Aise kaise jaane doon! Episode-56

Recap: teasing Khyati and Sakshi.. Sandhya suggests them to go out for the night!
Episode: 56

Meghna: ok Chalo! Lets all go dress up and meet here in 5 minutes!
All of them leave. And as expected they come only after 15 minutes..
Kunal: So guys we’all go to the same place,okay? Sakshi and Khyati,please decide who is going in who’s car.
Khyati: Di, you go with Kunal bhai and Meghna bhabhi and I’ll go with Karan bhai and Naina bhabhi!
She was excited But Sakshi wasn’t. She was worried. She had to tell someone about this. And the only person who would trust her is Naina. But now she couldn’t deny as all of them will doubt her actions. If they doubt Sakshi, she may have to tell the truth and telling the truth is not safe for anyone! And on top of everything, she wasn’t exactly sure if the info was correct!
She was confused but she managed to give a light smile to Khyati, approving her.

They all sat in their assigned cars. And travelled a pretty good distance.
Meghna: its such a beautiful weather na?
Kunal: yes! That’s because we are together!
Meghna blushed.
Meghna changed the topic.
Meghna: Sakshi? You never explained how you met Varun and how you both fell in love.. exactly…what is the story behind it
Sakshi was silent. She was tensed. The air filling into her lungs were full of fear and helplessness.
She felt her heart ache.. she had zoned out! She had no clue what to do!
Meghna: Sakshi?
Sakshi suddenly heard her name!
Sakshi: huh?

She said trying to tune into the conversation.
Meghna turned around to look at Sakshi, sitting behind Kunal’s seat.
Meghna: Sakshi.. are you okay? You were looking lost at home! And now you look helpless and scared. Is there anything that is bothering you! You aren’t able to breathe properly are you? Sakshi, I’m your elder sister as well! I can help you if you tell me what is bothering you..
Sakshi kept quiet for a while and bursted out!
She started crying.
Meghna: Kunal stop the car!

Kunal followed her instructions.
Sakshi suddenly felt that the only people who may believe her would be Naina and Meghna. She knew that the rest of them won’t believe her! Masima had been so close to everyone else. They were the only ones who would listen to her.
That’s it she was gonna tell her.
Meghna got out of the car. She opened the door and asked Sakshi to come out.
Meghna held Sakshi’s face.

Meghna: Don’t you consider me as your elder sister? Kya baath hein jo tumhe pareshan kar rahi hein?(what is it that is troubling you?)
Sakshi hugged Meghna immediately and poured out her tears!
Meghna hugged her and rubbed her back.
Meghna: Sakshi… relax! I’m standing here. You can tell me.
Karan stopped his car seeing Kunal’s car parked there.
Kunal was getting out of his car when he saw Karan stop his car right in front of him.
Naina lowered the glass window.
Naina: Jeeju, what happened? Is everything okay?
Kunal: i don’t know.. Sakshi started crying suddenly!

Naina: What’s the matter jeeju?
Kunal: No clue! Meghna is trying to talk to her.
Naina turned to Karan.
Naina: Karan we too should get down.
Karan nodded in agreement and parked the car in front of Kunal’s car.
All three of them came out of the car.
On the other side:

Meghna: Sakshi chill.. breathe in and breathe out! If there is anything you have hidden, then tell it to someone and you will feel lighter.

By then Kunal was walking towards them. Meghna was facing him. She signed him to stay where he was standing!

Meghna: Sakshi?do you want to talk to someone else?
Still consoling her and hugging her tightly.
Sakshi slowly released Meghna from the hug. Sakshi was about to tell her.

By then Khyati, Naina and Karan walked in. Khyati and Karan where asked to stand along with Kunal, by Naina.

Naina walked towards them and stood next to sister, facing Sakshi.
Naina: Arey! Sakshi? You are crying, Why? Che chee.. even babies won’t cry this much! Come on wipe your tears. And smile!
Naina noticed an Ice cream shop on the other side of the road.
Naina: Sakshi? You want ice cream?
She asked to cheer up Sakshi’s mood. Sakshi smiled at Naina and nodded slightly.
Naina: which flavour?
Sakshi: Butterscotch!

Naina looked at Meghna.
Meghna: vanilla!
Naina smiled and walked towards the three of them standing aside.
Naina: Do you guys like having ice cream?
All of them gave her a weird look.
Naina: It is just to cool her down..

On the other side, Sakshi decided to tell it to Meghna..
Sakshi: Bhabhi, yesterday, after the concert I heard Masima call out Naina bhabhi’s name! I thought she saw her somewhere. So I turned around and walked towards her.. I just heard “sacrifice for my plan”
Meghna’s eyes popped out. She new that Sandhya was capable of doing anything to destroy anyone of them( Meghna and Naina)
Meghna: And?

While on the other side
Kunal: Vanilla!
Naina smiled at his answer and looked at Khyati for her answer.
Khyati: Strawberry, yum!
She then turned to Karan.

Karan: can I come along?
Naina smiled.
Naina: yes you can! You walk ahead. I’ll bring my purse! My treat today!
She said as she smiled.
She walked towards their car. And took out her purse.

Karan was waiting for her to get the purse.
Kunal: Khyati did you hear that? We all were telling her our favourite flavours of ice cream. This boy doesn’t care about all that. The only thing he cares is that he has to walk with her!
Khyati and Kunal laughed and hi-fied each other.
Karan gave an angry look and walked away. He was crossing the road. Seeing this from far. Naina shut the car door and went to follow him.

The road was extremely empty since it was pretty late in the night

On the other side.
Sakshi: And today? I heard her talk over phone to someone. She said,”I will send them out after all this drama.. you should follow them and do what is required, ok? ”
I don’t know Bhabhi! I’m scared if she actually meant to aim at anyone of us!
And Sakshi broke down.
Meghna hugged.
Meghna: Its okay Sakshi!

After a long hug they walked towards Kunal and Khyati. And find them laughing.
Finding Meghna and Sakshi standing cluelessly, Kunal told the whole joke. And looked at Karan who was walking away to the opposite side. And Naina walking behind him, trying to patch up with Karan.
Suddenly everyone noticed Naina running like a mad woman.
They all looked shocked at her weird behaviour. She ran towards Karan and pushed him towards the ice cream shop. Luckily he didn’t fall. He controlled himself from falling down and turned around to check who pushed him. He saw that it was Naina. And the next second. She wasn’t at that place,where he had seen her a minute ago. There was a car on her right side that had come to knock Karan down. But Naina pushed him aside. The car hit her. She flew up in the air,tumbled over the car and hit the ground.

Karan’s heart dropped. This was the worst and the last thing he chose to see! Actually, this was something he never wanted to see!
Naina rolled over the ground and reached the position of nil movement!
Karan was shocked. This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened in his life. This was the second time. But this time he was here to see this happen!
All of them on the other side of the road ran towards Naina.
4 of them screamed their lungs out as they ran across the road.
4: Naaaaiinnaaaaaaaaa!

Precap: They carry Naina to the hospital! ?

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