Aise kaise jaane doon! – Episode- 23

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Epi 23:

Few days had passed… it was almost a month after there marriage! As usual Sakshi was the one who woke up everyone! But that day there were few surprises too!
Sakshi hugged NK and Nirmala ,when someone walked into the house.
Girl: How dare you? Move out of there!
She kept her luggages down and pushed
Sakshi away and hugged NK and Nirmala!
Sakshi smiled at her while the rest of them were shocked!
All: Khyati?!?
Khyati: Didn’t you all miss me?
Kunal and Karan: Trouble
Kunal looked at each other and giggled..
Khyati glared at her brothers!
Kunal: trouble ,I just called the season a trouble not you!
Khyati looked at Karan for a justification..
Karan : and I called my watch a trouble.. you see it’s not working!
They all the settled down! All of them left for work. The guys dropped their wives at their work and left for their own work!
They came back to find Guests at home! Shardha and Vishal were there! Khyati was busy looking at Vishal! Sakshi was looking at Khyati and Vishal!
Naina and Karan noticed this, they looked at each other and smiled!
NK introduced Kunal and Khyati to his colleagues. He didn’t care about Karan. But Karan was busy talking to the guests. NK watched him..he noticed the changes..
Shardha: Karan beta, Thank you so much!
She kept her hands on Karan’s cheeks!
Karan: Kya ma?…Aap bhi na!
Kunal: Hamesha har ma ka pyaar Karan ke liye zyaada hotha hein! Mujhse koi pyaar nahi kartha!
Karan: Aww! We have Bhabhi who loves you more than all the mothers love for me!!
Meghna side hugged Karan..
Meghna: Learn something from my devar, Kunal.
Kunal faked sadness.. Naina stood next to Kunal.
Naina:(whispered) Jeeju ,I’m with you!
Kunal side hugged her..
Kunal: Meghna Tum apne devar se kaho ki meri Saali se kuch seekhe! By the way hum dono tum dono se bohot strong hein!
Meghna: accha?!?
Vishal: Arey arey! Relax! Why are you guys fighting! 1 month anniversary Mein kaun fight kartha hein! Let’s play a game! Okay !
All of them sat down to play truth and dare..
Vishal gave Khyati a dare to talk on her brothers and their wives (stupid , ik!)
Vishal was busy watching her like a Romeo! Kunal and Meghna noticed this!
They smiled at each other!
It was Sakshi’s turn.. Khyati asked her to tell her why she is in Chauhan Mansion!
Sakshi: My parents passed away years back.. your parent are my official guardians now! So…
A tear escaped Sakshi’s.. though she spoke boldly!
No one noticed but Khyati immediately got up from her place and sat next to Sakshi and hugged her!
Khyati: I’m sorry di!
Sakshi was shocked to hear that!
Sakshi returned the hug!
After which was Kunal turn.. he chose dare and proposed Meghna in front of everyone!
Meghna too chose dare and acted as though she was dying. She fell onto Kunal’s lap! Everyone clapped while Kunal was busy checking if it was reality! Meghna to prank on him lay dead! He shook her badly! She saw his worried face and got up ! She held his chin and kissed his cheeks! Kunal hugged her tight!
It was Vishal’s turn.. Kunal asked him to propose Khyati and he did so, happily! Naina chose truth… Khyati asked her if she fell in love with someone or anything like that before.. to which Naina replied No!
And then it was Karan’s chance he chose dare..
Naina: I’ll give you dare! Sing a song!
Kunal: Singing and Karan?!? No ways!
Sakshi: When did Karan start singing songs?
Khyati: Bhai?!?
Karan looked at Naina and nodded no..
While Naina nodded yes! They continued until..
Kunal: Don’t tell me, Karan! You sing??
Karan turned towards his brother. And nodded yes!
Kunal: Oh My God! I didn’t know that!! Sing na! You know Meghna, (turning towards her) Ma used to sing but then she suddenly stopped! And Dad he used to love listening to her sing but I don’t know later slowly they even stopped talking to each other.. So it’s years since we heard anyone sing at home! (Then turning back at Karan) Chalo Karan! You are singing , it is a dare and it’s NAINA’S dare!! Come on!

Naina kept her hand on Karan’s shoulder and gave in a cute adorable smile!
Naina: Please, Karan! I want to hear you sing at least for once! Please!!!
Karan: Okay!
Kunal got up and pulled his brother.
Kunal: Agar Naina kahegi toh tu definitely karega!
Karan smiled and went upstairs! All of them were busy teasing Naina, teasing her with Karan!

(Play this song!?? and go through the scenes given below.. please read it slowly!

Pretty compulsory to listen to the song while going through this, for the amount of work I’ve done on the scenes..?)
Song starts…
Karan came down and slowly the lights went dim with the spotlights focused on Meghnal and Naina!
Naina’s eyes were busy searching for Karan.. Karan taps on her right shoulder and hides when she turns to the right…then he taps on her left and she turns to look while he hides… He comes from her right and stands in front..While she spins around to look for him! She turns and stops seeing Karan in front of her! She was amused to Karan’s new avatar!
(As the lyrics start he starts singing)
He points at her and and then keeps his hand on his heart and sings and keeps walking around her.. Naina was falling in love with Karan! She was astonished to see Karan like this! She wanted to tell Karan what she felt for him! Karan was waiting to sing this song for her! He was happy! While Naina was enjoying! He stood in front of Naina.. and admired her beauty as he sang the song..They were looking into each other’s eyes….while Meghnal side hugged each other and saw their siblings who had a flash of love in their eyes for each other…They happily watched the two of them!

Karan turned around ,slowly came and stood in front of her! And forwarded his hand.. She gave her hand to him.. and soon they started dancing.. to the tunes!
Meghnal too joined in as Kunal pulled Meghna in and they to started dancing.. NK smiled at them..
Slowly many of the guests started dancing along with them and then formed a huge circle.. then decided to exchanged their partners and dance..Karan was waiting for Naina to come back to him! Though he was dancing with other ladies.. his eyes were fixed on Naina! Naina was happy! She was blushing! She watched him looking at him..
Soon they all get their partners back and then they continued dancing with their patners!
(Pause for sometime then start)
(As the female part of the song starts..)
Naina starts singing the song! And Karan is shocked to know that even Naina could sing! He looked at her, amazed! He was falling in love with her! He wanted to tell her but couldn’t! So they just looked into each other’s eyes and danced while she sang!
NK and Nirmala looked at each other (when the male part had started)
They remembered their past!
They are found in the 90’s attire..
NK and Nirmala talking to each other in the college veranda and going for a bike ride! Enjoying each other’s company! NK proposing Nirmala and the happiness and excitement that followed!
Then their marriage and the wonderful time spent with their two sons..
Fb ends!
Nirmala had tears in her eyes! NK saw her tears and turned away.. and Nirmala slowly looked away wiped her tears.. then they watched their kids! Soon the song ended!
They all clapped!!
NK’s friend: NK, isn’t that your son and his wife?!? They were awesome!
NK lifted his head a little up, in pride..
NK: Yes!
He then called Karan and Naina! They came out of their dreamland and walked towards NK..
Karan and Naina: Papa! You called us!?!?
In shock and happiness!
NK smiled: Yes
He then introduced them to his friends and told them to continue with their work!
Karan was excited.
After leaving from there.. He pulled Naina to the Balcony..
Karan: Naina!!!!!!
He hugged her tight!
Naina: Kya hua Karan?!?!
Karan: I’m so so so so happy! Thank you so much for the dare!
Naina: Huh??
She was confused..
Karan: I’ve never seen dad! This happy ever before !! And this was the first time he introduced me to his friends!!! It’s the best day of my life!
Naina was so happy to see Karan’s happiness!
Karan: Naina.. I’ve something for you!
He pulled her upstairs..
He gave her a gift packet!
Naina opened it! Their was a chit and a dress..
He stopped her from reading it!
Karan: No,Naina! Please don’t read it now! When you have your most wonderful day of your life then wear it! Okay?
Naina nodded and smiled at him!
Naina: Thank you so much, Karan! This is a beautiful dress! Wait! Even I have something for you!!
She opened the cupboard and took out a bag..
Karan was shocked?!????????
Karan: This is CRAZY, Naina!
At Naina’s office:
Rohan:…… so…. umm.. Naina? Are you listening? I’m talking to you !

I hope you liked this one! ☺️

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    Hi Resh.I loved the episode.The song selection is really nice.Hatsoff to your talent my friend.Sometimes I also think to write something on them but lack of confidence and time too.But one day I will surely try to write an os on them.Thanku for posting it and for the precap too.And best of luck for your exams.Try to post alternate days at least.Yep I wanted to share that Samridh bhaiyya have posted a anridh pic on Instagram with the title “allergy gone romance on “and one more saying “happy us”.Do you know how the pic was Simmi bhaiyya was holding Anku Di saree the way he did in the mahasangam.One selfie was posted too by him only of nairan.Waiting for their musically.See Monday episode and there dresses.In one segment Anku Di showed her dress and Simmi and Sahil bhaiyya dress.Actually Samridh bhaiyya was not having any slits on his dress so he was having difficulty in walking on stage so she was laughing at him.And Anku Di saree was classical saree or a Bengali saree.It was having the print of Taj Mahal on it so Samridh bhaiyya said her mumtaz.She was wearing a Gajra too.I will say you to watch the segment it’s available on YouTube and if you have seen already no problem.Just hope the spoilers are not true.Loads of love.Post ASAP.

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      Thank you so much Amena! You should post an ff ! So nice yaar! I’ll definitely check it.. Thank you for the info too! Looks very interesting I’ll go check on them.. I read in one of the spoilers that a new actress in giving an entry.. Bad News! Hope not!

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    4. Hey #nairanlover:) I saw the insta post they were so lovely and yes check out India forums and telly reporter on utube they keep posting about swabhimaan and nairan and yes waiting for musically like hell!!r u der on is so saddening,like remarriage is lit but the new entry creating trouble in nairan life is not okay!!I m waiting for a high voltage nairan romance epi…it comes for so little time!!!they r the most adorable couple…and resh,the chapter was AWESOME,I m speechless donno what to say!!beautiful

  2. Superb in all aspects. A wonderfulcompilation of words which beautified the intricate relationship shared by all of the chauhan family in a truly blissful way. The intricate descriptions, choice of song, stunning dialogues and fantastic actions were indeed incredible. Khyati’s detest for sakshi in the very beginning plus her melting soon after was awesome. The depictions of the budding ViYati relationship, their adorable deeds and serene eyelocks were fabulous. MeghNal’s cute scenes and conversations were surely marvellous. Nandkishor and nirmala’s bitter-sweet past memories were presented in an exemplary way. In all, a lovely episode which had a little bit of everything and a generous share of the ever-amazing NaiRan..

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      Thank you so much Minerva! It’s so sweet of you ! I really very happy to know that you liked this episode! Love for always supporting me!

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