Aise kaise jaane doon! Episode-52

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Recap: Concert! ☺️?

Episode 52

Naina came out and walked towards Karan’s green room..

Karan had moved into the green room at the same time.. As soon as Karan saw Naina walking into the green room.. he picked her up and turned around, then kept her down..
Karan(high level of excitement in his voice) : Naina, Thank you soo much! Agar tum nahi hothi toh.. I wouldn’t have performed ever.. Did you notice the crowd? It was soo huge na?….
Karan went on and on..
Naina was standing there and watching him excited and soo happy for the first time.. he hadn’t been this Happy ever before.. She felt her success in his achievement..
Naina, forgetting everything, placed her hand on Karan’s cheek..
Naina: I’m soo happy for you Karan..
she said in a sweet and gentle voice.. Her eyes had tears filled in them, tears of happiness..
Karan hugged her immediately..

They suddenly broke their hug when they heard collective coughs.. They composed themselves and turned to face the direction from where the coughs were heard..

The whole Chauhan family were standing there.. NK and Sandhya weren’t that involved.. NK didn’t like Naina much, but he didn’t hate her either! Sandhya.. I really don’t have to explain why she is not involved in such things..
All of them teased and laughed at Nairan and walked into the green room.. congratulating Karan for his amazing performance!

Then all of them planned to leave.. As soon as they moved out of the building, they were blocked by the media at the gate..
M: sir, sir, sir, Karan sir!
All of them were standing there to get a chance to question Karan..
Karan stood in front of the herd.. and started answering all their questions..
M: When is your next program, sir?
Karan: You will know the dates soon..
M: Is the program in Jaipur?
Karan: I don’t think so..
M: Sir, we heard that Mr. Khanna had set up this program and we know that he was promoting you.. So does that mean you will be adopted by Bollywood,soon?
Karan: Yes, Mr. Khanna is promoting me.. and probably, the response for the next show will decide if I will get a chance for entering Bollywood.. or not..
One of the security popped in front and
S: enough of questions.. please make way!
Karan and the rest of them got into their cars and moved out… while they slowly cleared up the way as the car moved out..

NK, Nirmala, Dadu and Sandhya got into the same car..
Meghnal and Khyati got into another car.
And Nairan and Sakshi got into another!

All went back home.. It was a pretty long drive back home..
Sakshi sat in the front.. Nairan were sitting at the back…
Karan and Naina were tired..extremely tired..
There wasn’t a single day when they hadn’t practiced for the concert.. Naina was always there even during his practice , to support him…

(Incase the song got over.. play it once again.. scroll top and click it once again ?)

Karan was dozing of but he wasn’t feeling comfortable to sleep during the travel… He was sitting towards Naina’s right.
She was looking happy and relaxed. She was looking out of the window.
Karan didn’t bother.. he didn’t think much, he leaned to his left and placed his head on her lap.
Naina was shocked. She looked down to Karan’s head on her lap.. she then turned to her right to check if he was sleeping comfortably.
He had brought his legs up and crawled himself up towards her..
He found peace in her lap. He dozed off immediately!
She then smiled at Karan’s tired ,cute and sleepy face. She then placed her left hand on his head.. while her right hand was busy tapping his shoulder, gently..
She then leant back and placed her head on the seat and dozed off..

Very soon they had reached home.
Naina woke up hearing the car door being opened.. she shot open her eyes and looked towards her left.. to find.. Meghnal , Khyati and Sakshi standing there..

All of them had wicked smiles on their faces..
Naina’s cheeks had turned red.. and she nodded no.. indicating that she hadn’t done anything and there was nothing as such to tease her for..
She wanted to move out but she couldn’t as Karan’s head was on her lap..
Kunal tiptoed to the other side of the car and opened the door..
He then made a loud noise that made Karan’s heart skip a beat and he jerked..
He got up, immediately..
Naina saw that fear in his eyes.. she held his shoulders and kept her hand on his chest.. she felt his heart, beating at a very fast pace! She then spoke to Kunal..
Naina: Kya Jeeju? Aap bhi na!

Kunal was laughing.. Karan couldn’t bear it anymore he sprang out of the car and started running after Kunal.. Kunal couldn’t stop laughing.. The ladies were tired of their pranks and plays.. they were standing there waiting for them to finish their tom and jerry game, to pull them into the house..

After a lot of chasing they stopped next to the car.. they were panting heavily..
Meghna held Kunal’s ear..
Kunal: Ahh..
Meghna: hamesha mere devarji ko pareshaan karthe ho.. badmaash!

Naina smiled seeing Meghna’s care for Karan.
Kunal: Why do you always take his side??
He said with a sad face..
Karan kept his hand over Meghna’s shoulder like a best friend and so did Meghna.. and then she raised her eyebrows at Kunal.
Karan: Because she is my bhabhi!
And both hified each other.
And turned away and walked into the house.. giggling..
Naina giggled..
Naina: Jeeju? Andhar chale?
Kunal: sure..
and they walked in like best friends too..
Kunal: Mister Karan? Do you mind returning my wife back to me? You can take my saali..
Meghna and Karan turned around giggling..
Kunal: Arey I want my wife back! Who will romance with me, then?
Meghna walked forward, her eyes had widened! She came and gave a smack on his shoulder..
Meghna: Pagal! What if Paapa ma heard us!

Karan and Naina walk into the room..
Karan walks in first and falls on the bed immediately..
Naina saw this understood that he was tired.. She walked ahead and changed her dress and came back..

Karan was still sleeping in that same position. She smiled and walked forward.
She slowly removed his shoes, watch and took out his phone from his pocket…
Then tried pulling him up to the head of the bed.. she tried but she couldn’t..

Naina slowly tapped on his shoulder.. he spoke up from his sleep..
Karan: Hmmm??
Naina: Karan, you are sleeping on the edge of the bed.. move towards the head of the bed..
Karan nodded slightly..
Karan: hmmmm
He said and slightly opened his eyes and moved towards the top.. and immediately fell flat there and continued to sleep!
She smiled seeing this..
She got up from there, put the blanket on and caressed his hair and went to sleep on the other side..
Precap: KarvaChauth special (which got over years back!???)

  1. Jiya09

    Awww!!!! It was so so so so so so good!!! I lovedddddddd it!! Like I said in comment earlier that it will be mind blowing and it was mind blowing!!!
    First the green room scene , it was so cute!!
    And the way Karan slept on Naina’s lap , it was the cutest thing!! Loved that scene to the core!
    And the way Kunal teased Karan and the sibling scenes all were so sweet and funny! Love you Kunal!!??
    And then the Nairan’s room scene , that too was really good!!?
    I loved this part to the core!
    Can’t wait for the next part!!
    Please post the next one soon!
    Loads and loads of love! ❤❤❤❤

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Jiya! ☺️☺️
      I’m happy to know that you liked it! ?
      Thank you so much once again!
      Loads and loads of love to you too! ?❤️

  2. Really nice update
    Post asap

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Palak!
      Will post soon!

  3. Hi Reshma Di, loved the nairan scenes. The grewn room scene was sooo good. And then how slept on her lap was so cute. Love ❤ the Karan-Meghna Jodi. And I love ❤ Kunal’s cheekiness. Di your writing is so amazing. Everyone’s writing here is so good then you see me I can’t even write anything apart from what I am told to write. Back to the story, I loved the room scene but I’m still anxious about Sandhya’s next move. Sorry for boring you with my continuous bakbak.
    Loads and loads and loads of love,
    P.S I will read it on wattpad but wont be able to comment cause I’m not allowed too.

    1. Resh

      Hey Sofia!
      Thank you so much! ?❤️
      That’s so sweet of you!
      But Sofia.. don’t put yourself down! If you try and write down whatever your heart says then definitely you will write better than everyone! ❤️
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  4. Hey di!! Again it was a awesome update..
    Ur thinking of writing it on wattpad not a bad idea..all people loved it there too..
    And coming to the was amazing..
    Nairan scenes were just awestruck..??
    my favourite was when karan slept on naina’s was so cute ?
    And Kunal was so good..loved the bond between siblings..
    I loved it to the core..
    Can’t wait for next..
    Post ASAP..
    Loads of love ❤❤

    1. Resh

      Hi Akanksha!
      Thank you so much! ☺️?Yes.. I hope so they would
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      Thank you so much! ☺️??
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  5. Aafiya

    Nairan scenes was fabulous and cute… The episode was amazing and beautiful. . Waiting for the next update.. Post it as soon as possible.. Take care… What is watt pad? Sorry I really don’t know what it is. …

    1. Resh

      Hey Aafiya!
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  6. #nairanlover:-)

    Resh this one left me speechless.It was fabulous.I loved it especially the cute nairan scene’s.I miss them alot.Hope they come back soon.Meghnal were too cute.And Naina is so cute.She loves karan so !much.Hope masimaa is not up to something as karva chauth is coming.Also your ff will reach heights of you come their and write.I would love to read again.Also I requested Jiya to bring back her ff.I made #bringbackmainphirbhitumkochahunga….What do you say?Loads of love.Post soon???
    Hey Sofia.How are you?Sorry I am busy so couldn’t talk to you much.Loads of love??

    1. Resh

      Thank you soooo much, Amena!☺️?
      Even I miss them a lot.. I felt like crying when I wrote the car wala scene! ?
      Thank you so much! That’s enough for me to gear up! Love you yaar!??❤️
      Ha ha nice one! Even I want it back! I feel so weird without you favourite ff on the TU page to read!
      Loads of love to you too! ??

  7. srk-meri jaan

    this is m fav episode..that song is sooo cute…i m misiing nairan..ddear i m in love with this ff..i am soo happ watchng the video.the fill episode was so heart touchinh,cute and sweet.i m really very happy reading it.u made me fall for nairan more..u r too goood in writing.ireally admire it.reshu its very pretty..meghnal was also good.i m seriously loving them more..its just coz of ur superb writing style..
    tu pyaar hai ko sunn kr dil khush hoo gya,
    ty for ur wonderful effort
    lots of love

    1. Resh

      Hey Preeti!
      During the making of this episode I felt my heart ache! I too miss them a lot!
      Thank you soooooo much ! ?☺️
      Aur apke comment padh kar mera dil khush ho gaya!
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