Aise kaise jaane doon! – Episode- 24

Thank you all for all the love! Please tell me if there is anything regarding this ff! If you don’t like it please do tell it.. I’ll try and make it better!
Sorry if I’m late! I was a little busy! As I said I will by having my exams coming up this week so I’ll try and post once or twice a week from now onwards! I’m sorry if you are not liking it!! But just love you all for the support and love you give me!
Epi 24:

Karan: Naina… Are you mad?? This is a violin! For me! Why???
Naina: Karan.. you remember.. that day while I was talking to my friend while coming back that day after lunch.. I noticed you walking towards that instrument shop.. And as I finished talking to her I noticed you playing Violin! So I thought why not buy it for you!…. but if don’t like it.. then…
she was about to keep it back! She turned around!
Karan ran and stood in front of her stopping her!
Karan: No no! I never said that.. Can I?
Naina smiled at him while he looked stupid and embarrassed…
Naina forward his gift. He took it and opened the Bag! It was a beautiful blue violin!
Karan: This is CRAZY, Naina!
He took the violin and held it in his hands and looked at it!
Karan: This is the best gift I could ever get, Naina! Just Love You Naina!
Saying this he hugged her..
Karan: You are…. just…. awesome…
He jerked his words as he realised what he had mentioned earlier! He broke the hug and looked at her face! She was frozen… she didn’t know how to react!
Karan: actually.. woh..Mein..I’m sorry..I didn’t mean…
Sakshi came up in search of the two of them..
Sakshi:Karan….. Naina..
They were out of the room soon! During the rest of the party they avoided eye contact with each other!
Naina thought..Did Karan say “I didn’t mean” What did that mean? That he never liked me!? But why am I so bothered? Why do I care! Karan loves Nidhi and he doesn’t have place for anyone else in his heart! Wait! Why am I longing for love from Karan??? Naina!! He is your friend….. but he is your husband too!!!
She felt totally messed up…

Karan thought: Shit! Shit! Shit! Did I just utter those 3 words to Naina? O my god! We consider each other as our best friends! And what have I done! I don’t know what she will be thinking about me!
Didn’t I just cross my limits? But she is my wife! And like any other couple, I told my wife that I love her! But we aren’t like the other couples…Wait! Do I love her?! Oh no , Karan! But she will never get the love and care she might need from her husband… because I love someone else.. I love Nidhi! I can’t forget her! I can’t place Naina in my heart! But, Why??
Ugh!!! I don’t love her! Naina can never take Nidhi’s place in my life!
He was angry on himself!

Soon the party ended and everyone went back to their rooms!
There was a lot of silence in Nairan’s room! Naina set the bed and they both lay on the bed.. they tilted to the opposite directions and slept..

In the morning:
Naina was still in the same position but she had Karan hugging her from the back! He slept like a baby!
Naina slowly woke up and got out of the tangle and covered Karan with the blanket, watched him for sometime, caressed his hair and went to freshen up!
Karan woke up as Naina dried her hair..because he hair was wet! She didn’t notice him waking up! Karan woke up and sat there admiring her. He slowly realised what he was doing and he got up. He went into the washroom while she suddenly saw him walk in, through the mirror! She turned around and watched him walk in and shut the door. She then picked up clothes from the cupboard and kept it on the bed.
Karan changed and came down.. All had breakfast and left for their work.Karan left Naina at her office and left..Meghnal had noticed even these slight changes!
Meghna: Kunal did you notice yesterday? They were singing and dancing like lovebirds!
Kunal: And today… they were behaving like strangers! God knows what these two are up to!
Kunal dropped Meghna at her office and left..
Karan wasn’t abled to concentrate on his work! He didn’t understand… He was thinking about their conversation yesterday!

At Naina’s office:
Rohan:…… so…. umm.. Naina? Are you listening? I’m talking to you !
Naina came out of her dreamland..
Naina:Oh I’m so sorry, Rohan… I was just….nothing.. continue!
Rohan: Are you ok?
Naina: Hmm.. yeah!
Naina didn’t understand.. was she feeling bad that Karan didn’t love her? She then thought: oh god ! Naina! why are you thinking about love? Wait does that mean I love him? Oh shit!
Naina received a message..she picked it up and checked..
Karan: Can we go for lunch together?
Naina smiled and replied yes!
She then continued the discussion with Rohan.. while Karan smiled and continued with his work!

Lunch hour came in soon.. Karan stopped all his work and walked out with his car keys.. soon he drove off to Naina’s work place and called her.
Naina saw her phone ringing, checked the name and looked at her watch. Rohan saw this and stopped talking to her.
Rohan: Lunchtime right? Let’s stop the discussion.. Attend the call..
He got up shut the file and turned to leave..Then walked to his cabin and set everything right.
Meanwhile :
Naina attended the call
Naina: Yes Karan?
Karan: Naina? You are coming right?
Naina: Yeah!
Karan: I’m waiting down in the car.. come fast okay? I’m feeling hungry!
Naina: Yeah just a minute and I’ll be there!
She cut the call set files right, took her bag and turned to walk when she noticed that she had Rohan on her right walking along with her!
Rohan: Naina, Can I ask you something?
Naina slowed down… but soon they reached the gate..
Naina: Yeah?
Rohan: Can we have lunch together?
Naina felt a bit weird..
Naina: Actually, Rohan..
Karan noticed Naina talking to a guy, Rohan , and he got out of the car and walked towards them.. he was burning inside..
Karan : Naina…
he called out..
Naina and Rohan turned towards him.
Naina left a sigh of relief as she saw him.
Rohan looked at Naina..
Naina: Karan.. this Rohan, my boss and Rohan this my Husband, Karan!
The Men shook hands firmly!
Karan then turned towards Naina..
Karan: Chale?!?
Naina smiled and turned around to walk with him.. soon they got in and drove off!
Rohan was just standing there.. He didn’t like it!
Naina:Do what you like!
Naina is seen lying in the garden and Karan next to her.. he was holding her in his arms.. blood bleeding from her head!


  1. Nice
    Pleas continue
    I just love ur ff

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Aafia!☺️❤️

  2. Rosie25

    What has happened I loved it but naina is bleeding why omg this is so bad
    But good episode u have created great suspense which is good and makes us eager to read and I have posted my ff next part
    Pls go and read

    Love u ????

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Rosie!!? You shall have to wait! I’m sorry for that. Please don’t break your head over the precap, she will be fine soon…?❤️️I’m gonna read it right away! Love you too!?

  3. #nairanlover:-)

    Hi Reshma.I also wanted to say that because of exams I cannot comment from now on as I am going really busy but remember I like what love your ff slot and slot.I will always be waiting for it.Yaar don’t do this cliff hanger in precap.I really felt sad.But what ideas do you have on current track.??I am kinda hating it because someone between our nairan as soon as karan got cured.This is stupidity.The trp may go down because of this but hope for the best.Best of your luck for your exams.And remember your ff is not at all bad.I am not commenting doesn’t mean I am not seeing.Dont feel so.So all the best.Loads of love.Post ASAP.

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Amena! ?? chill yaar.. Naina will be fine..
      Oh my god, the serial is driving me crazy…
      sawri it seems! I really don’t understand, from which angle do you think she looks dark? So stupid! But she definitely looks crazy!!! Trp rate…. it’s not necessary for it to decrease. Because half of us want to know what will happen in the serial, we aren’t excited about sawari’s entry but we are scared about what hungama she will do! I cool myself down by reminding myself that Naina is one of the leads so she has to be in the serial, I’m happy she is not going anywhere! They are gonna make us wait.. for them to unite.. Since they were already husband and wife in the serial.. I believe Karan and Naina will solve sawari ‘s problem together and fight for their love!
      I’m just trying to be positive! Let’s hope for the best
      Anyways thank you so much for the encouragement Amena! All the best to you too! But I will be able to post it only once in a week!
      Thank you so much and Love you loads!?❤️

  4. Jiya09

    Loved it!!!! Nairan scenes are so amazing!!!! And again suspense with the precap. Waiting to know what has happened to Naina… Update soon .! Love u and ur ff sooooo much!!

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Jiya!!??❤️️Oh god suspense again ,right? Yup! But you will have to wait..I’m sorry for that
      love you loads❤️?

  5. An amazing one. Karan’s sweet words his deeds and everything about hil lent this episode a lovely tinge. Add to that Naina’s adorable actions and wonderful words and this becomes a true masterpiece. NaiRan was truly beaming today and their scenes were amazing to an extent that I can’t find enough words to express my thoughts right now. It’s all so awesome. Rohan to play cupid in a way to unite nairan is something I await now. Absolutely wordless as for now..

    1. Resh

      Thanks you so much Minerva!?❤️️?
      I hope things go according to your expectations! At least… I hope that you wouldn’t be disappointed in the upcoming episodes!
      Thank you again! Loooaaaddss of love to you my friend! ?❤️

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