Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Prem Informs Family that He and Tejaswini Love Each Other

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mehak promises Sonal that she and Shaurya will bring Mohit back. Sonal gives letter and asks to give it to Mohit. Shaurya asks her to hug Mohit when he returns. At Dharam’s house, family decorates house for janmastami function. Prem anxiously tells family that he and Tejaswini. Dharam and Anand asks if they fought again, not to worry, it is their usual problem and will be solved. Prem says they love each other and knows he has to spend rest of his life with Tejaswini. Dharam happily says he is proud of him. Prem says let us go to janmastami event at mela. Shaurya and Mehak reachevent and think where to find Mohit in such a big mela. Dharam with family reaches event with family. Prem greets them. Dharam says if he had toled he arranged such a big event. Tejaswini comes and touches their feet. Sarla says she is happy to hear they love each other and asks if she is ready to marry her Prem. Tejaswini nods yes. Arjun says he will show them mela.

Mohit becomes sardar to entertain people in mela. Sardar asks if he can entertain people without moustache and beard, he does not look like sardar. Mohit says he can and was bought up between sardars. He shows fake beard and says he will get read in 2 minutes. Sarkar says go ahead then.

Prem walks with brothers to practice dance and stops after he gets severe bachache and falls down. Brothers get worried for him. Prem asks them not to stop him from dance practice as he has to win competition for Tejawini. Mehak sees him and asks if he is in pain. He says yes, but he has to practice dance. Shaurya says he has spine inflammation and has to rest. Prem says this competition is Tejaswini’s dream and he has to win it for her, he loves her so much. Mehak asks Prem’s brothers to bring herbal ingredients and a stove, his pain will vanish in seconds. She prepares herbal concoction while Shaurya gives moral gyan about love to Prem. Mehak brings concoction. Prem says it must be bitter. Mehak says it is a problem with boys. Prem drinks concoction and says it is sweet. Mehak says all concoctions are not bitter. Shaurya intouces themselves and says they have come here to search Mehak’s brother Mohit and they got a tip off that he is in Rajpipla. Prem asks his brothers to find Mohit and Shaurya/Mehak are their guests now.

Mohit is seen serving customers in a restaurant. Sardarji asks him to gather customers soon. Nikita and her partner wearing burqa search Shaurya and Mehak. Preeti gets jealous reminiscing Prem telling everyone that he is marrying Tejaswini and nobody should dare try to insult her. She calls Sharda and asks her to come to Rajpipla soon as she needs to talk something important. Sharda gets tensed. Preeti smirks thinking today is Prem and Tejaswini’s end of love.

Tejaswini practices dance on back stage. Mohit clashes with her and rushes away. She continue dancing. Prem comes and hugs her from behind. O re in the background. Prem holds her hand and asks if she was trying to hide from him and gets romantic. Tejaswini says someone will come. Mehak comes. Prem and Tejaswini part ways. Prem greets her and says his backache has cured and asks her to cure his heart pain and introduces Tejaswin as his heart pain. Mehak says he is holding Tejaswini’s hand so tight and she is not resisting, that means she loves him. Prem says he arranged whole janmastami function for Tejaswini. He continues and leaves to check arrangements. Tejaswini says Mehak that she is seeing here for the first time. Mehak says she is from Delhi and came searching her brother Mohit. She shows Mohit and his wife’s photo. Tejaswini reminisces clashing with Mohit and says she has seen him here. Her dance performance is announced and she runs on stage.


Update Credit to: MA

  1. Ab kya hoga ? Iam so confused .

  2. Naz, I knew there was something drastically wrong with Teju’s behaviour since the beginning of this romantic track.It looked as if everything was forced on her.We could see the adoration and sincerity in Prem’s eyes when he confessed his love to Teju but the same was missing in her expressions.. I thought that either Jyoti Sharma couldn’t raise to the occasion and act perfectly when she had to say those three lovely words ‘I love you’to Prem or she was supposed to act like that only because her only aim to be lovey dovey with Prem was to take her revenge on Dharamsingh Rathore,the murderer of her father (according to her mother).And now we know that all the time she has been pretending .But what I hate about Tejaswani in this revenge drama is that Prem is made a scapegoat of his father’s sins .and she has insulted that sacred word ‘love’for her revenge.Surely there are other means of
    taking revenge.And some of our friends were of the view that Prem was the culprit ,My God
    ,what a turn of events !Friend I really pity Prem ,so adoring,so emotional ,and for ever he is going to lose faith in women and love.

    1. Oh gosh…. Lakshmi, you were so right!!! You did suspect Teja. This is a big betrayal, all this while Teja was planning her revenge. I just didn’t think Teja would have this planning in her mind while accepting the attention and affection from the man and the family she intends to bring to justice. I see turbulent times ahead. Dharam Singh and his entire family treated Teja as their daughter, it would be chaotic when this family sees what really was Teja’s interjection into their lives. She even fooled me and I who have the foresight to figure characters out, didn’t see this coming. I’m going to wait for the other episode before I comment on Prem’s impending dilemma, he’s going to be devastated soon and as we did predict, Preeti is so jealous of Prem’s affection towards Teja, she set the axe rolling by bringing Sharda to witness her daughter’s double life…despite Teja’s deceptive agenda, I still think Preeti is a snake to do what she did.


    These type of maha episodes are nothing but only to confuse viewers.. i didn’t get single thing in today’s episode

  4. Poor prem…uski to koi galti bhi nhi hai ! He loves teju very much…pappa ki saza bete ko kyu mil rahi hai…

  5. i never thought teja will play such revenge games… I really feel so bad for my prem 🙁 🙁

  6. Naz. Can you see the similarity, whatever Raja did to Rani in EtrEtr, Teja is exactly doing the same to Prem.Ofcourse Raja’s revenge track was a mix of both hatred and love for Rani but the same we can not say about Teja or rather it is too early to say that.Like Raja ,she might realise later that she too loves Prem but I don’t think that Prem .has so much patience like Rani.Poor guy ,,,as of now this pretension secret is between mother and daughter only,I hope Prem won’t be kept in the dark for too long.As you said ,this Preeti is really a slimy creature ,full of venom..And Arjun is conspicuous by his absence in this crucial episode,but I feel that.a beautiful dream is cut short quite abruptly.

  7. Oh shit…feeling sad for my prem…I din’t expect this..he loves her so truly..

  8. I think prem will overhear teja and her moms conversation…And the revenge game will be a checkmate…But honestly it’s quite bold in television while the FL is playing a revenge game…And she is getting so intimate…As we saw how teja kissed prem so bold…Whatever it is it’s a very nice show…Hope the writers continues this a proper direction…It’s very different from other shows …

  9. oh wow, I am very surprised by this turn of events. Now some of the strange behavior of Teju is explained, particularly going out to meet Prem late at night and kissing him. I am really curious to know how she plans to execute this plan as she will be required to do things that go against what her father has taught her. I really was hoping to see more fun filled fights and romantic moments but I guess it’s not to be. looking forward to the next development. I am also thinking that Preeti in her attempt to separate Prem and Teju will end up spoiling some of Teju’s revenge plans

  10. you go girl is when the table turn there will be nowhere for you to go its prem’s dad who killed your dad not prem so why take revenge on him you made him into a better human being now THIS i want him to hear you telling your mom about your plan and he should remain mum and give you a dose of your own medicine the poor chap he is going to be worst than before there will be no turning back for him once he learns the truth i am so freakin sorry for you girl friend i always read update but never comment i had to today

  11. Yes Friends,Tejaswani shouldn’t have held Prem responsible for his father’s sins.As a straight forward girl who believes in right way of doing things,she should have confronted Dharamsingh Rathore for truth behind the killing of her father.As I remember she was a staunch critic of Dharamsingh ‘s indirect or dishonest means to meet his ends .I am disappointed that she is actually doing yhe same and going against the principles she believes in by adopting back door methods to take her revenge.I hope her father was really an honest and upright police officer and Dharamsingh a cruel ,heartless Don to slay him in full public view.Otherwise Teju would be in for a rude shock if it proves to be otherwise because she herself tells Mahek that whatever we see or hear ,need not be true.
    Friends ,according to Teja ,she overheard her mother and Mamaji discussing her
    father’s murder when she visited her home.We know that Teja so far has visited her home
    only twice,the first time was when the results were declared .We all know that Sharda accompanied her daughter to the awards function and left angrily after an altercation with Teja and the second time was just a day after Prem’s confession in the college that he loves her.It is not clear since when Teja has been planning this revenge drama.I think she came to know about the truth the second time ,when she was summoned by the Goon to pay back his debts.That means Teju’s meeting with Prem and kissing him was not a pretension .Infact
    we could detect some change in her attitude only after coming back and getting locked in the room along with Prem.That’s why ,whes she said I Love You to Prem. it looked artificial but I am sure her concern was genuine when she saw Prem bleeding.That means Teja loves him too but now the intent to take revenge is dominating her love for Prem.

  12. Yesterday I tried three times to post valuable comments but there was always error when I tried to do so… I don’t know if anyone else here has been getting that same problem, it’s so frustrating. Let me just add that I hope this one is posted without any difficulty. I agree with both of you Lakshmi and Jayashree…you both analyzed it perfectly with your concise descriptions. Teja is making a serious mistake by this intentional betrayal, oh gosh!! I’m so not looking forward to seeing Prem’s anger. He’s so handsome when he smiles, my heart melts!! I’m saying again that if Prem is going to get the bitter end of Teja’s revenge plot, may she have to beg badly for his love one day and his love looks pretty intense. Lakshmi, is this the meaning of the serial’s name?? Does the title do justice to what we are seeing now?? I’d like to know…

  13. Sneharnav

    Yes naz. Aisi deewangi Delhi nahin kahin means that such passion has never been seen. That is why the show has both hatred and love. That is why Prem’s confession was filled with anger.

    1. Sneharnav

      sorry it is dekhi not delhi.

    2. Ohhhhh thanks a million Sneharnav!! Your explanation says it all…. I’m an avid novel reader since I’ve known myself and I’ve always complained that it’s difficult for movies to correctly depict what a writer accurately describes in his stories but I think this serial is splendidly depicting what intense passion /hate looks like, this is how I would really see it in my mind’s eye!! Pranav Mishra is doing a fantastic job as a newcomer… Hats off to him, the writers and production team, don’t you think so too??? Well… I think he’s a newcomer ??

  14. Aise dewangi Dekhi NahiKahi 15thAugust Written episode update
    The episode starts with Tejaswani trying to calm down her furious mother who wants an explanation for everything.Teja assures her that she knows what she is doing and her only aim is to use Prem and destroy the complete family.She says she doesn’t love Prem,Infact she hates him so much that she can go to any extent to avenge her father’s murder.Sharda gets shocked and asks her what she is going to do.Teja gives a nonchalant shrug and tells her mother that Prem is madly in love with her and she will marry him to achieve her goal,.A worried Sharda tries to convince Teja that it is very dangerous and she doesn’t want to lose her also.she advises Teja not to sacrifice her bright future for a dark past.A determined Teja gives her mother two choices ..either to support her in this struggle or lose her forever.Teja
    adds that since the day she came to Ankaleshwar (on the sports day )and overheard their
    conversation ,her goals in life have changed,She tells her mother that she tried very hard to win the confidence of Prem by saving him in the ladder accident which she herself arranged and infact she was the one who called Prem on his mobile.
    While Teja talks to her mother in the guest house ,an elated Dharamsingh invites his friends and well wishers to announce the marriage of Prem and Tejaswani,Prem keeps calling Teja on her mobile but invain ,it is switched off.Seeing a tensed Prem ,Sarla tries to cheer him
    up saying that they are not yet married but the nok jhok have already begun.Dharamsingh formally tells the invitees that he is proud of prem for choosing a life partner like Teja.In the kitchen ,Prem’s mother and chachis are very happy that Teja will be coming as their daughter-in-law.Sarls says jokingly that it is time to look for a bride for Arjun also .
    The next morning Prem ,seething with rage,goes to the hostel to find out what is the matter with Teja.At the same time ,Teja comes back to her room from the guest house,The
    moment he sees Teja ,he holds her roughly and questions her why she hasn’t attended the party in his house and where she has been.He tells her in no uncertain terms that he is obsessed with her and if he loses her ,he will n’t hesitate to kill her first and then himself.Teja cuts a sorry face and tells Prem that someone has informed her mother and she came to the venue of Janmashtmi celebrations and saw them together.Prem cools down and asks her who could have informed her mother.Teja says no idea but seeing Preeti there she
    understands that she was the one who informed and advises her to concentrate on her studies.Preeti leaves them alone with a sullen face.The episode ends with Prem taking Teju into his arms and assuring her that his father is capable of convincing anybody and he will certainly convince Sharda for their marriage.
    The precap shows Prem’s mother and father going to Teja’s house for marriage talks
    .Sharda asks them what do they know about them.We also see an emotional Teja telling Prem that her father ,an upright police officer was killed mercilessly and she hates her father’s killer.

    1. Thank you Lakshmi. Well, your update is more much better than MA’s thats sure!

  15. Naz ,all my guesswork has gone for six…..Teja is a real schemer ,she is too smart for our suppositions and assumptions,My God ,she was the one who planned that ladder mishap and she was the saviour also.Friend. My heart goes out to Prem,such a simpleton ,passionately in love and dreaming about his married life with Teja.What a terrible turn of events!For the first time in the serial ,I liked Sharda for giving her daughter the right advise but Teja is too stubborn to listen to logic,I think we can expect Prem to do either of two things when he comes to know about the truth ,irrespective of marriage or no marriage,(I hope they won’t get married under these hateful circumstances).Since he is obsessively in love with Teja ,he might continue to love her and support her in this revenge track or go to the extent of torturing her,,
    Friend ,as Sneharnav said the meaning is ‘never seen this type of mad love’and whatever is going on presently ,justifies the title,Poor Arjun.we have given him all the negative attributes like the ladder accident and Teja is the real culprit.Let us see what all surprises are in store for us.
    Naz ,We should be thankful to the writers for doing an excellent job with the story,way different from the steriotypic storylines.I faced the same error problem last week but now it is behaving.,It is going to be 12,,,chat with you tomorrow,.

  16. Friends ,here is your friend Lakshmi again with the update for 15 th August episode as there is no update till now from MA for this crucial episode. sorry if I ‘ve omitted anything.

  17. Sorry for any ty.po errors

  18. Hi, everyone I think that this is my second comment on this forum. Was a silent reader but by this sudden twist was unable to be silent. So here I’m to share my views. I thought from the position of Teja for revenge. Well to be realistic anyone blood would boil after knowing how his/her father was killed… a fire of revenge will be lit in the body. But, her way is wrong she should have consulted Dharam and asked about it indirectly or directly. Because Prem is innocent in this matter.

    Taking action when you are not aware of whole truth can lead to dangerous conclusions. And here I thing teja’s family is unaware about the whole truth behind death of teja’s father…

    Well Lakshmi you are right there are many similarities in this show and etretr.

  19. And once again we are waiting for update of 15th august. Sorry guys but MA is the worst update writer of tellyupdates ? Its always the same with her/him uncomplete and cutted scenes or no updates. Amena from Ishqbaaz and Atiba from Mahek are awesome update writers but not this MA!

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