Aise kaise jaane doon! Episode 39

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Recap: Karan and Naina’s romantic scenes.. Sakshi and Khyati are back.. Planning of the Navratri celebration.. All teasing Karan..

Episode 39
After a lot of running.. Karan walked into the kitchen, panting heavily. Naina turned around to see Karan standing there at the entrance of the kitchen. She walked fast, towards him. She kept her hand on his shoulder.
Naina: Karan.. Kya hua?? Lo paani piyo!
She picked up a glass and poured in some water and gave it to him.
He held the glass but also onto her hand,by mistake. He looks up at her.
*tu pyaar hai* plays in the background. As they are lost in each other’s eyes.
Soon they hear a cough, that came from behind Karan.
They got out of the trance. Naina looked at the entrance. Seeing something she left the glass and turned around and continued with her work. She was blushing badly. Karan took the glass and started drinking water but seeing Naina’s reaction he turned around to see who it was.
Nirmala, Khyati, Sakshi and Meghna were all standing there. He slowly gulps the water in the glass and keeps the glass aside but when he tries to leave the ladies start giggling.. when he was about to step out.. someone stood in front of him..He looked up to find Kunal..
Kunal kept his hands on his waist and stared at him in a serious look.
Kunal: tu mere saali ke sath kya kar raha tha?
Karan gulps down, a little…
Karan: kuch nahi bhai……bas paani peene
Karan moved towards the side to go away.. but Kunal blocked him.
Kunal gave a naughty look..and teasingly replied..
Kunal: Oh really?? Kuch bhi nahi??
Sakshi: jhoot bole kavva kaate…
Karan blushed hard.. he moved towards the other side but Kunal blocked him again…
Karan : Bhai…..
He said almost crying like a cute small kid, who’s lollipop fell down.. he lightly pushed Kunal aside and jogged to his room.
Kunal lips broke out into a sweet smile..
Kunal: Pagal..
he murmured while the rest watched them.. suddenly something hit Kunal’s mind he ran up to talk to Karan…
Kunal: Arey, wait na Karan!!
He ran upstairs..
Naina turned and continued cooking..
the girls turned and saw. They understood that she was blushing that she didn’t want to show her face to them. So they decided to pull her leg.
Meghna: Cheeku, tu kya pakka rahi thi?
Cheeku: Di, Mein curry bana rahi thi..
Sakshi: stove Mein nahi..
Khyati: Karan bhai aur aapke beech Mein…
Naina: Kuch nahi..
Sakshi: See Meghna bhabhi.. she is so much in love with Karan that, she gives the same answers as Karan..
she giggled so did the rest of them..
Nirmala: arey, chup! Tum sab ladkiyan bhi na! Stop pulling my dear daughter’s leg…
Saying this she pushed aside the rest and side hugged Naina. While Naina turned around and hugged Nirmala, hiding her face in Nirmala’s shoulder.
Nirmala: soo bad you girls are.. you are teasing my daughter..bechari.. usse apne pathi ke sath romance bhi nahi karne dethe! Yeh dono jahan bhi jaye vahi chale athe hein kharab karne!
The girls giggled.. so did she.
Naina looked up and broke the hug hearing her.
Naina: ma? Aap bhi?
Saying this she turned away folded her hands and pouted…
Nirmala smiled at Naina’s cute face. She holds her chin and turns her face towards her.
She removed some kajal off her eyes and put a dot behind Naina’s neck.
Nirmala: Nazar na lage kisi ki tum dono par..
All of them said and aww while Naina and Nirmala hugged each other. Then the rest of them joined in.
Sandhya saw all the drama from far..
Sandhya’s POV: Nirmala… nazar toh hogi.. meri! Us par! Pehle mein use is ghar se nikal doon.. Then comes Meghna..
she brought an evil smile on her face..

In Karan’s room:
Karan ran in his room.. he sat down on his chair and sank down the chair.
He was breathing heavily. He slowly looked up at the ceiling.
Karan reminisces his moments with Naina the day before and today..
The eyelock when Naina was about to fall,the way he felt possessive when Varun was going to sit next to Naina in the car.. watching Naina while she was talking, feeling scared that Naina would sit next to Varun, that weird feeling when her head fell onto his shoulders.. the increase of his heartbeats when he carried her, her cuteness while she held onto his hands in sleep and the way she cuddled up..
he smiled remembering all these..
That’s when Kunal reached the room..
Kunal saw Karan in a very dreamy state. Kunal brought a smile onto his face seeing his brother.
Karan shyly looked at the floor remembering the hall and kitchen scene..
Kunal: yeh toh Gaya..
he murmured.. and smiled..
he walked and sat down on the other chair.. Karan came out of the trance and looked up..when he saw Kunal he changed his expressions and brought in a serious one. He picked up the magazine and held it.
Karan: Kya hua bhai? Aap kab aye?
Karan’s POV: oh I just hope bhai didn’t see me thinking about Naina.. oh.. how will he know? He can’t see what I can.. but still.. he can guess! Oh god! Just tell me he didn’t see it.
Kunal: I walked in when you were busy thinking about my Saali.. kya chal raha hai huh?
Kunal raised his eyebrows and teasingly questioned him.
Karan couldn’t help but to break out into a cute smile.. which shows that he was caught by his brother!
They didn’t talk much.. this was enough for the day!
Days passed by… soon it was the day! The last dandiya night! Vijaydashami!

Karan had dressed up all ready.. all were ready in their costumes.. Everyone were already waiting downstairs. Naina was still up there . Dadaji was talking to all his old friends. NK was busy welcoming his friends and talking to them.. Nirmala walked all around checking if the things we’re going good and all the guests were happy or no.. Kunal, Meghna, Karan, Sakshi and Khyati all had already started.. the were busy dancing.
Karan wasn’t dancing properly.. he was waiting for Naina.. she hadn’t come down yet..
Karan’s POV: where is she? All of them are here.. where did she go? Maybe she is still in room…
Sakshi: Karan!!!
Karan looked at her. She was standing with the dandiyas in her hand. She glared at him. He had stopped dancing and he was looking at entrance..
She was enjoying but when she came to dance with him,he wasn’t dancin.. so she lost it..
Sakshi: Kya Karan?! Jana hai toh jaa na? Mera mood kharab kar diya!
She turned away and continued dancing with the rest. While he smiled and ran up..
on the way he asked the maid if she had seen Naina anywhere. She asked him to go upstairs. He ran upstairs.
In a hurry he bumped onto something and before it could fall, he held it.. his eyes were tightly shut in fear.
He slowly opened his eyes and saw Naina.. who had her eyes shut tightly. She had her phone in her hand held onto tightly.
He smiled at her cute face and slowly pulled her up.. with this Naina slowly opened her eyes and saw Karan and left a sigh of relief.
Both of them stood opposite each other. Staring into each other’s eyes, intensely.
Naina took few steps back.. (their talks will be in expressions in this scene)
Naina: How am I looking?
She asked holding onto her dress and looking at her dress then at him.
Karan made a serious face and raised his right hand up and formed a zero with his fingers.. then seeing her worried and sad expressions.. he smiled at her and pulled out his little finger, ring finger and middle finger, from the zero, indicating that she was looking beautiful!
Her lips curved into a beautiful smile… making her look even more beautiful! He looked at her eyes and her smile and got lost in it..
suddenly a phone rang…
Their eyelock broke and suddenly Karan started checking his pocket but was stopped by Naina’s giggle. He looked up at her. She showed him that it washer phone that was ringing! He smiled at her. While she attended the call..
Naina: yaar! Today is the last! Are you even planning to come? Hmmm…
She then ended the call…
Karan was busy staring at Naina.. she saw him. She questioned him through her eyes then she asked him…
Naina: kya hua? Neeche chale?
Karan nodded and made way for his beautiful wife to walk down….
They went down..

Precap: Last dandiya night , celebrations.
Varun’s entry.


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    Hi Reshma.I loved the episode.Actually in this I loved the way they teased eachother.That was awesome.Nairan always cute.I don’t know why but whenever I say about Nairan or anridh the word comes out is cute.No word comes in my mind so I always say cute.And Varun is coming in the next episode waiting for it.Jealous karan is usually more good then normal karan.And yes the show ended that was the biggest shock.I am literally not happy with colors.Post ASAP.Loads and loads of love.

    1. Resh

      Hi Amena! Thank you so much! yeah they are always cute.. jealous karan is loved by all.. let’s see what happens next.. you will get to see something new probably or something forgotten for long..
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      Hi Divya..
      Actually Aise Kaise Jaane Doon is not any serial.. but it’s my ff (fan fiction)
      This is a story of mine that is based on the serial swabhiman that was on colors tv..

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    Arrey, yaar please continue the story. The story is very awesome and more nairanilicious and very cute. If possible please continue, please please!

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