soon… ???????????????????… Lakshmi, after KLKAH, all my hopes were on this serial but it’s lost now….

  2. I hope….when this serial reaches the end, that Preeti is either cremated or 6ft under… She cannot be allowed to redeem herself because after all that she’s done, it was done with sound mind and judgement….and very deliberately.

  3. Naz, both Pranav and Jyoti have given two months notice to the production company, they did not want to continue with the show given the treatment meted out to them, I fully agree with them and I’m hoping to see them in some other show soon. Like you I had high hopes for this show but from the writers who doesn’t seem to have any idea how to write a script that would make sense to the viewers, to the producers who doesn’t know how to treat their actors properly and finally but not the least to the very irritating and annoying Preeti who from her entrance to me made this show go downhill yet still she is given more screen time than the leads. I’m just hoping that the ending is not a disappointing one like ETRETR.

  4. Naz i hope so to as she is the most nauseating and disgusting villan ever..and i never understood why these writers had this fondness for her..this character is the reason addnk went downhill
    I am very devastated and heartbroken that the series i s coming to an end as it was my favorite and only zee series i watch..i dont think i will be watching the new show taking addnk place.
    For the short time i have been on this forum i have made some new friends and I will miss chating with you all.

  5. Oh that was funny, Preeti has Goons? HILARIOUS!! Arjun where are you? LOL, i must say i think it’s a good thing this is going off air soon, this show is turning into a comedy of errors, I know Lakshmi you were hoping for a ETRETR comeback, for me i wanted another Begursari..this just failed miserably for the both of us and others that they had their hopes pinned on this show.

  6. Yes,Naz,this has become just a joke land ,and the writers seem to have mastered the art of transforming a simple romantic story between two young college students into one of revenges, conspiracies,brutal villains ,mistrust ,husband accusing the wife of infidelity and what not ,,,,in this melee,everything that is pleasant…the lovely couple ,their love story their nok jhoks and we,the viewers are lost.What remains is not even worth discussing …..even the very charismatic Dharamsingh Rathore looked pale and worn out todayThat’s what a stupid script can do to even the most seasoned actors.And the biggest joke is Arjun’s absence,…his wife is getting shocke here and where is he kept busy….in a business meeting?I hope the poor actor has left the show and saved himself from further humiliation.
    Coming to Preeti,she should n’t be allowed to redeem herself because she is n’t redeemable.Some people are irreparable and their sins can neither be forgiven nor forgotten.Even God can n’t reform them,what to say about ordinary mortals? Whatever it is the show has turned out to be a total disappointment and I don’t know what to watch after
    this comes to an end.Yes I do watch Bhootu and Jeet Gayi but they are just for time pass.Raja and Rani are gone and prem and Teja will also be gone very shortly.As of now only a miracle can revive this show and let us pray for such miracle.

  7. Just got to hear the show may get a new time slot or an afternoon slot it Pranav Jyoti’s issue is sorted, there was a segment in SBS today. Praying against all hopes for the show to stay …have a gut feeling the show was moving towards an interesting phase where the villain and vamps will be shoved off and they will focus on Prem’s redemption meaning intense Prejaswini personal story. Let’s all pray for the shows future

    1. Hi Arushi i also saw this on youtube so i am praying and hoping that everything is sorted out and our shows stays.

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