Aise kaise jaane doon! Episode-53

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I don’t know if this is a good news or a bad one! I had thought that this ff would end by February. But looks like it will extend a little more with episodes and time! I have my pre-finals coming up this week and next month I will be having my finals! So I’m not sure if I can post as regularly as you might think!  I haven’t touched my books so.. probably have to push the ff aside for sometime and give it less importance! Don’t be upset with me! Mostly by March I will be free and will be able to post the episodes regularly! Love you all! ❤️                                                                                ______________________________

Recap: Nairan Moments!


Episode: 53

In the morning:
Nairan were still sleeping on their bed.. Naina heard a knock and sat up on the bed but found it difficult to sit up like that.. she looked down to find Karan’s hand forming a belt around her stomach..
She didn’t want to get up from that position but she had to get up and check who was knocking the door..
She smiled at Karan who was snoring off..
Kept his hand aside and walked towards the door.
It was the maid at the door.
Maid: Madam, aapko sabhi bula rahe hein! Aaj KarvaChauth hein naa!
She said reminding her..
She gets ready and goes down.. The women prayed at the in-house temple and then.
Then Nirmala handed her bahus two tray that contained a red saree for each of them.. with other ornaments required..
They then went back to their rooms to get ready for their office..
Meghna walked back to her room and found Kunal ready.. he was adjusting his tie and Meghna helped him with it.. He then applied the vermilion and kissed her forehead. Soon both left for work..
On the other hand..
Naina walks into the room to find Karan nowhere in the room..
She then walks towards the washroom to check there.
She stands in front of the door with her phone his hand .. she was searching for Karan’s number to call him. Simultaneously, she held her right hand above her head, folded into a fist, ready to knock at the door!
But then.. suddenly Karan opens the door..
Then steps out and shuts the door, absent mindedly..
Karan had just taken a shower..So, he had only worn a towel around him..
Naina noticed Karan coming out and standing in front of her. She looked up at him. Seeing him in this attire, she turn red and looks away giggling!
That’s when Karan noticed Naina standing in front of him. Karan smiled at himself and face-palmed.
Naina: Karan, I had come to tell you that it’s pretty late and I must leave for office, now!
Karan wore his pants by then. She was still giggling. He walked up to her and turned her around. He was holding her shoulders..
Karan: What’s so funny, Madam?
He questioned her with his eyebrows raised. Soon she stopped giggling. Seeing Karan standing in front of her, bare chest, unknowingly her cheeks blushed a light shade of pink!
Naina: Nothing..
she then brought in a serious tone..
Naina:Karan, your food is kept on the table ,there, please have it and then leave for work.. ok?
She said eyeing the Table behind Karan and holding onto his hands on her shoulders.
Karan: okay..
Karan slowly took his hands off her shoulders. He moved towards the table and threw another question at her.
Karan: Did you have breakfast?
He asked her picking up the plate of roti.. and dipped it in the gravy..
Naina: No, I didn’t because..
She was stopped from saying anything further..
Karan: I felt so.. Chalo open your mouth now! You will eat food and then leave!
He forwarded the roti and brought it to her mouth. But she stops him immediately by holding onto his wrist.
Naina: Karan…no! Aaj KarvaChauth hein! I can’t eat food..
Karan: oh..
he said bringing his hand back..
Karan: ok.. then you leave and please take care!
He said hurriedly, his voice indicating that he was desperate for her to move out.. he left the plate on the table and walked away to wash his hands.. Then he came back and wore his shirt quickly.
Naina: What’s cooking in your mind?
Karan: Nothing!
Naina stood there watching him stand in front of his mirror and comb his hair. Then walked out. He noticed her walk out of the room through the corner of his eye. He then turned around to watch her walk away.
Karan( in his mind): Naina, you know me so well that you almost guessed that I was planning something but you don’t know what exactly I’m planning. I’m not gonna eat food today! It won’t be fair enough..I can’t always let you sacrifice for me! It’s my turn now to sacrifice now!

Almost like she heard his mind speak out!
Naina (in her mind): Karan, I know you very well! I know exactly what you are planning! But I can’t let you starve. You will need have food. You may fall weak and ill. You had just performed yesterday. You must be tired. So it is necessary for you to have food. I know what to do!

She walked down stairs and noticed Nirmala at the dining table.. setting things up. She walked towards her and took her blessings.
Naina: Ma.. I’m leaving for office.. can you please keep an eye on Karan.. please make sure that he finishes his breakfast..
Nirmala: Sure beta..
She smiled at Naina.
As Naina left Nirmala walks upstairs to meet Karan. She thanked god for sending an angel like Naina for her son Karan. She stood at the door watching Karan putting his tie and singing songs..
She then looked at the table and found the plate. The roti had a piece torn out and dipped into the gravy and kept in the plate itself.. He hadn’t even tasted anything.
Nirmala decided to walk forward and talk to him.
She tapped on his shoulder. He turned around. And his face brightened up seeing her.
Karan: Good morning ma!
Nirmala: Good morning,beta!
Karan:Aap yaha? Is everything alright?
Nirmala: Why I can’t come and meet my son? Should I have a problem to meet and talk to my rockstar baccha?
Karan broke out a wide smile.. and Nirmala smiled back!
Then there was a little silence as she helped him with his tie..
Nirmala: Almost ek saal ho gaya hein mujhe iss kamre Mein aye hue.. aur apne bete ke sath baitkar baath karke.. ( it’s almost a year since I’ve walked into this room.. and also sitting down and talking to my son)
Karan and Nirmala smiled at each other.
Karan held her shoulders and made her sit on the bed. And he sat next to her.
Karan: Chalo aaj baitkar baath karthe hein.. office ke liye late ho jayega toh bhi chalega..(Then let’s sit and chat today,come! It’s fine if I’m late to office.) Nirmala: Arey nahi.. there is nothing much to talk..I just wanted to say that……….
Karan nodded at her.. indicating her to continue.
Nirmala: Beta, I’m really proud of you! I feel like all my dreams are coming true,now.
Karan: Thank you so much ma..
Nirmala held his cheek and smiled while he held her and smiled.
Nirmala suddenly remembered..
Nirmala: waise.. why is your food kept open like that? Why aren’t you eating,huh?
She said in a serious tone..
Karan: Woh.. Mein……….. why aren’t you eating today?
He came up with an excuse.
Nirmala: Aaj KarvaChauth hein..
Karan: So? You aren’t eating today… if you aren’t then why should I eat?
He said turning away.. getting up from the bed.. to wear his watch, kept on the side table. He knew he would be caught lying, if he faced her.
Nirmala too got up hearing his excuse.. she followed him to the side table.. and pulled one of his ears..
Karan now faced his Mother saying.. “Ah.. oh”
Nirmala: I had been doing this KarvaChauth since years.. let’s not talk about your school days or college days.. but otherwise you could definitely think of this.. Why didn’t this idea occur to you long back huh? Badmash! Why can’t you just say that you are doing this for Naina?
Karan: No ma.. there is nothing like that!
Nirmala brought her hands and placed them on her hips.. she imitated him and copied his sentence..
Nirmala: ” No ma.. there is nothing like that !” it seems.. Pick up that plate and have the food.. Naina told me to make sure that you eat your food..

Karan : But, ma.. please! Only today!
Nirmala: if she was my daughter in law then probably I would have thought about
giving you a chance secretly. But, since she is my daughter, I can’t stop myself from completing her wish!
Karan smiled at her.
He sat down had food reminiscing his moments with Naina in the morning..
He then took Nirmala blessings and left, promising to return home soon for all the rituals for the day!

Precap: SaRun have a chat! KarvaChauth rituals!

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